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Found this handy guide for the Warcraft movie, glad someone made this because although I know most of my lore, I’ve heard that the movie may not explain things well for those who aren’t particularly familiar with the franchise

They realize they have been videogame characters all along

For a lovable anon. The leaders gained a temporal knowledge they are fictional game characters. They know about the books written, movie made, games released, wikis maintained, conventions held… They know it all now.

Anduin: Well… That… That explains a lot.

Ghost Varian: That explains nothing! Why would Blizzard just kill me off? I was cool! I was important! Did they only kill me just to give some sad backstory to my son?

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: I knew the whole amnesia in Northrend was weird but it never occured to me it was made by a game company to fill a plot hole.
Me and my husband are dyeing over and over again and again in the Blackrock. I.. I think I need a therapy or something. A flask of mead maybe. Probably two.
…Hmph. Fuck. I think I hate a lot of people more at this moment.

Tyrande: Considering recent events… Where, for Elune’s sake, is that stupid Illidan? I wanted to yell at him, instead I am going to give him an existecial crisis.

Mekkatorque: Whatever, whatever, I can’t do much about it anyway, can I? But tell me, am I at least fairly prettily rendered model?

Velen: (Quietly sobs in corner)

Genn: Alright Blizzard, say it with me: Killing off people imporant in person’s life is not a character development. Killing off people imporant in person’s life is not a character development! KILLING LIAM IS NOT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

Aysa: Can I do something about  it? No. Do I want to do something about it? Also no! Am I one of four badass female racial leaders, giving a good role model for young gamer girls? Yes!

Thrall: Alright, I have a long list of complaints about this game but before I start with it, I have one question: Who the fuck is this Jesus?

Spirit of Vol'jin: My muttah told me dat when I can’t say anythin’ nice ‘bout somethin‘, I should not say a thin’.

Ghost Garrosh: You already said something!
Spirit of Vol'jin: And ya are yellin’ because?
Ghost Garrosh: Because I feel helpless, knowing my actions aren’t truly mine, which is something I was trying to fight for years! And on the top of it I am still dead and stuck here with you!

Baine: After a pipe or two this doesn’t really seem that bad as you guys make it seem. They in the Blizzard are theoretically speaking our gods. And parents. Shitty, but still family. We should take care of them.

Sylvanas: I… I do have quite a fanclub. A lot of young girls likes me? And want to be like me? I can’t say I am not flattered, but still…

Ghost Garrosh: Not used to positive feedback? Get some children. That’ll teach you.

Lor'themar: I am too sober for this. So if you excuse me…

Gallywix: Lame. They can’t even make real money out of us nowadays. Hand me that corporation, I’ll show you how should that marketing be done.

Ji: I am an awesome fighter monk like from the movies! Yes! And always save the world! Never in my life have I felt better.

Taedal: Oh no. What a horror. Such an existential crisis.

Khadgar: You knew it all along! Why are you acting like you have just realized too? It is bad acting anyway, I can hear that deadpan in your voice.
I just like to be included. Since I am, you know, not exactly member of the canonical gang.

Garrosh arched a brow as he peered down at the woman before moving to stand directly in front of her, the shadow cast from his form blocking the light from the brazers and casting her in shadow. “Are you afraid of me Girl?” He asked rather calmly, those eyes quinting down at her. “Do I intimidate you?” Mei shifted in her stance, her looking through the bangs that fell into her eyes. She seemed to think over her reply, long tail curling between her legs. “ Yes, and yes. But.. I-I think that’s a good thing?” She moved to hold one paw up, a single finger pointing upwards. “ Kinda your job..”