world of warcraft diary

Diary, Rumors part 2

(In Felinestris’ current diary, jotted down in a precise, minuscule style. The diary is locked by three magical locks and a spell of invisibility when he isn’t using it. Even so, the writing is written in Demonic, and magically enciphered.) 

Other rumors are flying, of course. A rumor of the death of a powerful naaru (at the claws of the Legion). Rumors of Wild Gods dying, supposedly slain by the Old Gods. One of these, the death of Cenarius, has been confirmed. The druids say this is an enormous loss.

Are the Legion and the Old Gods working together? (blotch of ink) The thought is enough to give me nightmares.

More heartening rumors speak of a big push to come soon, taking us back to Broken Shore to exact the first installment of our revenge. And the demon hunters speak of rumors of going to Argus, the home world of the draenei, and thus the eredar as well. But how will we find it? The demon hunters don’t know. Only Illidan had that information, and Illidan is dead.

I am beginning to wonder if killing him was as wise as it seemed at the time. He could have been persuaded or forced to give us that information.

The most disturbing thing we have learned is that none of the demons we have slaughtered are truly dead. They continue to reform in the Twisting Nether and rejoin their foul kin.

Can we win this war? (several words carefully blotted out) I don’t know.

The most hopeful thing that I can think of is the plethora of ancient, powerful weapons that are popping up like toadstools everywhere. Artifacts that were forgotten or thought lost for millennia are all turning up at once. The new Council of the Black Harvest and other class guilds discover their locations, and then help champions to reclaim them.

I now have such an artifact, a staff once wielded by a now nearly-forgotten troll of the Gurubashi Empire. It looked crude when I recovered it from an old temple – just unpolished dark wood – but I have had it sanded, polished, and painted to be more presentable. I have found it deadlier and more effective than any other tool I have ever wielded.

Why are they appearing just now? Is some Power trying to help us?

Or are these new class guilds simply better at research than the scholars and specialists of the Kirin Tor with their supposed expertise?

I hear tales of even more potent objects from the far-distant past. Both the class guilds and the Kirin Tor claim that they are too mighty and treacherous to wield safely, even by a champion.

I am dissatisfied with that. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there has never been a more desperate time than this.