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In chapter 275, in Carla’s vision, Lucy is wearing the same outfit that she’s wearing in 538. She’s also screaming and crying like in the vision. Finally, in 275, Carla says “mercurius collapsing..” and the title of chapter 539 is ‘The collapse of the world.’

Maybe the vision is of the recent chapters!

Today was really really a shitty day. Got a super bad grade at one of my exams even though I revised for hours and hours. But hey, LIFE GOES ON. It happens to everyone. After all, we are all human.

So there you go, I got really inspired to write about failure because guess what? IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.


Yes. Change it. Failure is, by definition, a lack of success. Well have you ever realized that failure can actually be a good thing

Ask yourself questions: What can I do to improve? What thing can I do differently next time? How can I avoid to make the same mistakes again?

Learn from your failures and this will lead you to success!


Failure is okay. But take this failure as a practice and work on it. Got a bad grade in vocabulary? Rewrite exercises, revise with different methods. Failure shouldn’t bring you down, it should help you to improve by showing your mistakes so as to not do them again! But if working on the thing you failed makes you too upset, just move on to another subject and try again the next day. 


Upset, angry? Let your feelings out. It’s fine. Talk to friends/family, share it on social medias, write in your journal, listen to music, whatever will make you feel better. Once you’ve had your grieving time, just don’t go back on it. It’s the past right? And the past is behind. Now time to move on and focus on the future.


How do you think singer or actress or anyone famous succeeded? Just like you, they had times when auditions went wrong, times when they didn’t get the role or didn’t get elected. It happens to everyone, even to the best of us!

And for the end, some famous quotes to remind you that you’re not a failure and I believe in you and so should you:

“Success is the ability to move from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” - Samuel Beckett

Challenge me - 5SOS

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This is quite easily the dirtiest thing I have ever written and I hope you enjoy it…bringing 2k16 out with a bang…quite literally I guess? There’s no backstory to this…just pure smut…ten pages of pure…smut…

Warnings: Spanking, verbal degradation, DP (double penetration for you virgin souls), boy x boy, anal, mild choking, Dom/Sub…I think that’s it. If you see anything else, let me know

“No, Luke, the other one,” Ashton’s voice commanded. Y/n pulled lightly on the ropes binding her arms, her skin tender from the initial pulling, quickly learning it wasn’t a good idea if she wanted to finish this with skin around her wrists. Her world was dark, line of vision completely blocked from the blindfold covering her eyes trying to listen to the voices just on the other side of the door wondering what their plan was.

She didn’t know how she was feeling about this, the entire scenario starting because of a small, blown out of proportion argument she had had with her boyfriend Ashton about him being too soft on her, somehow ending in the challenge that he wouldn’t share her with his band mates…and here they were, not even twenty-four hours later, her pussy already sore from the pounding Ashton had already given her from the argument, not slightly regretting edging him on, but there was enough lust flowing through her veins to push any of those feelings away quickly.

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25th June 1967 “Our World” was the first live satellite television broadcast ( the first world vision )For UK ,BBC chose a Beatles performance and they chose “All You Need is Love” as peace, love and youth message ;they wanted to give it to the world;and then began the 1967’s summer: “the summer of love”


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As someone who discovered the cognitive functions closer to middle age, I find it very difficult to determine which functions I use dominantly since I seem to have developed them all to varying degrees throughout my life. Do you have any advice for older adults or some insight on how each type would look later in maturity?

(Gif: if you don’t recognize this, we can’t be friends. :P)

Right, so we’ll do a brief how-to if you’re not sure between functions.

Presuming you have a solid understanding of exactly what the functions do, and how they differ from one another, ask yourself what you need zero time to process with.

Can you react lickety split to your sensory environment (Se) or do you need time alone to process sensory elements (Si)?

Does your brain zip to an immediate intuitive response / theory or run with other people’s ideas without needing time to process (Ne) or do you need alone time to intuit or process ideas (Ni)?

When presented with a problem, is your logical reaction immediate and based on observances you can point out to others (Te) or do you need to sit down, shut other people out, and go inside your mind (Ti) to problem-solve?

When presented with an emotional situation, do you immediately assess and process the feelings as they happen (Fe) or do you need alone time to decide what you are feeling and inclined to not-articulate it (Fi)?

So, you know your functions, but which order?

You know your functions, but you use them all, with moderate degrees of strength. Totally normal for someone who is mature. But, which ones would you spend a day alone with, cuddled up on the couch with ice cream? Which ones DRIVE you, but in a no-pressure kind of way? Which ones REJUVENATE YOU when you use only that one?

Lemme make this easy for you.

Xi-dom: relaxes by delving inside their mind, to the core of themselves. (Ni: how do I intuit the world? Si: how do I interpret the world through my senses? Ti: how do I see logic? Fi: how do I see ethics?)

Xe-dom: relaxes by engaging or impacting the external environment. (Te: organization; Fe: emotional expression; Ne: ideas-gathering and discussion of what lies behind something; Se: sensory exploration, new experiences, action.)


ESFJ: I use my natural abilities with people and my deep understanding of how the world works to open myself and others up to new perspectives and ideas, without forgetting to check myself on a logical basis.

ISFJ: I continually open myself up to new experiences and ideas, and have come into a full awareness of who I am and my own creative potential.

ENFJ: I share my vision with others in order to get them on board, while seeking opportunities to act to carry me toward my desired end, without forgetting to check whether my vision is realistic or not.

INFJ: I continually open myself up to sensory experiences in a healthy way, rather than binging on occasion or doing things I regret; I have learned to do research, ask questions, and rely on sensory input rather than going off my first instinct (which sometimes can be incorrect).

ESTJ: While I am not naturally adept at handling emotions, I have learned their importance to myself and others, and strive to live in such a way that I feel good in my decisions and devote my time, ideas, and energy toward things that matter. I use my wit and zany sense of humor to bond with others.

ISTJ: I have learned to open myself up to new experiences, while never losing track of who I am, where I have come from, or what is “tried and true” in life; I no longer dismiss the intangible as nonsense, but see the value in new concepts and ideas. I can take them and work with the details toward a better world.

ENTJ: While I am not naturally adept at handling emotions, I have learned their importance to myself and others and strive to align my personal values with my visionary goals. I have learned the value of human connections and pacing so I no longer over-extend myself and focus on seeing immediate possibilities as well as creating futuristic insights.

INTJ: I no longer wait on the sidelines of life but actively engage with my environment and the world to make my visions a reality. I continually open myself up to sensory experiences and make fewer destructive “impulse” decisions in my low points. I have learned to rely on sensory input, knowledge, and research to help fill in the gaps with my intuitive thinking rather than just relying on “instinct.”

ESFP: My instinct is still spontaneous and impulse, but I have learned to make decisions based on what I truly want in life, rather than on my first instinct. I have sorted out who I am and what I want in life, and have set workable goals to get there. I self-motivate  by reflecting weekly on my dream, and envisioning what I need to do to get there.

ISFP: I have learned to use my strong sense of independence and my desire to impact the world to accomplish greater things; I study up on ways to bring about my dreams, rather than just longing for them, through forcing myself to finish important tasks that will take me where I want to go in life.

ENFP: I no longer blow through projects, people, or ideas with gusto and leave them half finished, but have learned to take my time, the importance of details, and to set realistic short-term goals for myself. I do not reflect on the negative elements of my life except to motivate me to make better decisions next time. I routinely check myself, to determine if my perceptions about others’ motives are realistic or accurate.

INFP: I have learned the value of profit from my hard work, and figured out how to turn my passions into a way to impact the world or make a living from it. I have learned to not take things too personally, and to ask questions to determine what other people intend, rather than leaping to conclusions. I spend less time longing for the past, and more time finishing my projects, so I can move toward what I want most in life.

ESTP: I have learned the value of establishing genuine relationships with others and not losing interest in them when my focus wanes. I have developed a vision of what I want for the future, and make decisions based on what will get me there, rather than following every sensory impulse.

ISTP: I value human relationships and others’ feelings, even though I do not always understand the rationality behind their decisions. I am motivated not through feelings of praise, but genuine concern and affection for others. I shift my life toward a greater ideal, goal, or vision of what I want from the future.

ENTP: I have learned to focus my attention for longer periods of time on developing individual ideas into something tangible, and not chase every new idea that comes along. I no longer correct, intimidate, or devalue others’ poor logic, because I genuinely value my relationships with other people.

INTP: I realize that others cannot always follow my thinking, and have learned how to enable detailed explanations in order to make my ideas clearer. I may not understand others’ emotions but have learned to respect them, and not devalue their feelings. I seek to create emotional bonds with others, rather than seeing them as something to continually analyze.

- ENFP Mod

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I just hope that the first episode of Season 13 will have 1) Sam facing the Nephilim - and therefore his own powers and his own destiny and making peace with it and 2) Dean facing Cas' death - and therefore his feelings and making peace with it (or not.. try true love's kiss please, it'll work). It just seemed very deliberate to set them up like that apart from each other, each facing their own challenge.

Yeah. Because that’s yet another way that Sam and Dean broke the pattern…

Every season finale since s2 has alternated whether the brothers were together or apart.:

  • s2 together standing over the Impala’s trunk
  • s3 dean in hell so apart
  • s4 clinging to each other watching Lucifer rise
  • s5 sam in hell so apart (even though we see Sam looking through the window at the end, they are effectively narratively ‘apart’ for the next year)
  • s6 together kneeling before godstiel
  • s7 dean in purgatory so apart
  • s8 clinging to each other as the angels fall so together
  • s9 demon dean on the run so apart
  • s10 together in the impala as the darkness rolls across the land
  • s11 dean went off to blow up amara with the soul bomb so apart
  • s12 Sam left Dean by Cas’s body and ran alone to face the nephilim… breaking the pattern… because they are apart…

So much of this episode (as well as 12.22) was about BREAKING PATTERNS.

Dean FINALLY confronted Mary with the truth in 12.22, about how her deal with Azazel had affected his life. About how he’d been forced to become both mother and father to Sam, because John was too broken to be either of those things to both boys. This is the culmination of Dean’s not wanting to “overwhelm” her early on, of his discomfort at telling her the story about her life with John in 12.01, knowing all along that it was a pretty lie– but it was what Mary believed at the time. This was the final part of Dean angrily telling Mary that he’d never been a child in 12.14. That time his words had been intended to wound her, but this time he spelled the whole thing out in detail– not to wound, but to heal.

Like in 12.12, the lance that inflicted the wound was the only thing that could heal it.

So much of 12.22 was also Dean surrendering that obligation he’s always felt as Sam’s “parent” with Sam directly– trusting him to lead that mission to the BMoL headquarters. He let Sam take the entire lead over the group of hunters they recruited for the raid, and he expressed his trust in Sam in actual words.

(fyi I have 9.23 playing in the background as I type this up, and trust me when I say it’s like night and day, the dynamic between Sam and Dean…)

And that mutual trust continued and grew stronger in 12.23, and opened to include Mary as an equal partner in understanding.

When all three Winchesters showed up at the house, Cas didn’t even make a pretense of greeting the rest of the family. Just Dean.

And Dean’s first words to Cas are about how they’ll work things out between them as soon as they get Cas and Kelly to safety, reassuring him that things between them aren’t broken.

and then we had a visual confirmation of Cas’s motivations, his seemingly unconvinced “belief” in the future the nephilim had shown him. When Kelly asked him to tell her again, to reassure her that her sacrifice was worth it, Cas hesitated, and flashed back to the scene in 12.19 where the nephilim sent its power into him. It was like he had to shake something off and focus in order to remember that vision.

We even had Mary and Kelly talking about how they would die to protect their children. Right after Mary came to accept the fact that she DID die to protect her children.

The entire last ten minutes of the episode was like a dark reversal of the rescue mission to save Sam in 12.02, and the fight scene in that basement, but in an entirely jumbled up fashion.

But in an even LARGER scale, these “cosmic consequences” spiral back through every level of the story– from Mary herself and her understanding of the interconnected fate/choice of her deal with Azazel; through Amara’s influence of the story in s9 as the Winchester/Campbell family’s fate as descendants of Cain and Abel in taking on the original Mark of Cain, through her influence over s10 as the force that both kept Dean alive and was slowly killing him all the the same time, through s11 as she got to experience humanity first-hand and demand recognition from Chuck and her growth from wanting to destroy the universe just because and acceptance of the beauty it actually contained (and that Chuck’s love of the universe didn’t diminish his love for her), and then in s12 the Cosmic Consequences of her freeing Lucifer and resurrecting Mary (because her touch is chaos itself, and bringing back Mary and Lucifer HAD to be influenced by her essential chaos…). That kind of instability introduced into an orderly system that has always adhered to certain cosmic “rules” HAD to bring about this sort of fundamental chaos, you know? And hooboy do we ever have it.

The moment we learned that the entire Winchester Family History had been essentially engineered by Heaven to someday act as the key that opened the lock on the Darkness and force that confrontation and resolution of the Original Rift that created the universe, and the moment Dean orchestrated that resolution, it brought that cosmic-scale rift back down to Winchester Family levels. I know I’m not explaining it well, but it’s something Gabriel said way back in 5.08 when he was pushing Sam and Dean to accept their roles in the apocalypse– As above, so below. But now, post-resolution, that mirror’s been flipped.

Dean completed his task of balancing the universe again, but Amara’s “gifts” in the form of Lucifer removed from Castiel and the resurrection of Mary have both turned very bad. The wishes go very bad.

And they’re ALL interconnected– Castiel, Lucifer, Mary, and Amara.

And now the nephilim, as well.

The things Cas was saying about the nephilim’s vision of the future sounded appallingly similar to the things Amara had wanted in her perfect vision of the future, you know? The whole notion of remaking the world in their own vision, where there was never any conflict or hatred or pain or suffering. Amara’s ideal sounded very much the same, with her bliss pitted against the nephilim’s paradise.

It took Dean a long damn time to see that offer for what it was, to see how it wasn’t real, what Amara was offering. That it was the annihilation of self and the surrender of his identity that Amara was really offering.

Which is fundamentally identical to what the nephilim seems to be offering Cas…

Dean had to die and be reborn as a demon, then struggle through the trials of bearing the mark and eventually come to an understanding of the truth of all of it. I think that’s exactly the point in the narrative we are with Cas.

I know I am not explaining it well, because it’s taken me three hours to even put this much of it in this disorderly state, and I still don’t feel like I’m getting to the true heart of the matter here…

But once again, just like in 12.22, Sam’s struggle will be an external one, facing the nephilim as a sort of incarnation of his own life-long feelings and beliefs about HIMSELF, that he wasn’t pure, that he was a freak because of the demon blood and his powers, that he wasn’t truly human somehow because of that. And Dean’s struggle will be internal, like it was reclaiming Mary from the walls she’d been forced to construct inside her own mind in the name of self-preservation.

Sam’s walls have finally manifested into something physical for him to confront.

We’ve finally scraped the thousand layers of paint off the walls that Dean’s been putting up for the world his entire life, and he’s not trying to camouflage what’s underneath. He’s finally let something OTHER than Sam literally bring him to his knees. He’s finally shown Sam the thing that actually had the power to do that to him, too. And Sam had his little moment of acknowledgement before running off to face the nephilim alone.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg on how damn meta that finale was.

So I’ve known there is a whole anti scarlet vision fandom out there but I was really digging into it (I’m at a long graduation) and I’m amazed at the level of hate projected on to vision in particular.

There’s a couple examples of MCU vision that they consistently list, like his entrance into her room, when he keeps her in the compound, and when he let’s her go to prison. I would like to address these just because it’s bothering me and the answer seems so obvious to me.

First, yes vision floated into her room even though she’d already told him he shouldn’t do that. But just think about it. He’s still not exactly well versed in human customs. And he’s right, the door was open. If I could float through walls you bet I wouldn’t use the door if it was faster to go though the wall. Especially since he had very important news to share with them. I 100% know that after their first discussion he never went into her room when the door was closed again (If that’s even what he did before, she could just not like it because it startled her).

Second, yes he was keeping her in the compound, but do you understand why? She had just accidentally caused an explosion that killed several people. She is in a country without a legal visa or other right to be there. The public vision of her was not good at the moment. Chances are, if she went out, someone would recognize her and it’s possible she would get called out. They could harass her, maybe even get violent. While I don’t agree with Tony making this decision without her knowledge or inclusion, it was with the intention of preventing another negative scene. When vision explains this she’s not happy about it of course. But what is she going to do, insist on leaving to get groceries of all things? She doesn’t have anywhere to go, she doesn’t have anyone but her new friends. Of course she chooses to stay. There was really no other option. And when Clint comes to get her, an option opens up and she sees a chance to actually do something she believes in. Aka help her friends instead of just sitting around waiting for nothing. Clearly vision couldn’t actually keep her there if she didn’t make the conscious choice to stay.

Lastly, do you really think vision helped put her in that prison? Or even more ridiculously, that she faught imprisonment. Of course she probably didn’t expect them to tie her up and throw a collar on her. No one knew how intense the prison was going to be. But best believe they all went quietly. They aren’t crimmals, willing to kill their captors to escape. They lined up peacefully, knowing they had broken the law and that they had to face the consequences. I can even see vision politely asking if the cuffs are really necessary as he shoots concerned looks at wanda. Plus all of them were friends with rhodey and I’m sure the shock of his accident put them all in quiet compliance.

I feel like anti scarlet vision supporters are just shining a negative light on every one of their moments. But for each for their examples, I can show them the positive or opposing view. And everytime I see such blatant hate toward this ship it confuses and upsets me because this ship has brought me so much happiness in so many different ways. And all the negative comments or examples are the exact opposite of the way I’ve been analyzing these scenes and characters.

To me this ship represents the beauty of loving someone for their whole soul. Regardless of differences or past choices. And I’m excited to see it continue to build in Infinity Wars.


Title: A Whole New World pt. 1

Summary: Crowley decides to wreak havoc for the Winchester Brothers by making the Avengers appear in their world.

Warning: crossover with the Avengers and supernatural for right now.

Auothers Note: Some character’s will be as my oc.

Fandoms: Avengers, supernatural, teen wolf, underworld

Paring: Avengers x hybrid reader, supernatural x hybrid reader, teen wolf x hybrid reader, underworld x hybrid reader, teen wolf x hybrid reader


There Crowley sat in his throne pissed off, once again the Winchester brothers have ruined his plans and not only that but they had killed off some very important demons.“Those bloody Winchesters always ruining my plans.”
While Crowley ranted to himself a certain witch walked into the room and it was Rowena.

“Fergus are you complaining again?”
Rowena raised in eyebrow in questioning at her son. Crowley’s head snapped toward the direction of his mother. “How many times do I have to tell you, my name is Crowley!” Rowena rolled her eyes at crowley’s stubbornness, “I gave you the name Fergus at birth not Crowley, therefore you’re name is Fergus.”

An annoyed groan left the back of crowley’s throat as he rolled his eyes at that annoying name, he cleared his throat again before straighing up his eyes now trained onto the witch, “What are you doing here anyways?” Rowena waved her hands in the air and gave a sickeningly sweet smile which made shivers go up the demon kings back. “Well you know it gets boring being locked all up in a room all day, so I decided why not come and visit my dear son.”

Crowley once again rolled his eyes, “Then on my way in, I just so happen to hear my son complaining about the Winchester brothers.” Crowley sat down in his throne while his mother walked circles around him before stopping behind him, her hands placed onto his shoulders her red painted nails digging into his shoulders.

“Why don’t you get revenge, hmm Fergus?”

Crowley raised an a eyebrow in questioning but then a thought popped into mind, “Hmm revenge,” a smirk made it’s way onto his face now, “And I know the perfect way to get it.”

°•°•°•° Timeskip since I’m lazy °•°•°•°

After that oh so lovely chat with his mother, Crowley disappeared from hell and appeared in the back of an alley way, no one seemed to notice him which was good didn’t need any unneeded attention on him. After walking out of the alleyway and into the crowd of humans he walked straight up to a large tower which towered over most of the building around it, rolling his eyes he smoked his way up toward the top of the buidling.

Not many people noticed it and if any did they hadn’t said anything about it, now standing on the balcony of the tower he made his way inside when a voice broke out through the room, “Who are you?”, Crowley turned his head toward the sorce of the voice and saw a group of people crowded around the room, but the voice who had spoke up belonged to a blonde tall man almost around Sam’s height.

“You all will do.”

With a snap of his fingers the group better known as the Avengers disappeared from their living room.

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