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Walking With Second Sight

This is a spell with which I’ve had much success. It works just as well in an urban environment as in the countryside. Most witches communicate with the spirit world via trance states, but it is possible to receive semi-direct communication from spirits while in a normal frame of mind. 

Try this if you’d like to receive omens and portents while fully-aware of your normal, physical surroundings. It’s an ideal activity, as well, for learning more about and communicating with local spirits. 

It is best performed at dusk or dawn, and even better if it is to be done on the solstice, or better yet, the equinox. It requires no tools besides a small bit of iron, preferably cold, un-forged iron, but any iron will do in a pinch.

Stand in the threshold of your home. It does not matter if this is the doorway of a literal house, or the door to an apartment or dormitory room. Stand with one eye closed (the right, if possible) and with your left foot in the air, supporting yourself on one leg. Quickly whisper the following incantation three times:

“Here I stand,
 between day and night.
I ask sky, sea, and land,
To grant me true sight.”

Then, swiftly leave your home, but first place the sliver of iron (nail, or what-have-you) near the door, touching it. It is best if you can slip it into the doorjamb, but if you can’t, just placing it near the doorframe so that it is touching it will do.

Venture out into the world. Be vigilant for signs, portents, and omens, as well a spirit communication. Assume that almost all events or interactions are meaningful messages during this. 

Try not to speak to any one person overly much should you meet someone. Be very sure to never tell anyone or anything you encounter while out and about during this period about what you’ve done. 

Keep silent on the subject of magick, regardless of what happens, but pay attention to any small conversations you might overhear or participate in, no matter how innocuous and meaningless they may appear on the surface.

Do not eat or drink anything while out in this state, no matter how tempting foodstuff you encounter might be. Be careful to not leave the immediate area around your home, with which you’re already familiar. You may encounter people or events that seem to wish to lead you into unfamiliar territory - resist the urge to follow them.

Do not purchase anything from a shop or exchange anything with another person, and be particularly mindful of your belongings. It is very easy to lose small objects during adventures such as this, and, if you do lose something, it is likely to never be found again. On that note, if you should see something interesting lying about, don’t bring it home with you, no matter how tempting it might be.

Before the sun fully rises or sets, return home. Remove the bit of iron from the doorjamb before entering, and touch it to your forehead, gently, three times. Then, pocket it or carry it with you, and enter your home, the experience concluded. You will, at that point, find yourself back in your normal state, and it then falls to you to make sense of any signs you may have received while walking with second sight.

Here comes more Hope brainwashing related stuff with Mitarai because I just can’t get enough of the concept of him being a potential mastermind.
And the fact that I just never shut up about Ryota.
It’s more than obsessive of me, but y'know. ^^’
Colorbars is…just one of my favorite songs by GHOST. So here’s a parody based on it. ^^

Oh, the world is signing off

the final game fortells the audience, I’ve had enough
all the colors to halt the tragedy arranged across the screen
I think the audience has seen enough-h-h-h-h
Oh yes, the audience has seen enough

Oh, the world’s in a trance
Here’s to loving life!

Soon we’ll televise our H-O-P-E
It’ll leave you blinded and erase bad memories
Soon you’ll be a part of H-O-P-E
We leave you blissful and it changes everything

And in a moment you will notice nothing’s quite the same
When you feel your despair slipping from your MIIIIIND
Turn the signal down and spin around in the opposite direction
And now, will you please applaud?

Turn the volume up, folks
Listen to the words I say, now


Hope will always be here, for you to see
For you to see, to see you
HOPE’S _always_ here

Oh, the clock is ticking down
There’s a voice inside my head that says “This isn’t right”
(And now you’ll turn your eyes towards the screen)
See, all the limits of the televised, my anime
(Oh yes, now turn your eyes, and dream)

I’m already here
For you to see, for you to see, to see you
I’ve always been here
For you to see, for you to see, to see you

I’ve lost control, of my imagination
The only solution
It’s sweeping ‘cross the nation
Finally, I-
My imagination

the only solution
It’s sweeping ‘cross the nation

Soon we’ll televise our H-O-P-E
Now, leave you blinded and erase bad memories
Soon you’ll be a part of H-O-P-E
We leave you blissful and it changes everything

I’m already here
For you to see, for you to see, I see you
I’ve always been here
For you to see, for you to see, I see you

And in a moment you will notice nothing’s been the same
Now fucking despair is ERADICATED
Turn the signal down and spin around in the opposite direction
And now you will applaud!

For you to see, to see you
For you to see, to see you
For you to see, to see you
For you to see, I see you


For any electronic music fans out there, I have stumbled upon some lovely ATLA & LOK remixes that I thought I would share with the world. 




Drum & Bass/Hip-Hop


Mediumship || Power Listings

The User can view ghosts/spirits of deceased and communicate and/or interact with them, even if they have possessed inanimate objects/subjects/people. They are able to repel and run spirits away from an area (banish), compel to employ an armada of ghosts, and may even view a visual conception of a spirit world in a trance if desired.

     Also Referred to as

  • Ghost Whispering
  • Post-Mortem Communication
  • Spiritual Affinity

The limitations of The User consists of that the ghosts can visit the user against their will; and will always come to them at least expected moments since this power attracts spirits. The attraction can cause The User to become possessed by the spirits or ghosts and dealings with the spirits or ghosts to be rather dangerous. 

Associates: Astral Manipulation | Astral Projection | Death Sense | Death Whisper | Grim Reaper Physiology | Necromancy | Shamanism

They were curled up together on a Sunday afternoon, each reading a book, their arms just touching and their legs weaved together. He would occasionally lose focus on his book to twirl her hair through his fingers as she completely immersed herself in the written world in front of her. Other times she would come out of a trance, just to glance up at the boy who had besotted her heart, to see how his eyebrows crinkled in concentration at the next adventure his character went on. Both of them were happy to be silent, in fact neither wanted to break it. The afternoon had encompassed them in a lazy bubble where they were just happy to enjoy each other’s company as they both lost themselves in the world of make belief. A little space of heaven wrapped up in a comfortable silence.
—  Comfortable Silence - IKM

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The Spiritual Power Of Dance

Each of us is a moving center, a space of divine mystery. And though we spend most of our time on the surface in the daily details of ordinary existence, most us hunger to connect to this space within, to break through to bliss, to be swept away into something bigger than us.

As a young dancer, I made the transition from the world of steps and structures to the world of transformation and trance by exposure to live drumming. The beats, the patterns, the rhythms kept calling me deeper and deeper into my dance.

Being young, wild and free, it didn’t dawn on me that in order to go into deep ecstatic places, I would have to be willing to transform absolutely everything that got in my way. That included every form of inertia: the physical inertia of tight and stressed muscles; the emotional baggage of depressed, repressed feelings; the mental baggage of dogmas, attitudes and philosophies. In other words, I’d have to let it all go – everything.

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May I have This Dance? ft. Sugar (OFF Parody)
  • May I have This Dance? ft. Sugar (OFF Parody)
  • Perfectlyvindictive

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental Composed by: Alias Conrad Coldwood

Album art illustrated by Sugar’s creator: Litihriem


May I have this dance
Amidst the worlds blank trance
May I have this dance
I’ll take my final stance

We can sing and prance
In this world, of bitter sugar
Rotten with no chance
We march like conniving ants

Will you take my hand
Step by step, with the rhythm
Try and take a glance
At this dead, fake romance

I can see it too
What will come, what will renew
The choices made into
Dead lovers we bid adieu

May I ask you this
Why do you choose to dismiss
The world she made and loved
In chaos do you find this bliss?

la la la la

(I really loved this game, still love it :) )

He broke it off with me not telling me why in such a cold way that I was unstable for like a year. After 5 years when he was going to war I came to know that he had joined army that time and the reason was because he wanted me to have a future. I do have it now. A loving husband and a baby boy. After 2 years when he returned back, I was sitting at the welcome area. Our eyes met and he was startled. I could feel the pain that he had just swallowed, my eyes were teary too. We both looked at each other with all the hurt contained in this world. The trance was broken by my son running to the sight of his father who had also returned in a wheel chair.

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