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traits list for suoh mikoto

i would love to, anon. note: this will be shorter than fushimi’s (which is here) not only because i know fushimi’s character best but also because fushimi is a complex and contradictory pain in my ass. mikoto is far simpler. also for you @mikotoismyking

  • violently protective, usually only towards his own friends/clan
  • works on instinct for the most part, “ Reasons don’t matter. What do you want to do?” (x)
  • lazy–probably would be a bum even without his king powers, for god’s sake he lives above his best friend’s bar and pays zero rent nor does he work
  • no ambition or goal he feels he has to reach, but is fine with that
  • charismatic 
  • but without meaning to be, which kind of confuses him
  • prideful at times, brooks no criticism of his life choices by “outsiders”
  • has a sort of “us vs them” attitude but he isn’t really aware of it
  • always tries to keep up the impression that he doesn’t care even when he cares a lot
  • weak af to children
  • moody
  • violent–loves the thrill of a fight, especially a well matched one but he’s not really that picky about it
  • it’s hard to remember when he’s being cute or babysitting anna, but he WAS a gang leader who deserved his rep–we’re talking about the guy who led an attack on a high school full of students with his sword of damocles one light breeze away from falling
  • at the same time, its not like he runs around looking for a fight
  • competitive–he’d never show it but losing in any form really bothers him
  • however not typically violent to the people he’s close to/knows (there’s one exception but kings will be kings i guess?)
  • doesn’t really hold the words clan or clansmen in any regard–as in he lets anyone who wants to join HOMRA join and anyone who wants to leave, leave
  • live and let live attitude for the most part
  • doesn’t care what people do if it has nothing to directly do with him
  • but once something catches his eye (or his annoyance), he’s not going to leave it alone
  • not ashamed of letting other people take the responsibility
  • also hates responsibility, like in any form, avidly avoids it
  • doesn’t work well with others
  • doesn’t really clash with his teammates, but given a choice he’d rather run off and do his own thing than coordinate movements
  • can’t give orders worth his life–the only order i’ve ever heard him utter is burn them and that can’t possibly count
  • hates rules to the point that he refuses to abide by even basic societal ones
  • does appreciate the people around him (although he’d never show it)
  • doesn’t understand his own feelings because he doesn’t dwell on them
  • feels things, acts on them, moves on
  • doesn’t dwell on if what he’s feeling is good or bad
  • doesn’t dwell on if what he’s doing is right or wrong
  • doesn’t really have a right/wrong line in his head–he’s got a basic idea of both but for the most part he works on what he feels/wants
  • not mean or malicious (usually, there have been exceptions like mizuchi (ew) but i won’t hold him to those)
  • no. concept. of. consequences.
  • he knows they exist and even knows what they are but has no concept of the scale of them or suffering them himself
  • usually leaves others (izumo and reisi) deal with the aftermath whether he knows that’s what’s happening or not
  • not one for words, lets his actions speak for themselves
  • doesn’t care what others think of him
  • doesn’t really hold grudges with small transgressions
  • does like people, there’s never been any indication he doesn’t like people, mikoto is a people person
  • hot-headed
  • hard-headed
  • self-destructive
  • brave
  • willing to lend a hand to a friend
  • truly does like being strong, it’s about the only part of being a king he enjoys
  • once he tasted that power, he couldn’t possibly go back to being a normal person–he refused to undo his sanctum as he was on the brink of death
  • however is also very scared of his own power
  • knew where his lifestyle would lead him but made no attempt to change it
  • believed he was who he was and therefore couldn’t change it
  • essentially, he would have been fine as a person but is an awful choice as a king and he knows it 
  • surrounded by enablers
  • 50/50 chance he listens to advice
  • acknowledges the need for him to have a “stopper” to keep him in check (totsuka)
  • vengeful
  • impulsive
  • confrontational
  • no self-preservation
  • has a pretty good grasp of his own impulsiveness and tendencies and doesn’t see a need to change that
  • also doesn’t believe he could change it if he tried
  • appreciates the things people do for him
  • unwilling to lessen their stress levels though
  • doesn’t like authority
  • doesn’t like “being told what to do”
  • holds himself answerable to nothing
  • has deep seated anger that was made even worse when he became a king and tries to keep it down except in fights
  • knows that burning things isn’t always the solution but it’s his solution and that’s what matters to him
  • hates being a king, very bitter about it actually
  • considers himself a monster
  • inspiring without meaning to be
  • totsuka’s death hurt him way more than he’d ever let on
  • was never expecting to live long, probably never expected to outlive any of his friends
  • genuinely thought that his passing would leave little to no impact–he probably knew people would be sad but had no understanding of the scars it’d leave on people both physically and emotionally

if you want to see any others, let me know. think maybe i’ll do munakata next

my problem with second try, as i try to - well - give it a second try - is that no story i can come up with that i’m actually able to work with actually… fits these characters at all??

like, they’d work better in something more modernised and maybe less magical but, magical bs is all i’ve got, and where i work best, and it just… doesn’t feel right, for some reason… writing these nine… in such a world…

and i’m /trying/ to make it work with them and not sound bizarre or half-assed and trying to still keep it modern and the magic shit under wraps, like - this is in no way as full blown magical as col is, it’s maybe on the same level as wuafs, but even then it all sounds weird, but i just,

i honest to god have no other fuckin ideas,

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The Mythology of the Jackalope, This Little Black Book, 2017 Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library.

This part was one of the first pieces I made, it came into being cuz the myth of the Jackalope is featured in my novel, Drinking from the Fishbowl (which I’ve been working on diligently for many years.) The mythological creature is a metaphor of sorts—people make up shit all the time, I’ve been guilty of letting my mind wander, that’s why I’m a writer. It’s a long complicated story. (The book will be published this year, so stay tuned.)

The moon shapes happened after I saturated a piece of paper with India ink and was looking to put this wet paper somewhere safe where it wouldn’t stick to a surface, or get ruined, I set it on two plastic containers that I use for water to clean my brushes (they were both empty) and then discovered that they created this awesome circle…so of course, I had to do it again to see if it would do it again. It did. YAY it did!

This is the text I wrote about it - it’s poe-em-ish.

The Jackalope—the mythology,

a chimera, a fantasy creature feature,

gods and devils,

we’re surrounded by myths—

myths of our making

or the creation in the minds of others,

how they see us—it’s a human flaw, yet

it’s what makes us human—making up shit.

We live in this borderland

of dreams and realities—

We create jackalopes out of thin

air, figments of imagination—

nightmares, sweet dreams

are made of this—

hope, desire—love.

counting spaces
counting time
i have never really mattered
to all of sublime
i dug my grave
i paved the path
just to give me some love
just to give you the lack
but these scratches won’t go
and these tears won’t flow
so if you ever see me tonight
tell me what you know
please tell me what you know

talk endlessly like
the sun will never leave
as we sit on my grave and time
will soon know
that i just need someone to stay
a hand to hold on to
that i need a shoulder to lean on
because i don’t understand
why this pain won’t go

yata’s masculinity

I kind of always felt like there was something different about yata the second he joined Homra; even more than what I felt with fushimi because all fushimi did was kind of retreat inwards and not talk. Like, yata didn’t change so much that I could pinpoint exactly what it was off the bat and it’s not like either him or fushimi “went to the dark side” or something so it wasn’t that. And I just now put a name to it: masculinity. Yata always had this susceptibility to genders and gender roles that his partner didn’t have (ironically I think this is because he came from a loving family who taught him stuff, because let’s face it our families don’t always teach us the right stuff even if they mean well), but once you get to the Homra days it gets noticeably more pronounced. It was as if he suddenly got the idea “I’m a man now, I’m in Homra” and ran with it.

Once he joined, it was like he decided (for himself, I’m pretty sure mikoto doesn’t give a crap about gender roles) that Homra was a “man’s place” and he didn’t want to do anything feminine anymore. He was suddenly less likely to say when he was worried or scared, less likely to openly worry about others, more likely to jump to the attack, more likely to go into a rage, wanted a cool gang name and really started objecting to his “girly” first name, he cut his hair, he started speaking rougher, he didn’t visit home for five years (goddamn child, go home) and is embarrassed to let people see how much he loves his mom. Basically, everything the classic toxic masculinity victim would do. And it’s true that anyone who knows him can see through his front when he does put one up, but that’s because he’s just so bad at lying. It’s not for lack of effort. And I think that he really did genuinely buy into quite a few of the gender roles he surrounded himself with. And the thing is it’s not like he’s aware he’s being affected. He’ll think things like “be a man” but why? He doesn’t know. And it ends up being very contradictory because gender roles are contradictory. For example, somehow totsuka not fighting is fine, but if someone like fushimi or kamamoto tried to turn away from a fight, there’d be hell to pay.

He lets go of the idea of strict gender roles a little in ROK without even realizing he did it. It’s in large part because anna’s now not this little girl he can treat like before, she’s his king. And even then, he’s decided he wants to protect her instead of just follow–which, don’t get me wrong, is sweet and in large part to respect her wish to be different from mikoto–but you can see what I’m getting at here. However, the fact is that he’s still better than before. That was in no way an easy transition and it mostly happened due to anna becoming his king, but it shows that he’s capable of changing.

So now I’m imagining if he and fushimi do end up getting together or if they start reconnecting and things get more-than-friends like, yata having problems because “I really like fushimi/fushimi really likes me but two men aren’t supposed to do that?” and basically getting really annoyed and confused and having to face his own misconceptions about the world. Or I imagine that back in their early Homra-days, yata and fushimi were both in the bar and somehow the topic of gay marriage or something came up. And yata’s a good kid at heart so he couldn’t really find it in him to be violently opposed at people being in love, but he kind of goes “but it’s not really normal, is it?” And fushimi just nopes right out to the bar. He wasn’t sure what he felt for yata, but for some reason that comment really annoyed the shit out of him.

Basically, please let’s acknowledge that yata’s totally under the effects of toxic masculinity because I want to address it . For once the victim of it isn’t some disgusting jock bully. It’s this guy who’s presented as someone who generally means well because toxic masculinity is a very bad thing that can affect anyone.