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Things Said While Playing Injustice

“Wait, we could use Street Fighter controls?”- when discovering the control options

OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP!!”- while avoiding Solomon Grundy when his super is activated.

“Anyone notice the irony?”- When Joker uses a crowbar on Nightwing

“Let me show you the rest of the cave!”- fighting in the Batcave

“This is gonna hurt”- After seeing Sinestro realize Superman is right behind him.

“"Holy crap, he’s strong.”- Someone realizing just how deadly Aquaman is when I played at Nintendo World

“These two have been kicking everybody’s asses.” -referring to me and another player at Nintendo World.

“And this is why no one screws with Superman” -after seeing Superman use his super move

“Hey man, let me show you my ride!- during Batman’s super

"Oh come on, that’s just overkill!”  -At the end of Green Lantern’s super

“Did it have to be right between the legs” -during Harley’s super

Original Smash Bros.

My original goal in 1999 is now complete. I have in-scale figures of the original 8 fighters from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64. Thank you so much to the toy companies that made this dream a reality:
Figuarts Mario and Yoshi
Figma Link and Samus
Jakks Pacific Fox
Takara Tomy Pikachu and Kirby
Japan Auto Toy Donkey Kong


I sell custom 3D printed action figure and action figure accessories. I hadn’t realized I’ve done so much this summer! This isn’t even close to all of them!

A good collection of some of my favorites so far. New shot of a finished Lucas, and the Poltergust on Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Luigi

Free shipping on orders over $35 until August 30th!


This took a while … like four hours total.

I’m very happy with it though. I worked really heard to weave everyone’s poses into each other and group nicely contrasting colors together.

And soon I’ll have a Ness from dauntingmountain to add. Can’t wait!

It won’t be long before I have to split this into two displays at this rate.


Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo 4″ Fox McCloud from Starfox

Fox is finally released in his first ever action figure! Based on his Starfox 64 3D appearance, he looks great! From his headset, to his nameplate, to his boots (or prosthetic legs, depending on who you ask) the details are all there just as they are in the artwork for the game!

4.25 inches exactly in size puts him only ears above Jakks and Figuarts Mario, meaning yes, he is perfectly in scale for your Smash Bros. lineup. That being said, all 8 original Smash Bros are now released in some figure form or another and that’s quite exciting! Fox was the last hold out for a figure since Figma Samus was released! 

13 points of articulation are here, and some far more useful than others. His head and waist swivel, Shoulders and elbows are what we’ve come to expect from Jakks, and the knees and ankles are quite useful too. His hip joints are extremely limited for some reason. And that brings us around to that lustrous, golden, fluffy…oh wait…the tail is a huge letdown. It’s basically a nub with some up and down motion via a hinge. I can see many collectors such as myself modding this or sculpting onto it somehow down the road. His tail should be almost the size of a leg! 

Hips and Tail are my only gripes here though! Unless you count the useless Arwing accessory that should have been left out with perhaps a blaster, reflector or myriad of other power ups in it’s place. No more than 2 inches long, it looks like a model Fox may have sitting on a shelf in his quarters. 

Small gripes aside, this guy was a long time coming. Even more exciting, Falco and Slippy are confirmed to be following, with Peppy surely close behind. Fox should be hitting stores in the coming month, with Falco planned for Fall and Slippy in the winter. Keep your eyes on Jakks Pacific. They are doing amazing things!