world of nature

A woman giving birth is its own battle, OUR battle. We fall or we survive, that is our divine gift, our fight.
—  @heil-viktoriaWoman in Revolt

A little adventure

Would honestly love it if me and someone special would just go and explore. To go on a roadtrip with some killer tunes on in the car (preferably anything from the 80s or broadway musicals), with no care in the world.

Would love to go on an adventure and try new things like stargazing in the middle of nowhere, lying on the roof of the car. Or going on nature hikes through beautiful forests. Really in the mood for that, an adventure…

In honor of World Jellyfish Day, we bring you the Cephea cephea, a jelly so nice they named it twice. This ocean dweller can reach over 20 inches in diameter and is sometimes called the Cauliflower Jellyfish because of its resemblance to the vegetable thanks to its eight brownish, mouth-arms. (It’s also been dubbed the Crown Jellyfish—which can be confusing, since that name is also used for other species.) Jellies have bodies that are made of two transparent layers: an outer one for protection and an inner one for digesting food. Between the two layers, you’ll find nothing but a watery gel—in fact, their bodies are more than 95% water!

Photo: Derek Keats