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Ok so just to cover something, if you plan to take your reptile to the movie theaters to see any movie PLEASE DO NOT. Movie theaters are cold, loud, and dark. You could easily lose your reptile in there and all it takes is someone to put their foot down and your reptile is gone. Forever. Even if your reptile is a chill reptile it only takes one loud sound to suddenly spook them or a flash of light and whoops there they go bolting off of you. Also it is extremely rude and disrespectful to people in the theater. What if the person next to you has a phobia of that reptile or is just scared of them? Really any pet other than service animals have no place in the movie theater.
Your reptile gets no benefits from being taken to the movies, in fact there is only downs to it. If you really must watch a movie with your reptile, do so at home where you can take care of them properly and control the environment. To take your reptile to the theaters is selfish and disrespectful to not only the people in the theaters, but your pet who is probably very very stressed about strange smells, loud noises, lights, and people. 


Baby would like to share with you all the importance of reading! ;)

Photography by: Jenn Rose (find me on Instagram and Twitter @jennrosefx) 

Baby, the crested gecko was bred and raised by! 


In just the past few days, both @catsarefoolish and @san-ban have sent me ADORABLE pictures of leopard geckos, and it’s just made my entire week, you guys. Actual tears.

                    I am WEAK FOR THEIR BABY LIZARD FACES


Around The World In 80 Days: Singapore

When The Lights Of Natures Meets The City Lights
Photo Credit: (Binoy Uthup)
Beach Rocks
Photo Credit: (Adrian Ooi)
Black Leaf
Photo Credit: (Geckojoy)

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i have a crested gecko and wanted to get another lizard soon. Do you know of any other mainly fruit/veggie eating, humid climate lizard?

Gargoyle gecko!  There are actually a lot of species of fruit-eating lizards from the same area (New Caledonia) that fit the bill, but gargoyle geckos (like Theta or Pi) are among the most low maintenance lizards.  They’re about on par with crested geckos.  They need slightly more protein in their diets (I give mine bug pangea or live bugs once a week) compared to crested geckos and tend to be more aggressive eaters.

Their enclosure should hold more thin branches.  They live in the lower brushy bits of forests, closer to the ground.

HOWEVER, I want to stress that cohabitating these lizards is a Bad Idea.  Crested geckos are basically at the bottom of the food chain in their world.  Gargoyle geckos will eat them.  (Hell, gargoyle geckos will eat bits of EACH OTHER during the breeding season; it’s very common for males to end up tail-less).

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  1. Killian Jones | Once Upon a Time
  2. Bellamy Blake | The 100
  3. Jyn Erso | Rogue One
  4. Claire Dearing | Jurassic World
  5. Seth Gecko | From Dusk Till Dawn
  6. Aragorn | Lord of the Rings
  7. Milady de Winter | The Musketeers
  8. Tony Stark | MCU (this literally changes all the time for me but i’ve loved him the longest so i choose him)
  9. Clara Oswald | Doctor Who
  10. Sawyer Ford | Lost

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Pauline, another neighbour of Sarissa’s.
She’s a stripper with a heart of gold who dreams of having her own family some day.
She loves a good foot massage cause neither stripper shoes nor hanging upside down metal poles that may or may not have been drenched in fluids are the most comfortable thing in the world.