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Brian Froud Art Book Collection

One thing that I tend not to go into depth about on Tumblr is my huge love of the works of Jim Henson and in particular his collaborations with the insanely talented Brian Froud.

I have a small but respectable collection of Froud`s work and have poured through the pages on numerous occasions. Studying every image and always managing to find something I had never noticed before. 

It`s a shame that Jim Henson died so young and never again had the opportunity to collaborate again with Brian Froud. The two times they did work together the results were magical. 

caro323  asked:

Hi Cassie! I hope you are having a great day, and thank you for creating this amazing world, i love your books so much, and i admire you a lot! So, i know the mayority of people ships Marktina, but i ship so much Cristina and Diego; I love their interaction and dinamic, and the way Diego looked for Cristina to clear things up its very sweet... Is there a possibility that she is still in love with Diego? Are they maybe going to be together again as couple? Thanks, Greetings from Panama!

All I can say is: there’s always a chance for (most) couples (not, like, Emma/Arthur or other very weird and never hinted at stuff but I don’t really get asked about that.)

One of the things that’s interesting about writing, for me, is creating relationships where there’s a complicated and interesting dynamic at play. With Cristina and Diego, it had a lot to do with: if your first love comes back, can you recapture that feeling you once had; what happens when you basically grew up with someone and fell in love but they haven’t told you the whole truth; Diego and Cristina share a lot in their pasts, but does their future include each other, etc.

Of course, with Kieran and Mark, there’s also an interesting dynamic: can mark forgive Kieran, sure, but also, what about their past, the way they met? They came together under desperate circumstances, what does that mean for them now? Can they have a healthy relationship? What would that mean?

And with Cristina and Mark: she’s one of the only people who doesn’t have any expectations of Mark based on who he was before he was kidnapped, or who he was in the Wild Hunt. She offers Mark the chance to just be who he is right now, without the burdens of his past — but she also represents the Shadowhunter world, not the faerie world. And for her, Mark has all the wildness of faerie, which is both appealing and frightening, especially for someone as devoted to home, family, and the Angel as she is.

So I guess I would say: often I think when people are asking “Is there a chance?” they’re asking if a relationship will be explored more, and usually the answer is yes: however there is no chance (none, zilch, zero) I will tell you who ends up with who, nor is saying “Yeah, there’s more to say there!” an indicator of that. I think as authors we’re often more interested in exploration than “endgame” — not that we don’t know who will end up with who, but we’re most interested in how the story gets there. :-)


“Down a path worn into the woods, past a stream and a hollowed-out log full of pill bugs and termites, was a glass coffin. It rested right on the ground, and in it slept a boy with horns on his head and ears as pointed as knives.”

- the darkest part of the forest by holly black 

Crystal Herbalism - Court of Faeries (Crystal Kit)

Enter the Unseelie & Seelie Fae Courts through these stones. A mystical combination that illuminates the fae world.

  • Preseli Bluestone: awakens our past lives, strong protection, and roots you to ancient Celtic magick. 
  • Lodestone: access portals to the past, used to anchor you to the moment while you travel throughout time, and heals your energetic field. 

  • Moonstone: a key to dream travel, opens third eye and crown, provided clarity to visions, and gives you the magick sight to see the unseen. 

Access the hidden realms within your mind and other worlds. A powerful Celtic faerie energy, these stones allow you to experience the magick within and around you.

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oneflea  asked:

Hi, Cassandra! A question arose in my mind these days: Alec killed a seelie in court and everyone knows that they are patient and very spitefull. I do not think they or even the Queen would take that act. Will we see the repercussion of this in the next books or has everything been clear? Sorry for the errors of English, but it's Google's fault.

I think that if Alec had killed a faerie in the Court under normal circumstances, that would have been the supernatural version of an international incident, sure. 

But Alec’s individual action was swallowed up afterward by the massive betrayal of the Clave by the Faerie Courts, especially the Queen. The entire world of Faerie is being punished now by the Shadowhunters, pretty brutally. And hundreds of Shadowhunters and faeries killed each other during the war in Alicante.

The Seelie Queen might still resent Alec, sure, but honestly she’s pretty pragmatic and is likely focused on the politics that are happening right now in Faerie and on earth, and on some more personal stuff that will be revealed in Lord of Shadows.

Thicket's Magical Book Recommendations

Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson

This book is a classic. Mr. Huson goes over the basics of magical work, including steps on how to visualize and how magic works. He also instructs you on how to prepare your ritual tools and begin casting magic. The book also delves in to deeper stuff, such as summoning Vassago (a demon). If you are interested in traditional witchcraft, this book is for you.

Mystical Origins of the Tarot by Paul Huson

Another author (maybe Robin Artisson?) described this as the only book on tarot you will ever need. I agree. It is filled with history as well as unique interpretations of the cards. If you are a tarot reader, this book is a must to further your education and your reading skills.

The Complete Guide to Psychic Development by Cassandra Eason

This book is very New Age. It does have a lot of good stuff in it. She does generally expect that you have a library of crystals and a cabinet of candles as even her basic rituals call for a variety of specific stones and 13 pink candles. Glean what you can from this book and see where perhaps you can simplify some of her rituals. As the name implies, this book is all about psychic development.

Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune

Awesome book. I’ve read it a few times. If you want a peek at how magic can really mess up your life, read this book. There are so many hidden gems here, it’s really worthwhile.

The Witch’s Familiar by Raven Grimassi

A really interesting book on how a witch may obtain and control their familiar spirit.

Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch by Raven Grimassi

This book details Grimassi’s personal tradition. If you want a solid tradition to follow, this book makes a very good read. It is also just a good book in general and it is very plant and nature based.

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

I use this resource regularly, it is probably my most-used resource. Learn the magical properties of your everyday herbs at home. The index in the back is invaluable for figuring out which herbs to use for your spells.

Encyclopedia of Magical Stones by Scott Cunningham

The rock version of the herbal encyclopedia.

The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft by Judika Illes

This elemental encyclopedia is excellent to educate yourself more about witchcraft. Just to warn you, if you read many of her books, some of the content is copied over between them.

The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes

This book is massive. Not only does it really have 5000 spells, but it also has a formulary in the back with recipes on many oils, potions, and powders you can craft. It also has an excellent section on how to cast spells and how to use a wide variety of ritual tools.

Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes

So this book is seriously an awesome encyclopedia, especially for looking up spirits by name. It’s general entries – such as for “mermaid” or “ghost” are somewhat disappointing. The real value of this book is being able to look up arcane and archaic spirits by name. It has a lot of info on gods as well.

Pure Magic by Judika Illes

I wish someone had handed me this book when I first got started in witchcraft. If you are done with 101 posts on tumblr and ready for your next introductory step, buy a copy of this book. It is a “complete course in spellcasting.” This book delivers.

Spiritual Cleansing by Draja Mickaharic

This is an interesting book to read because it is not witchcraft; it is it’s own spiritual system. If you are looking for something new and want to expand your horizons, grab this book. You won’t be disappointed. As a handbook on spiritual cleansing, it’s techniques do not disappoint either.

Letters from the Devil’s Forest by Robin Artisson

This book is seriously so cool. If you are ready for your next intermediate step in to witchcraft, if theory interests you, if you want to read about a real witch’s experiences – pick up this book. It is not a spellbook nor a how-to guide. It’s just incredibly interesting.

The Horn of Evenwood by Robin Artisson

A great spellbook, especially for diabolists, those that want to travel to the underworld, and those that want to meet the devil himself. I would call this more of an intermediate spellbook, and while any beginner should educate themselves, it is perhaps best to wait until you have a little more experience before you tackle the rituals in this book.

A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson

This book is in my opinion especially important for Christian practitioners or any practitioner who works with angels and/or demons. It is an extremely thorough dictionary of angels and fallen angels.

Power Within The Land and Earth Light by R. J. Stewart

If you’re in to faeries, these two books are for you. They detail how to travel to Faery, how to interact with faeries, and how to transform yourself with faery magic.

The Living World of Faery by R. J. Stewart

A super interesting book. If you are in to faeries, get this book by R. J. Stewart instead of the other two – which are more similar to spellbooks. This book will educate you a lot about real faery lore.

The Devil’s Dozen by Gemma Gary

What can I say, I love Gemma Gary. The Devil’s Dozen is a fascinating book containing thirteen original rituals dedicated to the Witch’s Devil, Bucca. This book is more for diabolists and traditional witches, but if you find a copy of it, grab it. It will go well in any practitioner’s library. I would consider this book more for the intermediate practitioner, but people of all skill levels will benefit from reading it.

Traditional Witchcraft by Gemma Gary

This is “the” book on Cornish witchcraft. It is useful for anyone interested in traditional witchcraft and those seeking a more traditionally based path. This book does have some spells and rituals in it, but it’s main purpose is in describing Cornish ways.

The Black Toad by Gemma Gary

This book goes hand in hand with Traditional Witchcraft. It is a spellbook and so does not describe Cornish ways so much, but it does give you practical magical applications. This book is very traditional and not modified to make it more appetizing to modern crowds. I would readily recommend it in order to see how a very traditional witch practices.

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham

If you are interested in Wicca, this is the book for you. It describes how to practice Wicca for – well – a solitary practitioner. I don’t have a lot to say about it, but it certainly ended up in my library for a reason.

Protection & Reversal Magick by Jason Miller

I am such a Jason Miller fangirl. He is a clear and concise writer. He doesn’t waste your time. This book was my first magical book and I still reference it regularly. I would highly advise any practitioner – especially a beginner – pick up this book. It will not steer you wrong and may save you a lot of trouble.

Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller

This is the only real financial spellbook I have seen of it’s type. Rather than throwing money spells at you, Miller explains how to use magic to create real and lasting wealth. He explains why many money spells never seem to get you ahead in life and helps you craft your own magic so you can actually get ahead.

The Sorcerer’s Secrets by Jason Miller

This book is about how to cast magic, how magic works, and how to be a badass sorcerer. If I could go back and re-work my path I would pick up this book right away. It has heavily influenced my beliefs and made me a better practitioner.

Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus

If you are interested in magic besides witchcraft, this book on hermeticism is excellent. It teaches you about the “seven spheres” and how to summon the planetary spirits and intelligences to aid your life. Having performed the rituals in this book, I can say that they are extremely powerful. If you are looking for magic to radically change your life, this is the book for you.

The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook by Robert Bruce

This book is not witchcraft, it is more on the psychic spectrum of practice. It gets in to really intense defense mechanisms and I have succesfully used his techniques to keep me safe.

Correspondences by Sandra Kynes

This is a very neat reference book. It lists how correspondences are related to one another. It is difficult to explain, but it is a really neat book if you want to research how plants, animals, gods, stones, colors, numbers, etc., are interrelated.

Tinker Bell — possibly, the quintessential faery. As characterized by J. M. Barrie in Peter Pan, she exhibits so many traditional faery qualities: we first experience her as a small glow of pure light; her form is only visible when stationary; she is described as “still growing.” So, like all faeries, she is in a state of flux and transformation. She is dressed in a skeleton-leaf dress, indicating that she is not only connected to nature but also inner nature. Her costume reveals her figure to “the best advantage,” and she is “slightly inclined to embonpoint” — a phrase that lends an earthy, sensual quality to her more ethereal nature. She is in transition between childhood and womanhood. Her voice is typical of the Fae in that it has to be translated to be understood. The bell tinkles and chirruping that faeries use to communicate make a language as difficult and puzzling as any riddle.

Peter Pan is otherworldly, yet Tinker Bell is from a place even beyond “the second star to the right and straight on till morning.” Her sparkling faery dust seems to indicate that she is made of starlight and is a true astral being.

Time does not touch Peter Pan. He lives continually in the moment, with no responsibility, no memory, no mother’s love; he is essentially heartless. Tinker Bell represents his missing heart. She is all feeling, all emotion. She loves him passionately. Perhaps, her most endearing qualities are also her most human: her temper, her possessiveness, her jealousy. But she is ultimately the most noble, for she willingly sacrifices her own life for a greater good. Tinker Bell and all her attributes link us to the faery world. Like all true faeries, she is a messenger, telling us that no matter how small you feel, the heart can be as infinite as love allows.

It is Tinker Bell who makes us believe.

—  Brian Froud, World of Faerie
  • CameoAppearance: if one of the changelings was a redeemed promethean who got snatched by the Gentry that would be a cool angle but probably have to be worked into the plot early
  • AstraKiseki: it'd also be hella depressing.
  • addiface: could Redeemed even get snatched
  • New Channel New Grimm: ...y'know, depending on how long it was between mortality -> changeling, prometheans would have a really hard time getting back
  • New Channel New Grimm: yes! it is in the book
  • New Channel New Grimm: they are functionally mortal
  • CameoAppearance: "I was trying to be a human over here, do you MIND"
  • GladHatter: "I did it! I've finally become human! Now to experience the full joys of human existence- aww dammit"
  • addiface: its super sad how like
  • addiface: prometheans have that hope of being human and changelings
  • addiface: never do

anonymous asked:

What does it mean to be a hedge witch?

Ok, so I get this question a lot and there’s a lot of conflict around it. If you ask six different hedge witches what their definition of a hedge witch is you’re going to get a lot of different answers so I’m giving my (overly detailed)rendition and opinion of it.

No one is 100% certain where the term hedge witch originated but there is speculation that the word hedge witch is a direct translation from the Saxon word ’haegtessa’ which means hedge-rider. Hedge witches(wise women, healers) lived inside a forest or just on the edge of forest. There’s the basic idea of the root of the word but why is this really important? Because forests were considered to be a gateway to the “unknown”, it held the spirits and creatures the stories tell us about. So, the term coined that the hedge witch is on the border of all worlds - realm of the faeries, gods, mythical creatures, spirits, dead, etc.

So this is where a lot of the confusion rolls in and people start pointing fingers saying you have to do astral work and you have to work with spirits or the dead. Fuck em, the idea of calling oneself a hedge witch is essentially to call oneself a shaman without stealing from another culture with herbalism, healing, and a deep love for, and understanding of nature added to the mix. You reach into the other worlds/realms and you’re looking for knowledge to bring back - about healing, potions, salves, and so much more. Now, if you were to ask me how I fit into the hedge witch category I’d say a lot of it is my longing for the forests. I was raised ten minutes from a national park, I spent more hours in the woods growing up than with friends or doing extracurricular’s. My spirituality is rooted in nature, in the trees specifically. I go into the forest fairly frequently to speak with the trees and my gods and I learn. When I come back I have new ways to help you guys heal and bring happiness into your life; whether it’s a new tarot spread, new candle brews, healing salves, or care kits or whatever really. The fae guard and heal my garden, my plants speak to me when they’re sick, I divine with the runes I carve, and I use my magic to heal. I don’t know if this really helped at all but this is my opinion of a hedgewitch - it’s just as much about healing and learning as it is divination and astral/spiritual work. So, yeah. You can embrace any side of the hedge witch or all of them, it’s a pretty open path to explore. Anyways, thanks for asking and I hope it helped some.💞🌲