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Anyway Kylo Ren & Hux would have both DEFINITELY voted Trump & probably worked on his campaign, in all of ur ‘cute fluffy’ modern day AUs

I suppose it’s still too much to ask that we get even a glimpse of our Armitage Hux

“I think we want to be intoxicated to the point of losing ourselves.” - Richard Armitage (x)
Huxloween day 23: B-Movies

Also Random Worlds: Raw

Armitage is at the cinema for a late night showing of one of his favourite crappy old horror films. He’s annoyed by the intrusion when another film buff sits beside him, but they get talking and soon find out they have more in common than most people would realise.

AU where neither of them is quite what they appear.
Imagine Richard telling your daughter how you both met.

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Every night after dinner and your daughter, five-year old Amelia, always asked for ‘Daddy time’. Due to Richard working away for long periods of time, you and Amelia both missed him dearly. 

Richard would get down on the floor with her in the living room of the house you had recently brought in south London, or he would lie across her bed, and they would enter into their own world which only a daddy and daughter lived in. You would hear Amelia’s chuckle from down the hall as you washed up all the crockery from dinner, and then Richard’s deep voice would follow. 

Tonight and you decided to take a peek around the doorway of the living room and see what they were both up to. Yet again and Amelia had asked to watch a Pixar film, knowing they were Daddy’s favourites. You snuck to the doorway and peered in to see Richard sitting on the leather sofa with Amelia next to him, her head on his chest. 

“Daddy?” she asked in her sweet, high-pitched voice. 

“Yes, sweetheart?” Richard replied, kissing her forehead. You knew that Richard idolised and worshipped the very ground his daughter walked on as he had yearned for a family of his own for years. 

“How did you meet Mommy?” 

“You ask me this every night before bed time,” Richard laughed. 

“I know but I like to hear the story….tell me,” Amelia said, grinning. 

You folded your arms and rested against the doorway, seeing how oblivious they were to your presence. 

“Alright, seeing as you asked so politely. On a day when Daddy wasn’t dressing up and playing someone else, he decided to see one of his friends. And his friend introduced him to a lovely lady. She was the best friend of Daddy’s friend’s wife. And that lady took Daddy’s breath away.” 

“Did you kiss?” Amelia asked, looking up at Richard and laughing harder. 

Richard blushed and chuckled in response. “You are being very cheeky, little one.”

“You did kissy kissy with Mommy.”

“It took me a while before Mommy allowed me to give her a kiss. She came to see me quite a lot while I was working and she became Daddy’s best friend. And then she came to work with me, travelling to lots of places.” 

“Do you love Mommy?” 

“Of course I do. We loved each other so much that we decided to have you.” 

“Do you love me as well?” 

Tears were falling down your cheeks as you watched your husband and daughter have such a beautiful heart to heart. 

Richard looked at his daughter, a lump in his throat. “That is a silly question to ask. You know that me and Mommy love you more than anything else in the world.”

My favorite thing in the world is imagining Armitage Hux, who has presumably spent his whole teenaged and adult life clawing his way out from under the shame umbrella that was his childhood, going to his first meeting with Supreme Leader Snoke, buoyant and glitteringly seething with the knowledge that he has achieved something closest to his greatest dream, only to be met with Snoke being like: “yooooo general welcome to your flagship—soooooo guess what I got you this brand new shame umbrella, only this one is 6'3, can read minds, and will definitely want to fuck you in the ass!!!!!”


Her pure heart will cleanse mine.