world number 6

So i found my 3rd grade journal in my old room

Let’s take a glimpse into the inner workings of my mind at 8 years old 


“Now that i’ve told you like 2 things and advised avoiding the ultimate goal of the game GO CATCH A POKEMON YA JERK”

(I was never this disgusting and filthy Blake why did you write this)

Columbus was a murderer but also he probably didn’t celebrate your birthday or serve good food on the boat to further solidify his asshole status 

a poem for our dearly departed canine companion Shelby. I can’t imagine any poetic testament of love having a better opening stanza than “I love my dog. Better than a hog” 

My earliest (well meaning yet hazy) attempt at feminism. While the fact I was basing this off living in a single mother household and never having a male teacher, I should at least get credit for thinking on whether or not female dogs were affected by the injustices of the past 

Cons of being a pioneer 

-no fancy restaurants 
-lots of nature 
-fucking WOOD everywhere 

no I don’t think i’d like it indeed 

we had to make a list of 10 animals and their contributions to the world. number 6 is the only one that matters. 

we need your voice in this struggling darkness, 3rd grade Blake