And this is for everybody who stopped believing in love, this is for you!

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You have to know that I (left) fell in love and was in a relationship with the best girl in the world (middle). But time passed by and now she has another girlfriend (right).

Our break-up was the worst time in my life and the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I thought I wouldn’t make it or at least that I will never be able to love again because she is the love of my life and the one who brought light in my life.

Sooo after everything we have been hurt as hell but we never thought about giving up! We kept fighting and we made it!

Today is the 3rd of May 2015 and we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary even if we aren’t a couple for more than one and a half years anymore… (we’re celebrating each month tho) We never stopped loving each other and caring for each other. We never stopped talking and there wasn’t a single day I hadn’t talked to her since I met her!

We are best friends, soul mates and moreover she is the most adorable person I have ever met in my entire life! But furthermore ALL OF US are friends now! We three are the best combination ever and after her new gf (right) told me just a few minutes ago that she lighted three candles (one for each year) for us I finally knew that those two girls are the ones I love, I adore and I never wanna be without again. Like ever! I didn’t told her but that candle-thing was the cutest thing ever because that means that we respect each other and that isn’t taken for granted at all! 

After everything that happened we found ourselves out as the best friends I have ever heard from. We respect each other, we support each other, we care for each other and we’re like a real family. The world should know how much I love them!

Please reblog this as often as you come across it because I want to let my girls know how much I love them and I want to let the world know that love is stronger than ANYTHING!


This week, the World in Protest

1: Istanbul, Turkey. ©  Kemal Aslan 

2: Baltimore, USA. © Eric Thayer

3: Milan, Italy. © Alessandro Bianchi 

4: Bujumbura, Burundi.  © Thomas Mukoya

5: Bogota, Colombia.  © Jose Miguel Gomez

6: Newark, USA.  © Andrew Kelly 

7: Baltimore, USA. ©  Eric Thayer

8: Bujumbura, Burundi.  © Thomas Mukoya

9: Taiwan, Taipei. © Patrick Lin

If what is happening in Baltimore happened in a foreign country, here is how Western media would cover it:

International leaders expressed concern over the rising tide of racism and state violence in America, especially concerning the treatment of ethnic minorities in the country and the corruption in state security forces around the country when handling cases of police brutality. The latest crisis is taking place in Baltimore, Maryland, a once-bustling city on the country’s Eastern Seaboard, where an unarmed man named Freddie Gray died from a severed spine while in police custody.

Black Americans, a minority ethnic group, are killed by state security forces at a rate higher than the white majority population. Young, black American males are 21 times more likely to be shot by police than white American males.

The United Kingdom expressed concern over the troubling turn of events in America in the last several months. The country’s foreign ministry released a statement: “We call on the American regime to rein in the state security agents who have been brutalizing members of America’s ethnic minority groups. The equal application of the rule of law, as well as the respect for human rights of all citizens, black or white, is essential for a healthy democracy.” Britain has always maintained a keen interest in America, a former colony.

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Allowing this corporation to reopen the Mount Polley mine is a violation of sovereignty and opens the territory up to further damage… Imperial Metals has no consent from the Secwepemc.

Secwepemc Woman’s Warrior Society

First Nation group launches protest to halt re-opening of Mount Polley mine

According to organizer and spokesperson for the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society Kanahus Manuel, the toxic spill has disrupted the way of life in the territory.

Manuel said this is a prophetic indicator of what to expect in future catastrophes.

“What happens here at Mount Polley and how government and industry deal with this disaster is going to set a precedent on how they deal with other disasters and spills in the future, whether from mining or pipelines,” she said.