In light of all the recent tragedies the world has been facing, please take your time to also pray for Brazil, which is currently going through one of the biggest environmental disasters in its history.

For those of you who dont know, on November 5, two huge water dams between Mariana and Ouro Preto, in the state of Minas Gerais, broke. The dams were located in a very industrial region, thus the dam water is filled with manganese and iron dejects, and these are lethal to both animals and nature. With the breaking of the dams, a huge surge of mud has washed over these cities, as well as many others,destroying everything in its way. More than 2000 people have been affected, although the number is continuously growing. The nature that once used to grow there is completely covered, and many species of plants and animals will probably become extinct.

As of right now, the mud has already affected two states (MG and ES). However, that is not the biggest problem. The mud is close to reaching the Rio Doce. This river is the main water supplier of the region, if not the only. Once the mud reaches the river, it will disappear and there will no longer be water for those who depend on it. As many brazilians are saying, “A morte do Rio Doce”, or Rio Doce´s death. The consequences will most likely be deadly.

This is, of course, a very brief summary of what is happening. But please, #PrayforBrazil.

UPDATE: Samarco and other institutions responsible for the rupture were UNABLE to contain the mud and it has now reached the ocean. The beaches of Espirito Santo are slowly becoming brown. The Pantanal vegetation may dissapear.



I’m a student of Republic of Korea, which is well known as the South Korea.

I’m feeling really sorry to know the pitiful, terrible terror issue in Paris.

But I’m here to beg you to know the truth that the democracy in South Korea is about to be destroyed. In South Korea’s Gwanghwa-moon, there were citizens who were having a peaceful protest craving for their reasonable and deserved rights, but the government ordered the police to suppress it with force. The police is  blasting the demonstrators with water cannons with tear gas and capsaicin, and lots of protesters and innocent citizens passing by got fatal injuries. However the president is in overseas in name of international conference.  South Korean president, the daughter of the dictator, is now suppressing South Korean citizens. The press and medias are on government’s side and they are announcing completely nothing about this protest and the repression using force. I’ll make it clear once more;  SOUTH KOREAN PRESIDENT IS NOW SUPPRESSING SOUTH KOREAN CITIZENS. I want to keep Korea as a democratic country, all the more so because I love my country a lot. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds for reblogging. Please help us to keep Korea’s democracy. PLEASE pray for Korea.

Thank you.

리블로그 부탁드립니다

저는 대한민국의 학생입니다.

오늘 일어난 파리 테러 사건은 정말 안타깝고 끔찍한 사건이었고, 저도 정말 마음이 아픕니다.

그러나 저는 여러분께 지금 한국의 민주주의가 파괴될 상황에 처해있다는것을 알려드리고자 합니다. 대한민국의 광화문에서는 자신들의 정당한 권리를 추구하는 시민들의 평화로운 시위가 일어나고 있었으나, 정부는 이를 무력으로 탄압했습니다. 정부의 지시를 받은 경찰들은 무고한 시민들에게 최루액과 캡사이신이 섞인 물대포를 쐈고, 이로 인해 많은 사람들이 치명적인 부상을 입었습니다. 하지만 대통령은 현재 회의를 명목으로 해외에 나가있는 상황입니다. 대한민국 대통령이 대한민국 국민을 탄압하고 있습니다. 정부의 편인 언론은 이 시위와 무력진압에 대해 일절 보도하고 있지 않고 있습니다. 다시한번 말합니다. 대한민국 대통령이 대한민국 국민을 탄압하고 있습니다. 저는 대한민국을 사랑하고, 그렇기 때문에 더욱 지켜내고 싶습니다. 대한민국의 민주주의를 지킬 수 있도록 도와주세요. 대한민국을 위해 기도해주세요.


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#SayHerName: why Kimberlé Crenshaw is fighting for forgotten women
More than 70 black women have died at the hands of the police in the past three years. Professor and activist Crenshaw, who coined the term ‘intersectionality’ in the 1980s, is determined they will not be forgotten
By Homa Khaleeli

When she speaks at public meetings, Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw has a trick. She asks everyone to stand up until they hear an unfamiliar name. She then reads the names of unarmed black men and boys whose deaths ignited the Black Lives Matter movement; names such as Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin. Her audience are informed and interested in civil rights so “virtually no one will sit down”, Crenshaw says approvingly. “Then I say the names of Natasha McKenna, Tanisha Anderson, Michelle Cusseaux, Aura Rosser, Maya Hall. By the time I get to the third name, almost everyone has sat down. By the fifth, the only people standing are those working on our campaign.”

The campaign, #SayHerName, was created to raise awareness about the number of women and girls that are killed by law enforcement officers. For Crenshaw – who coined the term “intersectionality” in the 1980s to describe the way different forms of discrimination overlap and compound each other – it is a brutal illustration of how racism and sexism play out on black women’s bodies.

I just don't know what to think about this declaration of war from North Korea

At first it’s laughable : it the 25th time they do so, they really don’t have a military power even at least equivalent to the US’s, it’s 2016 which means that literally anything that is happening is battshit crazy.
But when you hike this wall of absurdity and craziness and that you manage to arrive at the top, it hits you. At least it should.
A war is never laughable.
We reblog and create memes, I did, but let’s think about the reality behind this absurdity for a minute : a war with the US can have and will have concequences on a lot of other countries : North Korea itself first, the population lives under a ludicrous dictatorship in which they have no liberty of speech, no liberty to stand against the craziness leaving the mouth of their narcissistic idiotic tyrant.
Then South Korea, country standing (in a way) with the US, could be the first target of NK because of its closeness and well the relationship the country has with NK. Then we have the whole freaking world itself.
I’m french, and I consider myself a citizen of the world. This war declared by NK towards the US will not only face these two, all the allies of both will join and if we all did our history well, we all know what it could lead us to.
If, and I am saying IF, this is a serious matter, we should all be woke and think about what this would mean, not only to us personally but to us, the human race. Because nuclear weapons wouldn’t just kill North Koreans or Americans, it would kill all of us. French. English. Tunisians. Gabonese. Chinese. Puerto Ricans etc.
So let’s stop the memes for a minute. I know laughing is a coping mechanism, but let’s just stop the memes for a minute, because I really don’t know what to think about this declaration of war from North Korea.

50 Dead in Mass Shooting at Orlando Night Club
A shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub early Sunday morning has resulted in at least 50 fatalities and at least 53 wounded, hospitalized individuals, officials said.
By ABC News

Early reports feared 20 people were dead. However, the death toll has been revised upwards. According to the Orlando Mayor, there are 50 dead and 53 injured/hospitalized.

A State of Emergency has been declared.

There is an urgent need for blood donations, particularly O Negative, O Positive & AB Plasma

WELL THAT’S IT KIDS. THE UK IS DOOMED. (feat. economic instability for the rest y’all too)

IT’S THE BREXIT POST. In case any of you pals missed the news, Britain has just voted to leave the European Union, and Eleanor explains why we are all, therefore, doomed:

- Stock markets have crashed.  £124 BILLION wiped off UK companies in just 10 minutes after Brexit was announced.   The FTSE 100 stock market index [Eleanor translation: basically a measuring system monitoring our economy based on the top 100 blue-chip companies in the London Stock Exchange] initially dropped 8%, has recovered to 5% but this is still a huge amount. (x, x, x)

-  The pound has hit its lowest level in 31 years.  It has dropped below $1.35 against the US dollar, completely obliterating our steady gains of the previous several years. ie. Just look at these exchange-rate graphs m8. (x)

- David Cameron has resigned, after promising he wouldn’t live on BBC Breakfast to us just yesterday.  I mean let’s be real, he’s the one that landed us in this whole mess - promising the referendum to sway eurosceptic UKIP voters towards Conservatives and keep himself in power. And now effectively he’s running away and leaving us all in the shit. (x)


- Trump is coming into the country later today to endorse the Brexit decision.  I mean, that’s not particularly an effect on our global political economic situation. But UMMM Donald Trump??? (x)

- We may have screwed up the rest of the world’s economy as well.  
The Nikkei 225 index [Eleanor translation: like the FTSE 100 index, but for Japan with their 225 top blue-chip companies in Tokyo. Other indexes are appearing in this next bit - please note they are all similar things.] has so far crashed more than 8%, easily its worst one-day fall since the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in 2011.” WHOOPS. Additionally, the Yen is still rising in value - not good for Japan’s heavily export based economy. | China’s Shanghai composite is down a more gentle 1%, which still isn’t good but is actually still within normal flexibility. UM. |  The German index flopped 10 percent, which would be its biggest one-day decline ever, and France’s index fell about 7 percent. SHITTT SORRY GUYS. |  South Korea’s Kospi index sank 3.1 percent to 1,925.24, its biggest fall in four years. ABOUT THAT. |  Stocks in Taiwan, Sydney, Mumbai and Southeast Asian countries have dropped slightly lower too. YUP OK OUR BAD. | Ireland could experience a price-shock plus long-term trade suffering, and it could increase the price of their borrowing. UH OH. | ALSO USA YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THIS SHITSTORM TOO. Dow Jones’ Industrial Average has plummeted more than 400 points. OH DEAR. |  (x, x, x, x, x)

- Oh yeah, Putin’s pretty happy about it too.  I mean, I guess this is also not particularly an effect on our global political economic situation. But URGHHH actual Putin??? (x)

- Scotland may demand a second referendum.  While personally I believe that the UK’s economy is stronger if we are one whole nation, it is very likely that the SNP will ask for another referendum to see if the Scottish people want to remain with the UK or become a separate country.  And honestly I don’t blame them.  Given that Scotland and Nothern Ireland were the heaviest in leaning towards Bremain, Scotland could easily separate as a nation and rejoin the EU and potentially have a stronger economy - and they’ll probably win this time tbh - which could lead to the end of the UK as we know it.  Honestly, I’m torn here between “more power to them” and “PLEASE DON’T LEAVE WE WILL ACTUALLY DIE WITHOUT YOU”. (x)

- It could lead to the collapse of the EU.  Right-wing parties in both the France and the Netherlands are demanding their own referendums for Frexit and Nexit, though it isn’t clear as of yet how much support these parties have we could be looking at two pillars of the EU wanting a withdrawal. (x)

- Travelling just got far more expensive. But hey that’s FIIIINE.  Like who wants to see the world, right?

- Our banks are SCREWED.  Housebuilder Taylor Wimpey was down 21% , and Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland were each shedding roughly 20%. Lloyds has also tanked.  Not only that, but they know they’re fucked. The Bank of England have pledged £250 billion to help this “period of uncertainty and adjustment”. YEAH. THEY SAID THAT. (x, x)

- Guess whose back? Back again? The recession’s back! Tell a friend. “Recent signs have pointed to a UK economic slowdown, and the possible consequences of Brexit may include a spike in inflation, a rise in unemployment and even a recession. The Bank of England potentially faces what Mr Carney has described as a “challenging trade off” between supporting growth and employment and stabilising inflation.”  George Osborne’s calling it “The world’s first DIY recession.” #TBT TO 2008 WHEN WE ALL ENDED UP UNEMPLOYED AMIRITE (x, x, x)

- Also Nigel Farrage just admitted the country has no power whatsoever to give that £350 million we saved from the EU  directly to the NHS. So essentially 17 million people may have voted Leave based on a bed of lies.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (x)

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td;lr The world is headed into a short-term rocky patch of economic instability, and the UK is running head first into an apocalyptic style period of long-term crisis due to #Brexit.  It’s time to pack your bags kids.  I hear Canada’s weather is good at this time of year.

it’s all fun and games right now, but some people are actually afraid about a possible world war breaking out

it doesn’t matter how many times they’ve threatened before, we should take it seriously each time

so stop with the “cain’t nobody mess with ‘murica” ignorance and privilege and think about what it truly mean if america/sk had to go against china/nk

think about what sides the other countries would take

think about lives that would be lost

think about the long-term repercussions of a nuclear war

think about the last time the your 'murica got involved in a nuclear war

and also maybe think about what would happen if donald trump had control of those nuclear missile