world needs those who come alive

Lady Sybil Vimes (née Ramkin) Duchess of Ankh

If you don’t think Lady Sybil is absolutely wonderful and perfect then I don’t even know what to say to you

  • Lady Sybil who breeds swamp dragons in her spare time
  • Lady Sybil who once faced down a dragon the size of a street by scolding it firmly
  • Lady Sybil who sang part of a dwarf opera from memory in order to diffuse a sticky political situation
  • Lady Sybil who, when kidnapped by werewolves, escaped out of the window and belted one of them around the head with a log…while pregnant
  • Lady Sybil who darns her husbands socks personally, despite the fact that she is rich enough to buy a new pair every day for the rest of their lives if need be
  • Lady Sybil, founder of The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons AND The Lady Sybil Free Hospital, one of the few hospitals where people actually come out alive
  • Lady Sybil who has friends and connections around the world and is on a first name basis with Lord Vetinari
  • Lady Sybil who is one of the kindest, most compassionate, most open-minded characters in the Discworld series, who is endlessly patient and reasonable, who shows tremendous courage in the face of danger, who treats everyone she meets as a equal despite her privileged upbringing and who never compromises her principles or deserts those in need
  • Lady Sybil <3

For those of you who run thinspo blogs and follow me, please listen up. We are a large community of people with psychological issues. We come here for help, support, and camaraderie. We use Tumblr to cope with our inner demons and feel less alone in a world that “others” us when we don’t follow normal standards. Many of us are still alive because of the lovely people on here who have helped us in our time of need. Our blogs are our haven. We couldn’t survive without them. That being said, Tumblr strongly frowns upon the promotion of eating disorders. Many of my favorite thinspo blogs have been deleted for violating Tumblr’s guidelines. So with that in mind, here are some tips on how to prevent your blog from getting deleted:

•Don’t tag your posts with terms like “anorexia,” “ana,” “bulimia,” “mia,” “eating disorder,” “ed,” “bonespo,” “pro- any of the aforementioned terms,” etc.

•Don’t post any eating disorder/fasting/purging tips.

•Don’t post your daily intake if it is an unhealthily low amount.

•Don’t ask for an ana buddy or offer to be someone’s ana buddy.

•Don’t glorify any form of self-harm.

•Don’t post your goal weight if it’s below what it should be for your height.

Tumblr allows you to vent about your eating disorder. But if you are posting unhealthy tips on your blog, someone will report it and get you deleted. I care about you guys and want you all to still be able to come back to your blog after a long, stressful day of faking a smile. Please keep these tips in mind while you’re Tumbling your stress away. As always, be kind and stay safe.

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Hey. Maybe you can help me, is there any apocalypse/end of the world aus out there that you would recommend? Thank you for your time <3

Hey ! There’s not so many Apocalypse fics, and I need more ! 

- things have gotten closer to the sun : it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand. (49k)

- You Came Running With My Heart  : The world ends on a Saturday, which throws a bit of a wrench into Louis’ weekend plans. Now civilization appears to be destroyed, his roommate has run off into the countryside on a romantic quest, and Louis’ only hope of surviving is an ASDA employee with a pair of swords and too much time on his hands.At least the apocalypse is over and done with – anything else that goes wrong is really just a footnote. (A post-apocalyptic roadtrip au.) (55k)

- you’ll always be my thunder  Louis doesn’t let himself think about it. He doesn’t think of The List or LA or the cobblestone streets he knows like the back of his hand by now. He ignores the way the sun reflects off the gold band on his finger and decidedly puts on the peppiest, most sickeningly upbeat tunes on his phone. The sound of Anne’s voice was enough for him, he thinks. Now it’s just a matter of coping. He wonders if he’s got the strength to ignore the pain in his chest for that long, until the end of his life, he presumes. Based on these tags where a two-year long zombie apocalypse finally comes to an end and Louis and Harry don’t know if the other’s survived. (4k)

-The whirlwind is in the song trees : Louis Tomlinson has enough on his plate without having to worry about a Zombie Apocalypse, thank you very much. Too bad the world doesn’t listen to him, and too bad that among the constant fear of getting eaten, he meets someone that changes his life. (25k)

- let me be your everlasting light : “I want to take this record,” Louis says, “But I also want to take this one, and this one, and that one. Maybe I should take all of them?” Harry clears his throat. “I don’t want to burst your bubble or anything, but we’re going to die in three weeks so I don’t think you need all of them.”Or the one where a giant asteroid is coming for Earth and there’s only three weeks left but Harry somehow gets involved with Louis. (6k)

- When the World Comes Down  : “I wouldn’t breathe the same air as him even if we were the only two people on earth"Harry didn’t mean that literally. Not until Harry and Louis are the only two people alive on this earth (to their knowledge). (6k)

Also I need to read this cause it looks fun :

- After Our End:  He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. Epictetus AD 55 – 135 ‘Apocalypse’ unleashes Derren Brown’s most daring plan for a television show yet – to convince internationally renowned boy band One Direction that the country has been overcome by a cataclysmic asteroid strike, that deadly infected now walk the earth and that they are a few of the mere handful of survivors.In which One Direction have a colossal, apocalyptic trick played on them. It brings their world to a temporary end. Literally. (23k)

- The Exceptionals  : The world has been decimated by a nuclear apocalypse. Harry lost his family and the love of his life, and is left with a nasty scar across his face and the mutated ability to heal people with his hands. When raiders come into his village trying to kidnap Exceptionals like him, Harry is forced to flee to people and places he’s never seen before– and maybe find a piece of his past in the process. (12k)

and @setsailtomorrow said you have to read this one :

- with a whimper  : The long-haired man grips his arm tightly. “You’re not going to say anything.” It’s not a question.Louis shakes his head, his body twitching. It hurts.“Fine.” Large eyes survey him before letting go. “It’s cold. Take this. Wear it.”Louis can’t help another flinch as the man’s long scarf is wrapped round his tender neck. It’s still warm. Louis touches the soft material. “Thank you.” The man bears his teeth. “Don’t thank me. Don’t ever thank me.” –Dystopian AU. Louis has been alone for too long to remember how not to be, and Harry has too much to worry about to deal with a scrawny, wild, stranger. (132k)

Update : (last update August 1st 2016)

- A King Beside You : When the aliens invade, the last thing Louis expects is to fall in love. (26k)

- the riotous failure of our theologies : After the world has ended there’s still, etched on Louis’ skin, a compass pointing to home. (4k)

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My mom said something earlier this morning about how it was "God's will" that Trump won. It made me feel so depressed today. What do you think? Was it really His will?

Hey there, anon. No. Even if Clinton had won, I would not have called it “God’s will” in the sense that I think your mom means it.

Certainly there are things that happen on Earth that align more or less with God’s will for humanity and for Creation (and Jesus taught us what kinds of things those are: feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, loving neighbor, loving enemy, joining in community with each other, etc.) – but there are also plenty of things that do happen in this world that are contrary to God’s will (sometimes sin is described as those things that run against God’s will).

I assume that your mom meant that because Trump won, God must have willed it – must have wanted it to happen and thus controlled events so that it did happen. But because plenty of things happen in life that clearly go against our loving God’s will, it’s simply not the case that all things happen because God willed them to happen – I hope that makes sense!

The thing is, God grants humanity a whole heap of freedom. While yes, God has the power to control how every little thing turns out, we must reason that God does not do exercise that power, does not choose to work as a puppetmaster over us, since that would mean that even acts of suffering are willed and caused by God. Free will gives us a hand in how events turn out.

For those of us who are devastated by Trump’s election, it can be really hard to grapple with why God would have “let” it happen. In instances of suffering too, there are no easy answers about why God “lets” harmful things happen to us, when God loves us. I don’t have an answer about that, but I do know several things about what all this means for us:

  • God does love us, and God is with us, here and now. The Spirit of renewing life, the Spirit of hospitality and peace and transformative love, the Spirit of surprises, is alive in our world today and always. That doesn’t end just because a hateful man comes to power over the United States.
  • This freedom that we have all been given leads us into some horrific suffering, and those who are systemically oppressed often bear the brunt of that suffering. However, with this freedom we can also do beautiful things. Now is a time of desperate need, and we are called to fulfill that need: to bring hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness.
  • We are called to protect those of our neighbors who will be at greatest risk during Trump’s presidency. For instance, we need to keep our eyes open to a potential spike in hate crimes right now, and do what we can to keep our Muslim, our poc, our LGBT+, our disabled, our poor, and otherwise marginalized neighbors safe. 
  • Now more than ever, we do need to pray that God’s will be done here on earth. But that means more than just praying and then stepping back so God will take the reins – because that’s not what will happen. No: God works through us, and if we want Their will to be done, we must remember what Jesus taught us about what God wills – love, comfort, unity, mercy, and support for the most oppressed of our society.

I wish I was in a mental place right now where I could better answer your question and pull some biblical material into it too. This response as it is might be a bit flimsy and goes on quite a tangent, but I’m hoping you can pull at least a little help from it.

But basically, to answer your question: no, I do not think God willed the election results. I think that a whole lot that happens in this world happens because of people – that many bad things happen because of people, but that God works through people too, to make things right again. So if you need comfort and support: seek it out in your fellow human beings. And if you want the world to change: what will you do to help bring that change, slowly but surely and in spite of this election of hatred and fear? 

Peace, anon. May peace dwell with all of us.

I love the Clexa/Lexa fandom so much. It is by far my absolute favorite fandom I I’ve ever been in.

Our ship became canon and then sink within minutes and we all exploded. Our voices were heard by everyone because we are so tired of being quiet.

We’ve trended so many hashtags and sayings on Twitter. Bringing light to everything that’s been done to us. We raised 65 thousand dollars for The Trevor Project to help those who need it. We even won the Zimbio couple of the year when we needed it the most.

This fandom has come together and become stronger and more unified through all of this. We’ve shown the world that we can’t and won’t be ignored anymore.

We have kept Lexa alive through all of this. We even created a fictional character with Elyza Lex. The power we have is almost limitless and I’m so proud to see all of the positivity that has come out of it.

I will remember the change we bring, and I hope that everyone else does too. Keep being so amazing. Keep speaking your mind and fighting these tropes. Don’t let them push you around. They don’t have power without us. You guys are all important and awesome and I am so happy to be in this fandom with all of you.

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Is reality subjective? And if so, how can we ever disentangle ourselves from illusion?

If by subjective you mean that the seen is not apart from the seer, then yes I would say reality is subjective. 

Two interesting quotes:

“Has anyone ever seen the world without a body?” ~ Ramana Maharshi

“Reality is that which does not depend on anything else to be known.” ~ Master Nome

Reality is existence, awareness, being, consciousness, god, divinity, whatever you want to call it. And you are That. You have always been That. 

The illusion to which you refer is of your own making. It is due to misidentification. You are not your mind nor your thoughts, not your body nor its senses, not your personality nor your beliefs. And to know yourself as you truly are, as reality itself, you don’t need to use any of those things. In fact, you can’t use any of those things. 

Why? Because they aren’t alive, they have no actual knowing capacity of their own. You are that which gives life to your thoughts and your body, without you they are merely a corpse and words. 

The body and the subsequent appearance of a world do not come to you and say “Look! This is who you are.” Although the overwhelming experience of it all may sometimes feel as if that is so, the truth is that we claim through misidentification this body-mind and the world experience that rises simultaneously with it.

In terms of spirituality, the Real is regarded as that which is eternal whereas the unreal is said to be the transient. The difference is like thinking the things you watch on your TV are actually there inside the TV. It is just an appearance of the TV and while the TV is more real than that appearance, it is easy to forget this truth and become lost in the show. 

Are you actually lost, “tangled up” in the show? Do you need to fight the show, or in fighting it does any actual disentangling happen? In fact, the very notion of fighting the events of the show still suggests the misperception that the show is real. 

All that you can do is come back to yourself. Call it awakening, enlightenment, self-realization, or whatever. It is not about becoming something that you are not but rather knowing yourself as you actually are. 

For that purpose, there is a plethora of teachings and paths available. 

Namaste :)

fuck everyone who wants us dead

fuck everyone who wants us silent

im going to stay living

im going to stay kind

im going to live and stay smiling even when the shit gets tough

im going to try and be the one who can lend a smile for those who need one, those who are losing hope in the world

im going to be there to lend an ear to those who feel they have nobody, who have family who hate them and what they are

im going to be here to help guide those who come after me, those who are new to the world and scared

im going to stay alive to show everyone who hates us they cant fucking beat us

im going to let the sun shine out my ass for them to see we wont fucking back down or die

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can you translate latest Tsuzuku's blog entry? :3

Sure. :3
This one was open to public. And a bit longer.
It may sound a bit weird. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. But I have problems converting Tsuzu’s words into good English. (e_e);


The present is necessarily affecting everything.

Your physical condition,

your surroundings,

your mental state.

Various things come together in what you are capable of doing today.

And the capabilities you have today, are changing continuously.

The present circumstances are making you who you are today.

That’s why we must not long to return to the past,

rather it is important to try and gather the strength, and accept who you are today.

It might be an incredibly difficult task to obtain such personal strength.

But I want you to accept yourself.

I myself, am doing everything I can do right now,

and fight with what I am today, every day.

Tomorrow will be the Zepp Divercity oneman live.

Alot of things happened.

It really was a struggle every single day.

And still, I am alive right now,

and I can go out to accept what comes tomorrow.

I think, that is because I could accept the world surrounding me.

To my hearts content.

For those who live far away and cannot come, please be with MEJIBRAY in your minds.

So it’s alright [if you can’t come].

And to those who I will meet tomorrow, let’s give all we’ve got now.

There’s no need for plenty of words.

I’m working up all my voice and my body.

Please don’t forget.

You guys also are MEJIBRAY.

You don’t need any fine skills.

But you are still alive, right? Up to the present day.

And even if you lost your way,

you can change yourself as of today.

Let’s connect your hands and my hand tightly.

See you tomorrow.


The Carol Saga (with a dash of Daryl)

There has been a lot of talk about Carol’s transformation this season, stemming from her meek existence under Ed’s abusive tyranny all the way to the gloriously, unafraid, fierce survivor we see and admire today. Some may find her humanity difficult to see at first glance but her fans know its betrayed in almost every action and every decision she partakes in when it comes to protecting and caring for those she loves or even those she is simply loyal to.

Her journey has become an inspiration to many people whose personal strength may be obscured by life’s tragedies and obstacles, but whose fiery determination doesn’t allow defeat and bitterness to take root where something empowering can grow instead. Even when Carol, herself, talks about the identity changes she’s gone through, you get the sense that what we are witnessing is a woman who having lost everything but her soul, challenged life and put everything on the line to become someone different, someone strong and ultimately someone less breakable and less dependent on others, who may or may not betray her and squander everything she’s given so freely.

Independence and the strength that comes from knowing that you can make it on your own if you have to is what Carol was ultimately after because it’s exactly that which her abusers told she could and would not ever have or be able to achieve.

This is a woman who a few seasons ago wasn’t able to make a decision about anything, didn’t trust her own judgment or even dare to believe that her voice and her opinion about any decisions made, mattered or even deserved to be heard.

The violence that was her everyday existence even before the dead started walking the earth, had essentially beaten any ounce of worth or will she might have needed to trust herself again after Ed’s death.

Once Carol’s last connection with unconditional love was severed through Sophia’s death, her future looked bleak, and it wasn’t until we saw Daryl as somewhat of a permanent fixture in her reality, that we saw her fledgling attempts to rise up from the ashes and try to find a new role for herself in the makeshift family the group had become to her.

The day Sophia came out of that barn and Carol’s worst fear was confirmed, the tragedy of the little girl’s demise obviously broke her mothers heart but that cataclysmic event also marks a moment where Carol, herself, realized that having lost the most important part of her world, fear and holding back should no longer have any power over her. If she could face her daughter’s reanimated corpse and bear that kind of pain, then anything else this world decides to throw at her would and should indeed be much easier to handle.

Carol’s new found, unleashed strength is released almost immediately and whether she was yelling at Lori “I lost my daughter, I didn’t lose my mind” or bracing herself in front of a ragefull Daryl, giving him permission to take his anger out on her if it helps him feel better, a sense of a new woman emerging underneath all that grief and loss resonated through her previously muted identity.

This was a woman even a brute like Ed Peletier would have started to fear.

When faced with adversity a person can choose to act and react a certain way and its that very choice that can sometimes define a whole lifetime and determine just what kind of reality one is willing to live. Instead of bowing down to the blows her fate was so set on taking, Carol’s decision to bring out the woman she was afraid to be in the past determined not just her own survival but the survival of the group as well. With nothing holding her back she chose to live on her own terms, her own reasons and her own inner voice.

Today Daryl and even Rick, look at Carol, as an equal partner in the survival game. She is an independent, mentally strong woman who has managed to retain her nurturing, protective nature, while hardening up and coming to terms with what she needs to do to keep those she loves alive. The deeds that have earned her the “hard” demeanour are all rooted in her genuine desire and desperate bid to not fail another member of her family by being unprepared or having taken an unnecessary risk she doesn’t have to.

The world is different now for all of them and Carol has seen and learned the hard-brutal way that how things used to be don’t work in the same way any more because the rules of survival have changed with the apocalypse. Children can no longer be hidden, coddled or protected by keeping them away from danger because running away from danger isn’t enough to survive it or keep it away. Sophia ran away from walkers and became one of them - Carol wasn’t going to fail the next Sophia by not teaching her to fight and kill the danger chasing all of them.

The “drawback” if you will of Carol’s new found strength is that somewhere along the line the things she was forced to do and deal with to keep others safe in this way has branded her own perception of her own humanity in a way that has started to disconnect her softer, emotional side from who she thinks she has to be right now.

The vulnerability and utter mental exhaustion that plagues her, not to mention the fear of judgment she has already felt by Rick, seems to have pulled Carol away from the nurturing warmth that once lit her face through her smile and mischievous glint whenever she felt safe enough to show it.

We haven’t seen that Carol for a while but there are still some traces of that woman whenever she is with Daryl who has gone out of his way to verbally and even physically try bringing it out of her on more than one occasion.

The path Carol is on today is not one of redemption or retribution but one of re-discovery and transformation once again.

There is no denying that she is arguably one of the strongest characters, on an emotional and mental level, BUT she has also had to deal, handle and overcome some of the worst tragedies the show he had to offer. This season has shown that her strength and her instincts are very much still there BUT the balance and her own belief that she needs to stand on her own to protect that are almost working against her at this point in her journey.

Carol loves the group and she would do anything to protect them BUT she is beginning to think that despite the “hardening” of her persona, she might be reaching a point where the pain of watching more people die is something she doesn’t think she can face anymore.

In “Consumed” Daryl manages to reach her during the rare moments of vulnerability she still allows herself and he desperately tries to steer her back towards him and them “starting over”.

Melissa McBride was quoted as saying that Carol wonders if “love conquers all” even for her and that’s exactly where Carol’s mindset is right now.

This is no longer about whether or not Carol is tough or if she can make it on her own, the answer to that’s already been given, but whether or not she wants to do it on her own or if it’s even worth it at this point…

Daryl doesn’t want her to disappear and 5A certainly made it clear that he seems to be the only one to have noticed her retreat and the only one willing to fight to bring her back into the fold.

We know CARYL has always been “deeper than that” and now that they are both broken, 5B has a major opportunity to explore that on a level we haven’t seen before.

This time they have to be strong for one another and they have to do it together by meeting each other’s pain at least halfway…