world needs those who come alive

fuck everyone who wants us dead

fuck everyone who wants us silent

im going to stay living

im going to stay kind

im going to live and stay smiling even when the shit gets tough

im going to try and be the one who can lend a smile for those who need one, those who are losing hope in the world

im going to be there to lend an ear to those who feel they have nobody, who have family who hate them and what they are

im going to be here to help guide those who come after me, those who are new to the world and scared

im going to stay alive to show everyone who hates us they cant fucking beat us

im going to let the sun shine out my ass for them to see we wont fucking back down or die

For those of you who run thinspo blogs and follow me, please listen up. We are a large community of people with psychological issues. We come here for help, support, and camaraderie. We use Tumblr to cope with our inner demons and feel less alone in a world that “others” us when we don’t follow normal standards. Many of us are still alive because of the lovely people on here who have helped us in our time of need. Our blogs are our haven. We couldn’t survive without them. That being said, Tumblr strongly frowns upon the promotion of eating disorders. Many of my favorite thinspo blogs have been deleted for violating Tumblr’s guidelines. So with that in mind, here are some tips on how to prevent your blog from getting deleted:

•Don’t tag your posts with terms like “anorexia,” “ana,” “bulimia,” “mia,” “eating disorder,” “ed,” “bonespo,” “pro- any of the aforementioned terms,” etc.

•Don’t post any eating disorder/fasting/purging tips.

•Don’t post your daily intake if it is an unhealthily low amount.

•Don’t ask for an ana buddy or offer to be someone’s ana buddy.

•Don’t glorify any form of self-harm.

•Don’t post your goal weight if it’s below what it should be for your height.

Tumblr allows you to vent about your eating disorder. But if you are posting unhealthy tips on your blog, someone will report it and get you deleted. I care about you guys and want you all to still be able to come back to your blog after a long, stressful day of faking a smile. Please keep these tips in mind while you’re Tumbling your stress away. As always, be kind and stay safe.

I love the Clexa/Lexa fandom so much. It is by far my absolute favorite fandom I I’ve ever been in.

Our ship became canon and then sink within minutes and we all exploded. Our voices were heard by everyone because we are so tired of being quiet.

We’ve trended so many hashtags and sayings on Twitter. Bringing light to everything that’s been done to us. We raised 65 thousand dollars for The Trevor Project to help those who need it. We even won the Zimbio couple of the year when we needed it the most.

This fandom has come together and become stronger and more unified through all of this. We’ve shown the world that we can’t and won’t be ignored anymore.

We have kept Lexa alive through all of this. We even created a fictional character with Elyza Lex. The power we have is almost limitless and I’m so proud to see all of the positivity that has come out of it.

I will remember the change we bring, and I hope that everyone else does too. Keep being so amazing. Keep speaking your mind and fighting these tropes. Don’t let them push you around. They don’t have power without us. You guys are all important and awesome and I am so happy to be in this fandom with all of you.