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I saw The Great Comet Of 1812 last night and boi let me tell you. That entire musical was one drugs it was amazing. It was so otherworldly and amazing, I cried. At the beginning of Dust and Ashes, Josh looked up and smiled at me. The cast is SO nice, they hand out food and drinks and engage with you. There was this one girl who just chilled with me the entire night while she played violin in a bodysuit. PLEASE GO SEE THIS SHOW IT IS SO AMAZING AND DESERVES ALL THE TONYS DEAR EVAN HANSEN WHO

FM4U’s Afternoon Hope Song with DJ Kim Shin Young

03/10/14 FM4U’s Afternoon Hope Song with DJ Kim Shin Young 

JPN TRANS by Mine-san @pinguino623

ENG TRANS by Minnie-Chan @beriko0214

Mine-san translated TVXQ words completely but the rest is partly edited because it is too long.

KSY(DJ): It has been 10 years since you debuted. Can you say hello to the audience in the way you said 10 years ago?

YH: Hello. I am Uknow-Yunho of TVXQ. My name does not have just one meaning but has two meanings. I know you very well. It has a meaning that I will try to understand you (get to know you). I am doing my best to become the light and salt for everyone.

DJ: Oh, so you remember it very well.

YH: Well, I guess I need to raise the tone of my voice a bit. Ah~ah~ah~ah~ Hello (in high tone)

CM: Hahaha, Okay. Hello, I am Max Changmin, the youngest of TVXQ. I will do all my best to become the strongest in the music industry as my name says. Thank you very much!

DJ: Okay, We will spend one hour with TVXQ as our guests. But when we hear the chime sounds, we will give you (audiences) quizzes. Yunho-ssi and Changmin-ssi, you need to provide us one question each at one chime.

YH: Can I answer the question?

DJ: No, you need to give us a question.

DJ: Usually, male fans are not really listening to our program when male guests appear on our show. But TVXQ is different. Male fans say that TVXQ is very cool. Please say hello to the radio show you can watch.

YH&CM: Hello! (waving their hands)

DJ: I think TVXQ was used to be very popular among Japanese, Chinese and Koreans, but these days, you are getting so popular all around the world. But TVXQ is still the most popular in Japan, are not you?

YH: I think, it is because that we have the lot of activities over there. But these days, thanks to Youtube, we receive letters from fans all around the world. The letters are in many different languages that we do not understand well. But some are written in Korean, which make us feel special/touched. After having fan meetings, we usually receive gifts on Monday and Tuesday.

DJ: You have a fan meeting on Sunday and receive gifts on Monday and Tuesday.

YH: Because, we need to sort them out. 

DJ: What about you, Changmin-ssi?

CM: Oh, since Yunho talked about the touching letters out of the blue…it reminded me of something.. A little while ago, while I was filming a drama in Busan, I received a letter from a junior high school student. What left me is a deep impression…it said in a really cute fashion that I love you oppa, but then ended that I am not going to love only you, oppa, forever. www, all of sudden it came back to my mind.

DJ: You were at No.1 in Oricon music chart. That is incredible. Lets listen to one song. Surisuri (#Spellbound). Please introduce the song to us.

YH: This time, Surisuri is in a soul-funky genre. Jumping beat sounds. The lyrics is about a man spelling a magic on a woman that he loves.

DJ: Say surisuri in Mexican-spanish?

YH: …..

CM: Su~ri~su~ri (‘^ J ^’)

DJ: What about in Thai?

CM: Surisuri~ (‘^ J ^’)

DJ: How about in Chinese?

CM: Surisuri (mimicking Chinese accent) (// J //)

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