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Can we like try to popularize Wild World a bit?? This album is so fucking good.

um hi everyone, please be so kind and go listen to Wild World by Bastille! Yes, the Pompeii dudes. They have a lot to offer. I promise, you will be satisfied. Also they are all cute and good eggs.


Mad World - Vintage Vaudeville - Style Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party & Haley Reinhart


i know i say i feel bad for posting this but desperate times come to desperate measures

i know that this isn’t necessarily fandom related but please read until the end. i’m begging you to stay with me until the long haul. then you can go about your lives like i don’t even exist. 

i have a youtube channel that i’m very proud of. i’ve posted about it before and post all my videos on here for all to see. and i’m always so ashamed to promote it because i have this thing called low self esteem where i feel as if i’m intruding on your being by making this known. but guess what. i’ve worked really hard this summer to make some great videos, so here goes my pitch. 

i started my youtube channel 4 years ago but have only recently started making more regular content. i don’t care if no one subscribes to me but what really makes me sad is that no one ever sees or clicks on what i make. i really want feedback on the things i make so that i can get better at that. but the only way to do that is to do self promotion. so yes this is a post of me shamelessly promoting myself even though no one will probably read this far down. on my youtube channel i make videos about my college life, fandoms, shipping, and artsy film/visual poems. if you’re into that stuff or you like to review videos then please check out what i’ve made so far and leave a comment on how i can make things better. 

here’s some examples of videos i’ve made that i think you would enjoy:

my unproblematic faves: a series of videos where i talk about unproblematic books, tv shows, etc and convince you to watch said show.

[episode 1: the bold type] [episode 2: degrassi - coming very soon]

ship to your hearts content: a series of videos in which i discuss my favorite ships and the controversies surrounding them (or i just talk about my love for them).

[episode 1: degrassi - zaya] [episode 2: gmw - multi-ships] [episode 3: riverdale - bughead] [episode 4: lgbt+ ships] [episode 5: scorpion - waige & stitchers - camsten] [episode 6: shadowhunters - rizzy - coming very soon]

music: i do original songs and covers. i don’t claim to be the best singer but i’m trying my best.

[if it helps you smile (original song)] [words ain’t enough | dodie and tessa cover] [sick of losing soulmates | dodie cover] [the end of vedj song (original song)]

school related stuff: i do vlogs about school life and am planning on making more once i get back to college.

[stanford university: the beginning] [i visit my old high school] [i lost my wallet on the first day of college]

artsy videos: i do these when i’m inspired and have something important to say.

[consumer - a commentary] [a hotel room in atlanta] [repetiton - a short film] [a nice chat]

subscribe if you want not just because i’m telling you. thank you for reading until the end. love ya and i’ll be back with the last chapter of Let’s Switch Partners this Friday.

Promise of the World- Piano/Violin
Hayao Miyazaki
Promise of the World- Piano/Violin

 Original video here.

A piano and violin duet arrangment of the ending theme from Howl’s Moving Castle, a fantastic film by Studio Ghibli. This song is from the album “The World of Hayao Miyazaki”.


anyway heres world destroyer

(In all seriousness, this song is super fun to play and honestly came out pretty good. apologies for any mistakes, I learned it by ear and am overall not good. I’M LAME but like rb this)