world medalists in my heart

Mr.Yuzuru Hanyu, thank you very much for your effort. Your greatness is unjustice to be looked just by 1 or 2 competitions. You are more than just scores. But we have to remember that this young man is also a human, like any of us. Human is not robot. Human makes mistakes. Human has soul, feelings, and emotions. So please have a nice rest ( i know it’d be hard, knowing your nature and personality), have a nice meal, have fun on the Gala exhibition, have a safe trip going back to Japan, have a nice reunion with your long-distance family in Sendai, and we believe in you that you’ll come back stronger than ever next season. Once again, THANK YOU Yuzuru!


Cheng Peng & Hao Zhang, Piano Trio No.2 (Shostakovich) || 2015 World Championships (x)