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lgbt+ (ya/mg) books read in 2016!

so a lot of people still reblog my “60+ queer books” post from 2014. ngl, i was barely 16 at the time and had not read a lot of books on that list (it was def intended to be more a listing than pure recommendation), mostly because adult fiction was and remains far from my favorite literary category. this list isn’t as intensely detailed, but i just thought that since the year is over i might jot down some of the lgbt+ books i loved or at least moderately enjoyed this year, in case anyone was interested! happy reading!

(and in advance, excuse my commentary o<-<)

ya favorites

  • i’ll give you the sun by jandy nelson — m/m. HEART-WRENCHING. GUTTING. EARTH-SHATTERING. 
  • we are the ants by shaun david hutchinson m/m (suicide cw) 
  • my most excellent year by steve kugler m/m. gay asam main character and the best character dynamics ❤️____❤️
  • the flywheel by erin gough f/f
  • gives light (6-part series) by rose christo — m/m. centered around a mute main character on an indian reservation (written by a native author!), features one of the most uplifting romances of recent media (cw for csa mention later in the series)

other ya books 
ordered approximately by rating

  • far from you by tess sharpe — f/f. bisexual protagonist (drug addiction, murder cw) a book on recovery, love, trust, justice, understanding… gut punch!!!!!
  • into the blue by pene henson — m/m
  • not your sidekick by c.b. lee — f/f. DOES THE TITLE NOT MAKE UR HEART SQUEEZE ALREADY? features half-chinese & half-vietnamese bisexual protagonist in futuristic superheroic universe! the second book will be about a trans black side character *___*
  • starting from here by lisa jenn bigelow — f/f. you will cry and be made a better person for it. 
  • almost like being in love by steve kugler — m/m
  • tell me again how a crush should feel by sara farizan— f/f. sometimes this book is like :|||| but sometimes it’s like :DDDD! persian american protagonist. 
  • the darkest part of the forest by holly black — both m/f and m/m (like i’ll give you the sun). for your slightly more indulgent ya needs!
  • you know me well by nina lacour, david levithan — f/f, m/m
  • the great american whatever by tim federle — m/m. if you enjoy mg or find its lgbt+ subsection especially important (or both, like me!), definitely make sure you check out federle’s better nate than ever series!
  • last seen leaving by caleb roehrig — m/m
  • wonders of the invisible world by christopher barzak — m/m. magical realism fix may be found here 👍
  • true letters from a fictional life by kenneth logan — m/m. tbh people call it the “male version of ‘to all the boys i’ve loved before’” but also neglect mentioning that it’s a lot whiter, too. where’s that supportive covey family goodness… that precocious but caring lara jean spirit? it’s just not there…
  • colorblind by siera maley — f/f
  • her name in the sky by kelly quindlen — f/f
  • radio silence by alice oseman — f/f, m/m, not hugely romance-focused

middle grade
there were very few releases this year that i was aware of, unfortunately! my old list’s selection remains a good place to look. here are 3 that i would recommend though:

(i think i might have read george in 2015, but i felt that i might as well put them all together!)

  • george by alex gino — follows the story of a trans girl. its storyline is similar to gracefully grayson, but unlike gg it is written by a trans author!
  • the other boy by m.g. hennessey — follows the story of a trans boy. pretty solid story except… uncalled for random racist comment in the middle of the book… wyd (waiting for the mg genre to grow more inclusive of lgbt+ children of color! not being racially hostile is the FIRST STEP.)
  • gracefully grayson by ami polansky 


if you want some mg books that have casually gay side/main-ish characters, i can name the wolf wilder and the thing about jellyfish, although… you have to kind of dig for it, so i wouldn’t call these revolutionary moments of representation, but! it’s just a nice addition to separate stories that remind you that the middle grade genre can be inclusive w/o becoming entirely issue-based (which i find sometimes more inaccessible for children? i ramble!). i do believe it’s good for young children to read this kind of fiction, too! 


finally, some lgbt+ books i did not enjoy or care for in any capacity, for posterity: highly illogical behavior (gross narrative surrounding mental health, sexuality), symptoms of being human (ya book abt a nonbinary character; written by cis author who bscly uses sexual assault as plot device & doesn’t acknowledge neutral pronouns?), know not why (really unapologetically homophobic tbh), whatever.: or how junior year became totally f$@ked, more happy than not (so… bleak…), see you at harry’s, and lily and dunkin (this is the fourth mg book about a trans character that i’m aware of; i found its message hugely alarming and invalidating). that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy them, though! 

ur fave is problematic: bioware
  • still wont release a goddamn legit tarot deck for sale even though they made not one but TWO full decks of playing cards

Hey Marvel world! I’m 18, I’m brown, I’ve been told I’m a total dork. This is kind of crazy. But I want to be your next Iron Man. I think I’m the BAMF you’re looking for. Here’s a couple pics of me just so ya know. Give me a shot and help a kids dream come true?! Please????

Refugee Vocabulary in Italian

Inspired by this vocab list  in Swedish by @eliteachesswedish, this vocab list in Finnish by @blackteaandlanguages and by the recent events going on in the world. 

  • Rifugiato (m): refugee*
  • Profugo (m): refugee*
  • Migrante (m): migrant/refugee
  • Clandestino (noun, m./adj): clandestine
  • Scappare (v): to flee, to escape
  • Fuga (f): escape
  • Pericolo (m): danger
  • Pericoloso (adj): dangerous
  • Paese natale (m): home country
  • Paese straniero (m): foreign country
  • Confine (m): border
  • Frontiera (f): frontier
  • Muro (m): wall
  • Status di rifugiato (m): refugee status
  • Rifugiato politico (m): political refugee
  • [Persona] richiedente asilo: asylum seeker
  • Status di rifugiato: refugee status
  • Discriminazione (f): discrimination
  • Persecuzione (f): persecution 
  • Perseguitare (v): to persecute
  • Registrare (v): to register
  • Registrazione (v): registration
  • Identificazione (f): identification
  • Espulsione (f): expulsion/deportation
  • C.I.E. (Centro di Identificazione ed Espulsione): in Italy, the refugee centers (lit. Centers of identification and expulsion)
  • Aiuti umanitari (m, generally plural): humanitarian help
  • Protezione umanitaria (f): humanitarian protection
  • Integrare (v): to integrate
  • Integrazione (f): integration
  • Violenza (f): violence
  • Fame (f): hunger
  • Tortura (f): torture
  • Morte (f): death
  • Crisi (f): crisis
  • Bombardamento (m): bombing
  • Terrorismo (m): terrorism
  • Razzismo (m): racism
  • Speranza (f): hope
  • Vita (f): life
  • Una nuova vita (f): a new life
  • Solidarietà (f): solidarity
  • Compassione (f): compassion
  • Libertà (f): freedom

* Rifugiato and Profugo often overlap in meaning and in use, the only difference is that the “Status di rifugiato” (refugee status) is officially recognized by international conventions, the “profugo” status is not. 


Today, I went to New York City (which is an hour away from me), and I had fun! I got a Love Live Sunshine “Tsum Tsum” style keychain (which turned out to be Hanamaru) from Kinokuniya, looked around in many shops, visited Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen (which had great and extremely spicy chicken wings), and I finally got a copy of Miitopia at Nintendo World!

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Can I just say you're like the fandom celebrity? Whenever you reblog or like something of ours it's a rush of happiness because we know someone involved in the making of things we love has seen what we create.

Well I mean this is a terribly nice thing to say - Thank you! I feel incredibly lucky and honored that I’ve gotten to represent the MCSM team like I have - Interacting with lovely people such as yourself is just the best and I am always so amazed at seeing how much you all love these characters and their world. I’m… I’m a lucky guy, is what I’m trying to say I guess.

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No I just have a preference for redheaded women, sorry to disappoint you tho.

I hope you’ll stick around anyway

in-medio-bellum replied to your photoset:INFERNO: YURI NO ICE A Yuri!!! on Ice AU…

I need you to make a career out of your talent. Seriously you’ve got such skill

;;;;A;;;; Thank you, thank you so much for feeling so, your support means the world m(_ _)m I want to, it’s all I could ever want, and I’m trying, or at least trying to figure out how I should best work towards that goal ;_;

I’m recently made my Patreon, and I’m hoping that’ll be a step towards that goal, but we’ll see how that goes >.<; I already have so much amazing support, thank you guys so much ;A; At the very least, i want to be able to support myself until Inferno is finished >.<;

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are you at m&m world fuck that place

I was there yesterday and jokes about dark energy aside it’s weird how much merchandise they can sell of the mms characters like who is a fan of the orange mm