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Hello, guys! 

I realized that most of my followers don’t really know me, so I want to introduce myself now as I have reached more than 37,000 followers. 

My name is Thea, I am 19 years old and I live in Norway. I started this blog June 2013, which means I’ve had my blog for four years now. 

I dedicate my blog to all the amazing, flawless and spectacular nature and landscape photographs from all over the world. A while after I started my blog, I found out how fun it is to photograp the things you want to remember. So I started uploading some of my own photos, you can find them here or here.

And you guys have been extremely supportive! I have to thank every single one of you, for following me, reblogging and liking my photos. I appreciate it so, so much. I’m deeply thankful. 

Remember that you can always submit your own photographs to me - I will post them as long as they fit my blog. [Submit here].

If you have any questions about me, my blog, or anything else, you can always send me a message or an ask

I hope you all are doing good and that you all have a nice day or night. Stay hydrated and enjoy the little things in life! :)

- Thea

This is the village of Batad, a small community in the mountains of Ifugao, Philippines. Rice terraces made of clay and stone have been standing here for more than 2,000 years made by people with a rich culture and heritage. This is one of the best places in the world that every explorer must see, in my opinion.

Photo taken August 2013


Top 5 of 2013

  1. dandelion.
  2. tourist of new york.
  3. water splash.
  4. fog at dawn.
  5. the stars.

Considering 2013 was the majority of my photographic career, there wasn’t much searching to be done. I chose one shot from each type of photography I favor: macro, urban bokeh, single-shot projects, landscapes, minimalistic night.

Thank you for following me on my journey through the world of photography! Here’s to an even more spectacular 2014!

-peter, aka ravenguild08


My Top 5 (2013)

2013 was a nice year that finally passed.

Photography has been a world of joy and passion to me since I was a student. And this year was a wonderful year as I started to boost my joy to a new level

I had my first digital advanced camera in February, and in September, I was firing my first film roll. Those sweet moments are unforgettable.

It was tough for me to pick 5 out my photographs. I just don’t see any of them qualifying what I really desire. I want to remedy my unsatisfaction in 2014, to learn more about the night lights, to try shooting portraits and landscape, which I didn’t really do in 2013.

2013 also gave me great occasions meeting up with great photographers. I surprisingly met Andre Dayani on a local bus, and Shaun Hicks came to me on his tour. I had a great coffee time with Sebastian Loffer, one of my idols, and on November, Nguyen Ngoc Hiep showed me how marvellous a Mamiya RZ67 pro II is. Those must be my top experiences of this year.

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