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Observing the Ozone Hole from Space: A Science Success Story

Using our unique ability to view Earth from space, we are working together with NOAA to monitor an emerging success story – the shrinking ozone hole over Antarctica.

Thirty years ago, the nations of the world agreed to the landmark ‘Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.’ The Protocol limited the release of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere.

Since the 1960s our scientists have worked with NOAA researchers to study the ozone layer. 

We use a combination of satellite, aircraft and balloon measurements of the atmosphere.

The ozone layer acts like a sunscreen for Earth, blocking harmful ultraviolet, or UV, rays emitted by the Sun.

In 1985, scientists first reported a hole forming in the ozone layer over Antarctica. It formed over Antarctica because the Earth’s atmospheric circulation traps air over Antarctica.  This air contains chlorine released from the CFCs and thus it rapidly depletes the ozone.

Because colder temperatures speed up the process of CFCs breaking up and releasing chlorine more quickly, the ozone hole fluctuates with temperature. The hole shrinks during the warmer summer months and grows larger during the southern winter. In September 2006, the ozone hole reached a record large extent.

But things have been improving in the 30 years since the Montreal Protocol. Thanks to the agreement, the concentration of CFCs in the atmosphere has been decreasing, and the ozone hole maximum has been smaller since 2006’s record.

That being said, the ozone hole still exists and fluctuates depending on temperature because CFCs have very long lifetimes. So, they still exist in our atmosphere and continue to deplete the ozone layer.

To get a view of what the ozone hole would have looked like if the world had not come to the agreement to limit CFCs, our scientists developed computer models. These show that by 2065, much of Earth would have had almost no ozone layer at all.

Luckily, the Montreal Protocol exists, and we’ve managed to save our protective ozone layer. Looking into the future, our scientists project that by 2065, the ozone hole will have returned to the same size it was thirty years ago.

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Malec: The Tale of the Forgotten Dagger. WARNING: SMUTTY


When Magnus returns a dagger to Alec at the Institute he ends up doing one of his favourite things: throwing Alec onto a bed.

So I have been off this for a while due to college work and I have returned to an inbox dotted with some lovely kind words- (THANK YOU!)- and absolutely flooded with requests for Malec smut. I don’t usually do this kind of thing but since there were just so many requests I figured why not give it a go. And hey: the world is always a better place with more malec smut, eh?

***********************WARNING WARNING WARNING***************************


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Saint Greer Islands - BETA

A little gift from me to say thank-you to all you amazing people! I will say “Beta” as it will not be totally issue-free cause there is always something!

In 1806 a french freight ship got lost at sea and stumbled upon a set of islands. The captain gifted the islands to his three daughters Azalea, Violet and Lily. And so each islands reflects the personality of each sister; the aristocratic Azalea Island, the quiet and peaceful Violet Island, and the bubbly Lily Island. Nestled close to France, the three islands later became known as the Saint Greer Islands.

Waaay more picture HERE.

World Details:
- Medium world size
- Around 80 lots mostly 20x30 and 20x20 in size (see image, all lots are flat except those with a “*” which are partially over water)
- Includes some CC
- this world is EMPTY
- EP’s you WILL need: World Adventures, Pets, Island Paradise (WA is the most important, missing the other two will just mean some main objects are missing but not too tragic)
- EP’s you may need (or some random objects may not show): Seasons, Generations, Ambitions, Late Night, University Life
- EP’s you will probably not need (at least nothing major will be missing): Into the future, Showtime, Supernatural
-Known Issues: Most of the lots have weird white seams you can only see from certain angles, not sure why. Because the land is also so low, the snow doesnt really cover Violet Island so it looks weird, seems to be an EA issue so I would advise playing this world without snow/winter.
- Some lots you may want to use “testingcheatsenabled true” and then ctrol+shift+click the side of the lot you want to be the front and click “set as front of lot” :)

Download Details:
- Some of the CC has been recolored to fit this world, it WILL replace it in other worlds too (Lolalule’s orange flowers will be white, the himalayan poppies will be a paler blue) > If you wish these colors to show up, you need to replace the original files with these! (More info in the .txt)
- I have included both the sims3pack and the .world (for those who dislike .pack as much as me) > installation instructions are included in the .txt
- please read the .txt!!!!
- I have included the textures I used as sims 3 terrain textures in the CC too so you can “extend” the roads etc
- a “light” version has been added, this has less flowers and no meshed grass
- all flowers and plants used have been enabled as “Landmarks” under World Editor, so more can be added :)
I would love to see pictures of this world! So tag it with “Saint Greer Islands” :D

Thank you to @fagersims, @nilxis, @martinessimblr for their textures, and especially @fagersims, @alverdinesims and @heavensims for their help!

A HUGE thank-you to all my amazing testers, I could not have found all the issues without you guys! @mimisapje @meganrosesims @oprionet @plumb-barb @nonsimsical @pinklucyra @theseprettylittlepixels @tosimfinityandbeyond @candydandysims @theothersim @alverdinesims @berryique @heavensims

Download World Here!

Download Light Version Here!

Download Saint Greer Lighting Mod Here!

The lighting mod is an edit of @nilxis Uranesia Lighting Mod, but without the green sunrise and slightly different colors :D Full credit goes to Nilxis.

I would love to see your pictures of the world, so if you wanna, then tag them as “Saint Greer Islands” :D

And Happy Birthday to @simgotyourtongue and the Nonny who share mine! Hope you guys have a great day!

Strange Sense

I noticed something odd about the Inheritance Cycle [Eragon, Eldest, Brisngr, Inheritence] by Christopher Paolini.

I have read, and reread the first three books several times, and do not currently own a copy of the fourth.

I have noticed something about the world building of this series.

Above all else, it’s surprisingly vibrant in the history that Paolini explores in his own invented land. He’s invented and involved three fully realized civilizations and histories along with like three smaller cultures seamlessly into his world.

There is also a fair amount of philosophy I wasn’t expecting the first time I read the series, one that I appreciate more every time I read the books.

The odd thing however, happens to be the way the story lends itself so openly the future development.

While nigh any adventure he tries to write involving Eragon or his other main cast in his invented continent of Alagaësia would serve as a pale follow up for the Inheritance Cycle, there is no doubt in my mind that the world is complex enough to support a plot with the complexity of a video game, at least [video games do make up for what they may lack in plot with the interactive and interesting game play].

The world is constantly opening new paths and plants the seeds for story telling every step of the way; sometimes the Cycle uses these itself, sometimes it’s left open.

Reading Brisingr again gave me a sudden sense of a much more advanced story to come in the near or distant future, as a well written prequel series will do [Fate Zero (anime, prequel of Fate Stay Night) and The Adventures of Sinbad (anime, prequel of Magi) are my best examples].

This being said, the story doesn’t do this and have a weaker main plot, nor is the premise reliant upon the existence of a future, nor does the story end with the question of resolution still in the air.

The most important of the main cast being biologically immortal so long as they are not slain by blade or by illness takes that cap off of the story.

We all know main characters will die eventually, leaving behind a legacy.

In the Inheritence Cycle things are different as it comes to a conclusion. As Eragon can only die if he is killed, as well as any other Dragon Rider and the entire Elven race, he does not even have to come to terms with the conclusion of his journey the way most characters must. His cousin Roran is more classic in this sense that his drives to protect his family are the beginning and end of his drives for the most part, where if Eragon fails or succeeds, he will live until slain.

Looking forward into the future: as a cohesive story the series stands alone.

As individual tales of Roran Stronghammer, Nasuada the Lady Nightstalker, Brom, Orrin, Evil King Galbatorix and his Black Dragon Shruikan, and anyone else in the story who will eventually, does at some point (early or late), or has already died in the story there is a sense of legend about them.

As for the tales of Arya, Queen Islandi, Eragon and Saphira, and Angela the witch among the few I will name (it’s not used as a plot twist in any context), these stories reach their conclusion in the context of the Inheritence Cycle, but immortality reminds you that they might yet live to see the details of the deceased turn from the stuff of legend into legend itself.

Beyond that are the lasting impressions that the actions of the characters make. There are lasting and powerful impressions that the characters make on Alagaësia, a land already full of it’s own inherent mysteries. Everything that the main cast does seems to result in a seed that could easily develop into a new story and a new track that could be followed.

Groups become legendary, races dies off or thrive, fundamental principles of the world are challenged, landmarks and mysteries that would only be explored as lore are actively made and occasionally explored as a consequence.

Having started reading these at a rather young age and followed the series through the course of it’s life, I feel very strongly about it. Overall I think that the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini has profoundly changed the way I read and think in my every day life.

WC NaNo: Day Four  Planning Prompts

Day four of planning prompts! Choose one or work through them all–whatever works best for your planning process!

WORLD BUILDING: What are the landmarks in your world? Consider both major landmarks known throughout the world as well as local landmarks. BONUS: For local landmarks, what are they called by the locals? Are there mispronunciations/other errors that might alert a local to someone “not being from around here?”

CHARACTER: How often does your character get sick? Do they have a good immune system? What usually causes them to get sick? What kind of “patient” are they when they’re sick? Do they tend to whine or suffer in silence?

CRAFT (Character Voice): Write a first person internal monologue about something that irritates one of your characters.

WILDCARD: Where would your character shop for clothes in the modern world? Thrift shop? Outlet store? Trendy retailer? Department store? Write a scene in which your character shops at one of these places. BONUS: Have your character confront another character that they dislike during this scene.

Feel free to share the products of these prompts through the submission box–just include “WC Prompt Share” in the title or tags!