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Introverts have a raucous imagination. We have a very chaotic world inside of our head. We think, and overthink; we dream in hues and music, we create stories in our minds. Sometimes we get carried away in those stories, in those reveries. Don’t take this personally — we are not ignoring you. When we are quiet, we are stargazing in our own brains, we are in a completely different place. We are not sad, or depressed, or antisocial. We are exploring our thoughts.
—  Bianca Sparacino
INFJ Confession

I spend most of my life in fantasy. It’s so hard not to retreat into this whole other world inside my head at every spare moment. I obsess. I picture endless scenarios. I hide away where nobody can touch me and dream about LETTING someone touch me. Sometimes, all I want is for the universe to send someone to take care of me, because I’m tired of always taking care of everyone else.


Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)

We Are the Daydreamers

Have any of you ever experienced excessive daydreaming? And not just excessive, also extremely detailed. Do you do something repetitive whilst daydreaming, like pacing or fidgeting with an object?

Do you listen to loud music while immersing yourself in fantasy worlds?

I do. And I harbor a love-hate relationship for it.

I started daydreaming when I was around 12, I thought it was mostly harmless, everyone daydreams right?

Well over the past four years I have been doing it, it’s gotten worse. I daydream everyday now. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for the whole day. These stories I’ve developed in my head over the course of four years have reached a point where they are insanely detailed, (I mean, there are plot twists, and character developments, there is betrayal and bloodshed and tears and gore. And basically all the good stuff you might find in a story.)

Now usually, I love my daydreams. They’re my own little worlds inside my head that I can visit and shape and tinker with when I please. And, really, that’s not so bad. Any creative person would have a world of characters and places in their heads. JRR Tolkien had a whole language in his head. Several languages in fact.

Daydreaming is great! You get to exercise your creative gears. If your friends suck, well then you can always go hide in the company of your own characters.


Daydreams are like tacos. A little bit will make you warm and fuzzy and happy inside. But in excessive amounts, it will end you.

For me, my daydreaming has gotten to a point where it takes over my life and I can’t control it. It wipes any productivity I may possess off the map. I give up things I typically enjoy doing to escape to my daydreams. It’s a little worrisome.

I know that my characters, my world, it’s all… in my head. I have no problem distinguishing reality from fiction. I can clearly see the line between the two. My problem is not being blind to the line. My problem is that I prefer the fantasy world, fictional as it is, I prefer it to reality.

So I did a little research and apparently what I have, what we daydreamers have, is not down in the official medical book.

But recently, it has received attention and they are now calling it ‘Maladaptive Daydreaming’ or MD. There’s no cure, no official anything on it.

But as someone who has MD, I decided to write about it. I don’t know, maybe the psychologists of the future will find it useful. Maybe I’ll be diagnosed with fifty shades of crazy. But regardless, here are my symptoms:

1. Repetitive Motion.

For me, it’s pacing. Pacing and walking. And just basically I have to be moving my legs. Honestly, I’m surprised I don’t have better legs with all the pacing I do

2. Loud Music

I always have earphones in. The loud noise shuts out the noise of the real world and fuels the creative flow that happens in the daydreams.

3. Layers

I’ve observed that my daydreams are composed of layers. (Like ogres.) I like to take characters, concepts, situations, plots, and ideas from other people’s worlds and incorporate them into my megaverse. I just keep adding to it, like adding layers to a cake. Usually, I take them from books or movies or TV shows I like. Sometimes, I even take it from music.

4. Hours Passing By

I never notice the passage of time when I daydream. It’s like watching a really good show or reading a really good book and losing track of time. This is the worst problem I have I think. Because time passes in a flash and I realize that I’ve been doing nothing all day again and I slowly descend into self-hatred. (jks)

5. Addictive

Daydreams are to me what sex and drugs and alcohol are to other people. But unlike alcohol, sex, and drugs. I have an unlimited supply of it and I can just keep going and going without feeling any immediate consequences.

6. Usually Triggered by Stories

What triggers my daydreams is usually when I’m caught in a good story. Then, as I’m reading or watching this story I’m also finding ways to incorporate the story into my daydreams

So yeah, that’s my dilemma. I know from research that I’m not the only one. And I created this post so as to let anyone who has this know that they’re not alone. You are not the only crazy out there.

Your crazy matches my crazy.

- Tris

Introverts have a raucous imagination. We have a very chaotic world inside of our head. We think, and overthink; we dream in hues and music, we create stories in our minds. Sometimes we get carried away in those stories, in those reveries. Don’t take this personally — we are not ignoring you. When we are quiet, we are stargazing in our own brains, we are in a completely different place. We are not sad, or depressed, or antisocial. We are exploring our thoughts.
—  Bianca Sparacino
Dear writers,

If you have a dream, don’t give up.

If you feel that you can’t not write, that you don’t have a choice, that it’s a need as crucial as breathing, then don’t you dare give up.

If you feel that your fingertips itch to fly across the keyboard and give shape to the world inside your head letter by letter, word by word, know that you have the power to create and that is a great power indeed. You can weave utopias and dystopias with it, stir the deepest questions in people, give them hope, a feeling of belonging somewhere in this boundless, scary world. And isn’t that the most any writer can hope for?

More Ryukishi interview tidbits

-In one of the interviews (which took place after Meakashi was released), we get a look at what might have formed the beginnings of Ryukishi’s gameboard concept. He says that the way he wrote Higurashi was first create the stage, environment, and history of Hinamizawa. Then he created the game pieces (characters) and gave them each a goal. Then each character moves on the stage according to their goal. When he cut out the portion of that world dictated by Keiichi’s POV, Onikakushi-hen was created.

But there are actually a lot of other characters moving freely that Keiichi doesn’t see. He only sees the results, so to him it just appears as though a bunch of strange things are happening.

Then Ryukishi rewound things to the beginning and shifted the starting places of the pieces just slightly, and Watanagashi-hen was the result.

So he has this whole four-dimensional world inside his head, and he wishes he could share it in its four-dimensional form, but in order to share it with other people, he can only show portions of it.

-He talks about how if Bernkastel weren’t on Battler’s side, then the episodes of Umineko would have been self-contained, like the early arcs of Higurashi appeared to be, which is really interesting.

I’d take this with a grain of salt though, because this was just after Ep2 came out, and we all know how Ryukishi changed his mind a lot about Bernkastel as the story went on.

-The reason Battler said he read Higurashi was because the Higurashi light novels had just been published, so Ryukishi was kind of referencing that.

That’s right, those Higurashi book references in Umineko that threw us meta world theorists for a loop were simply put there to celebrate Higurashi’s light novel releases.

-As in the ‘Answer to the Golden Witch’ interview, Ryukishi is adamant about not giving readers a clear solution to Umineko. Which is weird, because in the manga version of Ep8, he gives readers a clear solution to Umineko. Yes, I know he’s said he did so because the manga was his last chance to give closure, but still… In these interviews, he genuinely seems to believe that giving a clear solution to everyone equally would be a betrayal to the people who worked so hard to arrive at the answer.

And I’m not saying I dislike 'Confession of the Golden Witch.’ I like it quite a bit. I just wonder what could have caused this change of heart?

Essays in Existentialism: Dreams

If you’re taking prompts. How about Clarke comforts Lexa after a nightmare?

It was the silence of it that scared her. The quiet. The stifling kind of lull that attacked her kicking legs. Lexa was unsure of what she needed to say, but she felt it, felt the words like entire bones in her throat, incapable of being swallowed and impossible to get out. They got lodged beneath her breastbone and attempted to pull themselves through her throat, and though she opened her mouth and felt the mechanics of the scream, she found only the quiet and stillness that existed in this dream. There was nothing else, only the need to make a sound to prove she existed, and she failed entirely. 

It was her father in the chair, head cocked slightly, listening for the sound, listening to her for something. She had nothing for him, but she had to say it anyway, and yet she was incapable. 

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Moffat Appreciation Week - Day One: RTD Era

The remarkable women that are front and centre of these stories

“I am your mummy. I will always be your mummy.”

“I have seen the world inside your head and know that all things are possible.”

“I love old things.”

“You’ll see me again. You’ve got all of that to come. You and me, time and space. You watch us run!”

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Hello love! May I have a ship please? I'm a slytherin/horned serpent, and I'm one of the assholes who can get away with barely doing any work and still getting great grades. I'm very ambitious, and I care deeply about people and the respect of human rights everywhere. I value intelligence a lot, too. I'm an introvert, and I live inside my own head a lot. When I'm on my own, I'm usually reading, writing, playing the ukulele or procrastinating. Thank you so much! xx

Marauder era: Remus Lupin

The reading sessions you had with Remus involved many stolen kisses. He liked to discover the world inside your head, your deep thoughts. A favorite pastime of his became listening to you playing the ukulele. Remus admired your ambition and the way you cared for everyone. You valued his intelligence and always looked after him when he wasn’t feeling well.

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Golden trio era: Draco Malfoy

Draco envied your capacity to get great grades without doing any work. One day he insulted you, but instead of stalling or getting upset, you stood your ground and told him that disrespecting people wouldn’t get him anywhere. Your reaction intrigued him, and he started to see you in another light. He apologized a few days later and asked if he could read next to you in the library. It was a little awkward at first, but soon, you let go and chatted about everything and anything (in a low voice, of course, so that Madam Pince wouldn’t hear you). You became good friends and one day, after Draco caught the snitch and won the Quidditch game, he came to you and kissed you to celebrate it. You couldn’t be happier.

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the 100 fic recs

 this is for flyesthairstylebadge

everything is bellarke or kind of everyone, unless stated otherwise.

Band AUs

sad things (that are totally worth it)

artist! clarke

arranged marriage

based on tumblr prompts


#s (the number of times bellamy did this, the one time he didn’t have to…)

coffeeshop AUs

psychotic princess (clarke x murphy)

soulmates AU

bellarke from others POV

fake dating

sports AU

valentine’s day fluff

otp: helium argon (raven and wick)

high school AUs

road trip AUs

canon divergent but same universe

psychotic mechanic (raven x murphy)

study abroad AU

college AUs

hospital AUs

really good AUs

  • the one (bellamy is basically the bachelor)
  • home is where the heart is (clarke’s car breaks down in ark, georgia— you’ll never guess who the mechanic is who helps her out)
  • the conversation (clarke writes her number in library book and bell finds it and decides to text her)

okay so i’m missing some obviously but these are my favorites and i’ll probably add to this later??? 

anyways, enjoy :)

Unfinished Business Part 25


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:2132


As we gazed upon the stars above our heads, And the clouds make me feel like all the world is sound inside my head. I don’t know if we will ever see each other again. Or when we’ll meet on end, but please, just let me hold your hand…

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I know there is absolutely no chance I could possibly end up with you, but somehow when I’m laid against my sheets trying to picture my future life, I always picture you with me. Whether it’s us holding hands or cuddling or having arguments on why the sky is blue, you’re always there.
Somehow, that amount of happiness and thrill that runs through me when I try to imagine a reality I’m never going to witness is enough to leave me giggling and smiling like an idiot.

To be fair enough, it isn’t always giggles and idiotic smiles. Sometimes it’s tears and muffled cries in my pillow while I wonder why I’m never going to be enough for you, but I still hold on because it’s that little world inside my head that keeps me going.

I do realize that people like you don’t fall in love with people like me, but is there even a chance I might get to hold you? I would really love to press my head against your beating heart and hold you tight in my arms. I would really love to breathe against your chest and to burry my head in your mop of curls. At least for one minute, I want you to hold me so tight, that all my shattered pieces stick back together.

I just want you to understand that if it was up to me I’m ready to give up anything for your happiness. I would walk on fire just to see you happy. I’m willing to do anything if it means I get to see you engulf with joy. Yeah you might see me cry or wipe a tear once in a while, and it might burn my insides to see your lips collide with hers. But don’t you ever think that I won’t step on my own heart for you.
It will break me to see you with her, but you see I let you love her because she’s the type of people you’d like to be with, and I’m not to be mentioned. So yeah I just want you to understand that.

Other than that, I’m only writing this to you because I’m feeling so lonely and worthless and suddenly I want to cuss loudly at you, but not so loudly because I love you. I might seem like a five year old crying girl who’s a messy eater and who tells not-very-good stories, but I still love you so much I have to sit down and breathe slowly before it kills me.

—  to the guy I love - e,bj (via poeticallyh) {aka harry styles}
Champ Design Breakdown: Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

By Helmight

Lulu’s returned to the meta, thanks in large part to her protective playstyle. In a world where ADCs have to live in fear of assassins and divers, having a support who can keep you alive through just about everything is a great asset. However, this kind of playstyle is at odds with Lulu’s theme.

You’ll see more with your eyes closed

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Lulu was always different as a child. The wonders of Bandle City just couldn’t compete with her imagination, and she spent more time playing make-believe than attempting to socialize with her peers. It wasn’t that she didn’t like people - rather, the world inside Lulu’s head was just so much more vivid than the exterior one.

It was precisely this imagination that allowed Lulu to recognize Pix, a fae spirit that was pretending to be a squirrel. Upon realizing that he’d been discovered, Pix lured Lulu into his world - the Glade, a magical realm that belonged to the fae people. Lulu and Pix spent hours playing games that had only existed in her mind before, but which were somehow real inside the Glade. Lulu was surprisingly good at them, and she may have stayed there forever if she hadn’t remembered her life back in Bandle City.

When she returned to Runeterra, Lulu found that time was another difference between the Glade and the real world. While it seemed that only hours had passed since she entered the Glade, entire centuries had passed in Runeterra. It wasn’t all bad news though - her time in the Glade granted Lulu odd powers, which she can use in conjunction with Pix.

Given that her title is “the Fae Sorceress,” I’m expecting Lulu to have a lot of frustratingly annoying parts of her kit. She should be able to confuse and delay enemies in teamfights while peppering them with damage from afar, all while aided and abetted by her faerie companion. I could also see Lulu having the ability to accidentally CC her allies - after all, faeries are nothing if not fickle.

Dust ‘em, Pix!

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Lulu is half-there when it comes her kit. She does the “annoying sorceress” part quite well, largely due to her unique playstyle. Pix, Faerie Companion (P) and Glitterlance (Q) give Lulu the ability to harass foes almost endlessly in lane, and the slow on Glitterlance lets her keep them at arm’s length. Whimsy (W) is literally the best ability for Lulu to have on her kit - it’s perfect from a thematic standpoint and gives her a monopoly on the polymorph effect, which makes sense since she’s got such a unique magical background.

However, the rest of Lulu’s kit is almost too friendly for my liking. Help, Pix! (E) and Whimsy can both be cast on an ally to increase their combat effectiveness, and they seem like odd abilities for a playful child sorceress to have. Wild Growth ® at least is somewhat reasonable - I could see her increasing an ally’s size as a prank - but the rest of her kit’s defensive nature is at odds with her theme.

Pix doesn’t play an especially large part of Lulu’s kit, but that’s quite alright - Lulu was never flavored as a teamwork-style champion a la Nunu or Quinn. He shows up on Help, Pix! and Lulu’s passive, contributing just enough that you notice him.

Lulu’s playstyle in-lane is pretty excellent from a thematic standpoint, but her teamfight responsibilities - polymorphing enemy divers, protecting her carries, and disrupting the frontline - just don’t line up with what I’d expect from a fae sorceress. If anything, Lulu’s protection should come from her ability to delay and confuse foes, not from her shields and heals.

I recommend skipping

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Lulu doesn’t quite live up to her reputation from the lore, but has enough thematic consistencies in her kit to snag a passing grade. It’s doubtful that Riot will ever rework her to be more of a disruptor - her playerbase likes having ally- and enemy-cast spells - but at least she does a reasonable job of fulfilling the fantasy.

Final Grade: C+. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse.

Disagree with my assessment of Lulu? Or have you got a different champion you’d like me to analyze? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to like and reblog this article if you enjoyed it!

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Just wanted to pop into your inbox and tell you how much I admire you because holy shit you're so smart and insightful and even when you're in Salt Mode you never give the impression that you're like, just throwing a tantrum. Obviously we only get a tiny picture of who you are thru your blog but you seem so articulate and like you have a world of ideas inside your head and I'm always interested in what you have to say, so... thanks for being so fab :P


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My favorite thing that everyone who is pro M keeps saying is that we who don't like her, don't have any reason not to like her, even after we explained those reasons, except the fact that she is ruining our fantasy. Now I don't know how other people's fantasies work but I'm pretty sure that it's an imaginary world inside everyone's head and it has nothing to do with the real world. So I time and again fail to understand how events in the real world can affect the imaginary one.

Lol yeah I saw the reactions on that latest confession as well, it’s getting pretty tiring to hear that over and over again. I even saw somebody say  

“How is Meghan attention seeking - I keep seeing this accusation and have yet to see proof of it"

Which makes me wonder whether some people scroll Tumblr with their eyes closed or something… I mean it’s fine if you don’t want anything to do with the drama, but don’t say something isn’t true because you haven’t seen any receipts while there are plenty of receipts available.

Misconception: The five emotions in Inside Out control Riley

Wrong. The emotions don’t control Riley, her decisions, her actions or reactions to things. They don’t even directly control her thoughts.

They can only control how Riley feel, and what ideas or memories come up to her head. What Riley does with those feelings and ideas and memories is up to Riley, and none of the emotions or other mind people control her. This is why everybody in Riley’s head treats her as a person they’re taking care of and are compassionate about, rather than a place or a world they live in.

The best way to explain how the emotions works is that they’re the inner stimuli in Riley’s life, which contrasts with the outer stimuli. Riley receives information from the outside world through her senses, and then receives information from the “world” inside her head through her feelings, memories and ideas. And Riley’s mind, her “Ego” if we’re gonna go with the freudian terminology, is the final decider on what she does.