world ice championship

So some people said Yuri!!! on Ice was unrealistic.

Now take a look at the recent Men’s World Figure Skating Championship in Helsinki:

By the way, notice that Yuzuru Hanyu was 5th in SP but jumped all the way to 1st Place in FS after banging a new world record.

Doesn’t this look, somehow, like a certain familiar Katsudon?

(but with an even higher FS score)

i really want viktor and yuuri to adopt a child and, of course, they put the kid on the ice basically as soon as it can walk, hoping maybe their child will inherit their fathers’ love for the ice.

this plan works perfectly, but instead of wanting to be an ice skater, the kid ends up being the most bRUTAL LITTLE HOCKEY PLAYER.


All on Ice at the Gala Exhibition of the 2017 World Championship Finale