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adisagestar answered: sorikai, 77 :3

77: Beauty and the Beast

Riku doesn’t know how to ballroom dance. But he’s a fast learner and has great footwork, so he decides to learn both parts at once. Because you can pry submissive!Riku from my cold dead fingers.

Sorry about the outfits. I was trying to base them on a mix of what the background people are wearing at the end of the movie, but somehow the aesthetic eludes me. Also, do you like how I made sure to outline Riku’s butt yet put no folds on Kairi’s skirt? Priorities. 

Relevant bonus:

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It wouldn’t be a day in Dakt’s art tag without some stupid AUs! :D Role-reversal AU where protag Kairi and Prince of Heart Riku world-hop in KH2 looking for Sora. More to come, this comic just required its own post. 

mr-serperior answered: Axel, Riku, 72?

72: The Lion King

It’s just frickin’ Animal Planet up in here tonight @_@ I almost made their coats red and silver but then I decided it would probably be better to make them a little more natural. And I know the peach is only really used for lionesses in TLK, but like hell was I making Riku bright yellow. Also, as cute as lion Sora was in KH2, I really think they should’ve made him a little older. I imagine him and Riku would be more in that awkward fuzzy stage between being a cub and having a real mane :P

aryn007 asked you:  I would love to see some Sora, Donald Goofy shenanigans and perhaps the number…41?

41: G-Force

From the “I haven’t seen this but the potential for hilarity is too great to remove it” part of my list. Goofy is I guess a Guinea…dog? And Donald is some kind of horrifying tiny platypus that science should have neither created nor given an unlit match to.

obsessivepecan answered: Sora 67

67: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I loved how they did this world in 3D, both Sora and Riku’s stories. And I loved how Frollo took one look at Sora and his crazy hair and colorful outfit and was like “well clearly YOU’RE a degenerate.” XD

junkverse answered: Lea and Kairi, 22, please?

22: High School Musical

CRAP I was so busy laughing and listening to this song on repeat that I totally drew Axel intead of Lea. Forgive me? ;3;