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adisagestar answered: sorikai, 77 :3

77: Beauty and the Beast

Riku doesn’t know how to ballroom dance. But he’s a fast learner and has great footwork, so he decides to learn both parts at once. Because you can pry submissive!Riku from my cold dead fingers.

Sorry about the outfits. I was trying to base them on a mix of what the background people are wearing at the end of the movie, but somehow the aesthetic eludes me. Also, do you like how I made sure to outline Riku’s butt yet put no folds on Kairi’s skirt? Priorities. 

Relevant bonus:

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anonymous asked:

Can I just say that one of the best things in the world is hoppin back over to Hailey's blog after bein here and seein her be Tsundere ABOUT being tsundere like

Light looked from you to Hailey, “If it’s bothering you that we continue to joke about it, I could speak to everyone about it?”

Admin pat Light on the back, “No no, she’s a big girl, she’s just being adorable.”

mr-serperior answered: Axel, Riku, 72?

72: The Lion King

It’s just frickin’ Animal Planet up in here tonight @_@ I almost made their coats red and silver but then I decided it would probably be better to make them a little more natural. And I know the peach is only really used for lionesses in TLK, but like hell was I making Riku bright yellow. Also, as cute as lion Sora was in KH2, I really think they should’ve made him a little older. I imagine him and Riku would be more in that awkward fuzzy stage between being a cub and having a real mane :P

obsessivepecan answered: Sora 67

67: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I loved how they did this world in 3D, both Sora and Riku’s stories. And I loved how Frollo took one look at Sora and his crazy hair and colorful outfit and was like “well clearly YOU’RE a degenerate.” XD

aryn007 asked you:  I would love to see some Sora, Donald Goofy shenanigans and perhaps the number…41?

41: G-Force

From the “I haven’t seen this but the potential for hilarity is too great to remove it” part of my list. Goofy is I guess a Guinea…dog? And Donald is some kind of horrifying tiny platypus that science should have neither created nor given an unlit match to.


It wouldn’t be a day in Dakt’s art tag without some stupid AUs! :D Role-reversal AU where protag Kairi and Prince of Heart Riku world-hop in KH2 looking for Sora. More to come, this comic just required its own post.