world hoppin'


It wouldn’t be a day in Dakt’s art tag without some stupid AUs! :D Role-reversal AU where protag Kairi and Prince of Heart Riku world-hop in KH2 looking for Sora. More to come, this comic just required its own post. 

aryn007 asked you:  I would love to see some Sora, Donald Goofy shenanigans and perhaps the number…41?

41: G-Force

From the “I haven’t seen this but the potential for hilarity is too great to remove it” part of my list. Goofy is I guess a Guinea…dog? And Donald is some kind of horrifying tiny platypus that science should have neither created nor given an unlit match to.

Round 3!

‘Eeeyyyy… I’m down to my last two suggestions for the KH people in random worlds thing (from my inbox, you know who you are?), but I’m still really enjoying this exercise and want to keep it going for a while! I’ve got a shiny new-new secret list of Disney (and Pixar) movies that’s all tidied up to exclude ones I’ve already done and ones that I don’t know enough about to draw a picture for, so could I trouble you to perhaps drop me a KH character, ship, or small group* and a random number 1-49? :) PLEASE CHECK THE COMMENTS SO YOU DON’T REPEAT NUMBERS. (Repeated characters is fine, though.)

*TT gang, ___ Trio, etc, but keep it small please. And can we ease up on the BBS a little? >n>

Disclaimer: Probably won’t be as romantic as you’d like. Check my world hoppin’ tag for an idea of what these drawings are like. 

List numbers that are already called [order received]:

  • 1 (Sora, Riku) [9]
  • 4 (Kairi, Selphie) [17]
  • 6 (Seifer’s gang) [5]
  • 7 (Repliku, Namine) [10]
  • 10 (Destiny Islands Trio) [12]
  • 13 (Destiny Islands Trio) [8]
  • 15 (Olette) [2]
  • 16 (Kairi, Olette, Namine) [4]
  • 23 (Sora, Yuffie) [6]
  • 25 (Basement Trio) [16]
  • 28 (Roxas, Xion) [14]
  • 31 (Wayfinder Trio) [18]
  • 38 (Namine, Xion) [1]
  • 42 (Sora, Roxas) [3]
  • 43 (Xion, Namine) [13]
  • 44 (Terra, Aqua) [11]
  • 48 (Repliku, Namine) [7]
  • 49 (Namine, Roxas) [15]
Quick PSA

There seems to be minor confusion due to my established reputation as a rampant AU-holic. That Deep Jungle pic is not an AU; I mean, it’s not a universe where Sora and Kairi are explorers and Riku was raised in a jungle. They’re their regular selves, just travelling across worlds and getting fabulous costume changes wherever they go. Like Halloween Town or Atlantica, but for EVERYWHERE. So I guess in that sense it might be “alternate” from canon. I’m not tellin’ ya what to tag or not tag on your own blogs, I’m just trying to clear up my intent here. Not that any of you that misinterpreted are likely to read this… but uh…

Anyway I’ve added a new tag to my crazy collection. From now on, non-AU things involving the KH kids traveling to worlds and getting fabulous costume changes will fall under world hoppin’. Be advised, I’m working under the notion that these costume changes are involuntary, and Riku tends to get naked the short end of the stick a lot. Because it’s hilarious :D