world heavy weight champion



“awWwWwh hOW cUtE cOMe hErE” *pinches your cheeks*

you: *Gets into muay thai fighting position*

JIN: woAh thEre kidDo¡!¡

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“What is your favourite sport?”

You: “Overwatch”

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“HAIIIIIII~~~~I LObeu yuU”

you: “Thank you for your great love and we want to be with you all the time”

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“Where do you think our souls go when we die?”

You: “oH maN hOly sHieT….. mAybe …bIG BoOtY”

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“ESCYUJI MEE.. Jungkook …. no i mean y/n.. will you be…”

You: “im sorry…… I’m taken”

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“wHatUp brUdA”

You: “dA sKy iS uP…siSTa. (dO i loOk liKE a bRUda 2 U mR)”

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“——-M__A__——R—___R__—–Y ____M __——-E—-”

You: “E—__M____ Y——___R___—-R——-___A___M——

yOU’lL neVEr guEsS wHaT thIs sAys”

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*got a married a month later and now have three toddlers that are world heavy weight champions*

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Malcolm X: “This is part of what’s wrong with you – you do too much singing. Today it’s time to stop singing and start swinging. You can’t sing up on freedom, but you can swing up on some freedom. Cassius Clay can sing, but singing didn’t help him to become the heavy-weight champion of the world – swinging helped him become the heavy-weight champion. This government has failed us; the government itself has failed us, and the white liberals who have been posing as our friends have failed us.”

(Excerpt from a speech Malcolm X gave on April 12, 1964 in Detroit, MI)

Dean Ambrose Imagine: Signing

You’re a WWE diva dating WWE superstar and current WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, Dean Ambrose. The both of you are crowd favourites and your relationship has never been acknowledged on screen. Today, the both of you as well as a few other superstars have an appearance and signing.

“Any guys try to hit on you – remind them I’m sitting just across you eh.” Dean pecked me on the lips before he walked away.

“Wow. They’re really loud today hey?” Charlotte was referring to the insane amount of noise coming from the screaming fans, just on the other side of the wall. “I know! I love it when they’re this excited!” I took my seat next to my best Friend Cesaro.

“Are you guys ready?” James, the event manager peeped his head through the door. He earned a few nods from the superstars and disappeared once again.

Dean sat at his station directly across from mine and began pulling faces at me. He really needs to learn how to keep that tongue in his mouth. I smirked. “I like that pen. I want that pen!” Cesaro attempted to pull it from my grip. “Well you can’t have it!” I placed my hand on his face, covering the entire surface and pushed him away. “Eeeeeeeeeew!” He licked my hand and I wiped his saliva on his t-shirt. Yes, we were always this childish when we were together.

“Ermaaaaaaaagaaaaaaaaaadh! Randy Orton! It’s Randy Orton!” A group of girls squealed, pulling my attention from Cesaro. “And that’s when you know an appearance has begun.” John Cena laughed. The fans swarmed the place. I lost count of how many photos I signed. My hands were cramping at this point and we were going onto our second hour.

“Is (Y/N) your girlfriend?” I heard a boy question Dean. I picked my head up from the t-shirt I was signing for fan, just a little bit to see Dean’s expression. The idiot was blushing. “Maaaaaaybe!” He did his little head bobble. “She’s really pretty!” The boy turned around to look at me and I quickly turned my attention towards a fan approaching me, “Hey there sweetheart!” I don’t think he suspected that I was eavesdropping.

“Well if she isn’t your girlfriend… is is she like… Your wife?” the little boy was so persistent with his questions. “One day she will be.” Dean handed the boy his signed photo, “I can hear you Dean.” I smiled. Dean looked at me. “I know (Y/N),” He knew I had been listening the entire time.  

“Hi. (Y/N)” a guy who looked around my age greeted me. “You’re really handsome!” Paige complimented him. She was on the other side of Cesaro. He was really handsome come to think of it. He had nice hair, gorgeous blue eyes. A really good tan… I stood up to stretch my legs a bit.

“T-t-t-thank you.” He seemed shocked that Paige complimented him. I smiled at his evident nervousness. He turned his attention back to me, and extended his hand out towards me, “Hi (Y/N), I’m Mark.” I was about to shake his hand when someone’s hand filled the position. “Hi Mark. I’m Dean,” I look at Dean stunned and he points me, “her boyfriend.”

Mark was one of the very last fans allowed to enter, as most of us were ready to leave after an extremely tiring day. After I signed Mark’s T-shirt, James cleared everyone out, leaving just the superstars.

“Ah finally.” Cesaro stretched his arms out. Him and Paige were talking about something when Dean tugged at my beanie. “So… your wife huh?” I raised my eyebrow at Dean. “yup.” “And what was that?” I was referring to his incident with Mark. “That guy was checking you out (Y/N). You’re mine!” He pulled me by my forearms, raising me to my feet and pulled me in for a kiss. “Don’t lie! You heard Paige calling him handsome – didn’t you!” Sasha yelled.  “Oh yeah and that.” Dean admitted nonchalantly, shaking his hair wildly. Damn I love this man.

Noir Nocturne Part 1 Chapter 15 Messers. Blake and Charles

Claire was embarrassed by her near hysteria. She couldn’t remember the last time she had broken down so completely. She most certainly had not meant to mention Frank yet. She hadn’t been sure what Jamie’s reaction would be once he put two and two together, but she had not been expecting him to frighten her. He was normally so calm, considerate and almost nonchalant about life in general.  

She’d known there must be a harder side to him before today, he’d been a soldier after all, but she’d never really seen it.  She didn’t see him fight the Redcoats, just the results. There had been a brawl in a tavern and once he had shown off demonstrating weapons, but that wasn’t the same as actual soldiering. 

She realized that his sacrifice in marrying her, tender nature and contagious joy as a lover, may have blinded her to parts of his nature that she hadn’t had much reason to consider yet. He had been furious, not just disappointed, when he grabbed her arm and he hadn’t done it lightly. The look on his face was so out of character it truly shocked her.

He did appear to be genuinely sorry however, and had tried to comfort her. Was it possible he loved her and that is why he had reacted so badly? If that was the case, wouldn’t she know it, or maybe she hadn’t wanted to? Perhaps he thought she didn’t care for him enough to trust her with the depth of his feelings, whatever they were. Did she love him? Was it more than just overwhelming sexual attraction? Surely it was too soon to decide that, for either of them.

Get ahold of yourself Beauchamp! You simply must focus on what is still to be done today, the rest of this can wait, she thought as she went through the door of the Employment Center behind the men.

It was a large entry room, at least ten manned desks, with lines snaking to each one. People were milling about around the walls as well. The first desk in the entry way had an information sign on the front. She’d start there. “Go over by that wall and wait for me please. I’ll find out where Mr. Blake is.” She told Jamie, who nodded and collected up the others, marshalling them to the furthest open spot. She could see their looks of astonishment over the different ethnicities in the room. Ah, yet another thing she should have already told them about. The list was growing endless she thought and sighed as she rubbed her forehead.

“I beg your pardon, we are here to see Mr. Blake, could you tell me where I might find him?” She asked the harried looking woman seated at the desk. Claire tried to give her a warm smile of encouragement as well, although she wasn’t quite sure she succeeded, still a bit wobbly that. The thing was that she felt somewhat better after the confrontation with Jamie, steadier on her feet somehow, now that she’d let some of the emotion out. Her heart no longer felt like it was riding in her throat and the numbness had left her hands.

“He’s not in yet. Won’t be here until 11:00. Just wait over there somewhere and I’ll send him your way when I see him.” The lady informed her, without looking up, waving one hand in the direction of the wall, and lighting a cigarette with the other. She had the most interesting hairstyle, finger waves, Claire remembered they were called, doubting that her own hair could ever be managed into something so stylish. This was getting ridiculous, why could she not focus on one thing at a time?

“Thank you.”

“Welcome. Next!”

Claire, deciding the woman was probably overwhelmed by the masses and not reacting poorly to herself, crossed the room to stand with the others. “We have to wait for him, he won’t be here for another thirty minutes I’m afraid. Now would be a good time for questions, quietly please.” She leaned against the wall, glad to be out of the way of all the others in the room.

“Are those Asians? Are they slaves in the colonies too? Was the tamale seller from here or somewhere else? Do women work everywhere now or only in the Americas?” came in one long string from Angus.

“Oh, Dear God Angus, must you? Must you really?” she sighed heavily, wondering where to begin.

“One thing at a time then Claire, start wheree’er ye like Lass” Jamie said, resting back against the wall next to her, reaching out a large hand for hers. She took the gesture for what it was, a kindness, and not direction for husbandly sake.

“No, they aren’t slaves and neither is anyone else here! That all ended some time ago, in the 1830s and 1840s in the United Kingdom and then its’ colonies and territories. The Colonies, which became the United States of America in the 1770s with a document called the Declaration of Independence and a Revolutionary War, fought yet another war, called the Civil War, to eliminate slavery, among other issues, here in the 1860s The United States is a Republic, and has no King or Queen, France is now the same. Theoretically, this is a Democracy, in the Ancient Greek style, with a Government in the Ancient Roman style. The current President, leader in charge, is Herbert Hoover. This country will be an invaluable ally to Great Britain in the First and Second World Wars. It has its’ problems, like everywhere else and currently the economic and political states are in flux. The Government doesn’t know what to do about the Depression, and generally stays out of peoples’ lives, except Prohibition, so most control and or help is on a local level. There is a Military, but it is nothing like the Redcoats of old.

Immigrants have come here from all over the world for an opportunity at a better life or to escape persecution, famine, wars or just to satisfy wanderlust. I had never even visited here before we arrived, and other than meeting many Yanks in my War and seeing Motion Pictures or reading the News, World Histories or fictional tales about it, that is the extent of my knowledge about this place.

I know trivial things of course, like who wins the next several World Series of Baseball, or General Elections, or who the Heavy Weight Boxing Champion is…” Claire gasped and stopped abruptly. That is what had been tapping on her brain! People gambled here, on all kinds of things. She would have to learn how to go about it and soon.


“Ye mean ye ken things that are going to happen that we might have use of Lass?” Dougal asked as soon as she stopped and he took notice of her startled face. “For money aye?” He wasn’t sure he cared at all about all the other things she’d said about this place, but that, that he did find interesting.

“Yes Dougal! But give me time to think on it and decide what to do about it. Surely you have other questions that I can help with now?” She raised a brow at him and frowned slightly. Ah but she was a unique woman, he thought. While he knew she must have fears, and certainly her tears had confused him, he just couldn’t help but admire her courage. She didna give a tinkers’ damn about what he wanted. It tickled him no end that he didna impress her one bit.

“Weel, tell me more of this place we’ve landed in and what are Motion Pictures? Can we see one then?” he asked, leaning into the other side of her and nudging her with his shoulder. He grinned down at her and then looked up and winked at Jamie on her other side. “I ken she knows more than she’s telling lad. You might have to beat her to make her properly respectful.”

“I would like to see him try to!” Claire huffed, not really appreciating the joke.

“While I’m sure I could, canna imagine that I would.” Jamie laughed and chucked her chin. “Nae ‘twould ha’e to be life or death ye ken?”

“Nae sure who’s death it would be.” Murtagh said to Angus, who rolled his eyes and guffawed.

“She’d scratch yer eyes out if ye tried Jamie, but I’d be willing to pay to see it.” Angus said, digging in his pocket for some of his change from breakfast.

“That will be enough of that you lot! If you can’t be serious, at least control yourselves and put away your change Angus. You’ll be needing it soon enough.” Claire finally giggled a bit. “Motion pictures are like those photographs in the attic Dougal. They make them here, although it used to all be done in New York. If we have time to go see one before we must get back to the boarding house, I’ll treat you all to one. This is a very large state called California, as far as I can tell it’s a bit different here than elsewhere in the States, but it’s a huge country and I seriously doubt you will believe how big until you see maps.”

“This state alone is probably five times the size of your countries combined” said a humorous deep voice standing about ten feet away from them.

Dougal looked up quickly, prepared to say something rude to the stranger, but stopped abruptly when he got a look at the man as he came towards them.

“I understand you were looking for me? Might you be the ones Father McDaniel sent over to see me?”

Claire stepped forward and held out her hand to him, smiling brightly, she said, “Mr. Blake, I presume?”

He took her hand and shook it. “Yes, Mrs. Fraser? If you all will follow me to my office, I have the information you need.”

They followed him across the entry room and into a rather large office that held only one desk and several chairs. Dougal was impressed with the man, although he wasn’t sure why. Mr. Blake was tall, wide of shoulder, with skin the color of fine tobacco. He had the most striking eyes. They were so dark, he couldn’t see his pupils. He wore a thin mustache and a black suit, with something in the upper pocket, folded in peaks. His hair was tightly combed to his scalp in dark waves that shone.

Dougal had never seen anything like him. None of them had, except Claire, and she had the oddest little smirk on her face as she looked at the men. It was as if she was laughing at them, but he couldn’t understand why.

“Please be seated. We have a few things to cover before you head to work tomorrow. Father McDaniel explained your tragic circumstances to me. Shame about that fire that destroyed your passports. But I imagine we’ll be able to replace them soon enough.” Mr. Blake picked up something from his desk, sat down and pulled some papers towards himself.

“Ah, yes, the fire, it took most of our possessions as well Mr. Blake.” Claire said, cool as you please. She was getting better at lying Dougal thought.

“Well, if you would give me your names, dates of birth, country of origin, any other countries you might have traveled to, and when, as well as when you arrived here, I will have an associate of mine make you new ones.” Mr. Blake replied, looking at Claire out of the corner of his eyes in a manner that said he knew she was lying, but that it didn’t matter.

“Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Fraser…” Claire began and then proceeded to fill in the details as Mr. Blake wrote it all down. The men just gave their names and birthdays and followed her lead on the rest.  “Do you think you might be able to provide us with birth certificates and a marriage license as well Mr. Blake?” she said, surprising all of them, except Mr. Blake, Dougal saw.

“Oh, shouldn’t be much of a stretch Mrs. Fraser, cost you though.  Say five dollars total each? When you go to get your pictures taken for your passports, next week, my associate will have those documents as well. Does it matter who we list on the certificates or…?” Mr. Blake replied.

“Give the gentleman your parents’ names please. The marriage certificate should read Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp and James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser, with Dougal MacKenzie and Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser as witnesses. Make sure it’s a Catholic certificate, if you would. I am sure Father McDaniel will be happy to sign as the presiding Priest and date it four days ago please.”

“Ah, newlyweds, congratulations are in order. Best wishes for your long happiness. Now, about the airport job. It should last a week, and you will be working through the weekend. The bus will pick you up here at 7 AM. Don’t be late or it will leave without you. You’ll mostly be digging, hauling and grading, but they pay at the end of each day, and no questions asked about who I send. Do a good job, and I’ll be happy to find you more as I am able, once we have you legal again. The foreman’s name is Don Grant. He’s fair but tough. I take it you have something lined up Mrs. Fraser? Come back and see me if that doesn’t pan out. I can get you day bit parts with your looks.” He smiled and stood up, sticking out his hand for each of them to shake.

Dougal felt like he had missed something in all this but couldn’t quite grasp what it was. He shook the man’s hand, approving of his firm grip. “Thank ye man” he said, meaning it.


“Well, that took care of several birds with one stone.”  Claire said as she led them back outside.

Murtagh, who was a bit lost with all that had happened since they’d left the diner, if he was honest, shook his head and asked, “Did that all go as it should?”

Claire laughed and took his arm “Yes, yes it did. He obviously knew what he was about, and Father McDaniel had filled him in somewhat as to our predicament. I doubt he told him when we were from though. Now, let’s get you all cleaned up a bit more before we find you some work clothes.”

Murtagh was absurdly pleased she had taken his arm. Jamie would like that too. Dougal and Angus looked at her askance though. He grinned nastily at them and led her further up the street. “Barber, is it?” he said as he tried out tipping his hat to her.

She flushed a lovely light pink about the cheeks, squeezed his arm a bit and said “Yes, there’s one up there, see the red and white striped pole? That’s how you know one’s about.” She pointed several buildings down and he strolled contented at her side.

They all filed into the shop, and he looked around for signs of doctoring, but it was not like that. There were four red upholstered chairs with headrests, one of which was occupied. There were four men in white smocks standing near sinks, one of whom was wrapping a towel around the face of the man reclined in one of the red seats. There were more chairs near the door, a table in front of them, scattered with papers.  

“It’s a stampede!” came a muffled voice from under the towel.

“I don’t think so Nick, looks like four men in search of serious trims if you ask me.” Replied the man placing another steaming towel on the customer’s face.

“Well, men should always be serious about trim, if you ask me” chuckled the muffled face.

Claire coughed. “I beg your pardon, but these gentlemen all need your services. I’m going to head across the street to the five and dime whilst you get on with it.”

“I do apologize Madam. Had no idea we were in the presence of an English lady” waved the cultured voice with one manicured, slender hand.

“Think nothing of it. I’ll be back in twenty minutes or so. Enjoy your pampering my lads.” She laughed and left quickly by the ringing door.

“Well, three of you sit down over here and one of you guard the front door from any more women intruders” said one of the smocked men.

There was a bit of a scrum to see who would be sitting by the door.

“Mike, take Red there, Bob, see to the giant in grey, Steve you’ve got your pick of the other two. Well, gentlemen, we don’t actually bite you know, set yourselves down and let’s get on with it. I’m Larry by the by. This here’s Nick Charles under the facial. He’s famous.”

Murtagh decided courage was the better part of valor and took the third seat before Angus could. “Oh, Aye Larry? And what’s he famous for then?” he asked as he rested his feet on the small platform at the end of the chair.

“Him? He’s the detective of course. But you’ll not be knowing that if you’re fresh off the boat” sniffed Larry.

“What’ll it be” asked Mike of Murtagh. “Can’t remember the last time I saw four men in beards. Want that shaved then? Facial like Charles? Haircuts definitely.”

“I’ll have the shave, haircut and facial” Jamie said to Bob.

“Ye’ll no be taking my beard, but ye can trim it up if it suits ye. Hair and facial too” Dougal told Steve.

“Aye, same as Dougal then” Murtagh said, folding his hands over his hat in his lap.

The barbers all snapped and swirled capes in unison and the men all sat up a bit straighter when they were covered in them. Angus laughed from his seat by the door “Ye look like huge ghosties, ya gobshites.”

“Ah, nothing like a good Scottish accent on the ears” said Nick as he sat up and removed the towels. He stood and removed a flask from his interior jacket pocket. “Paper cups will have to do Lawrence.” He collected several white cones from a stand on the other side of the door and gave one to each of the men seated. He poured out a small dram of what smelled like whisky to Murtagh in each of the cones.

“Here’s looking up your old address! Your health lads and welcome.” Nick said and drank his down.

It was very fine whisky indeed.

“What’s this then?” Dougal asked.

“Why that’s Kentucky mash my good man. Bourbon, not Scotch alas.” Nick laughed and poured himself another, emptying the flask and sighing. “Put their beautifications on my tab Lawrence. I’ll be back presently.” He waved again and left.

“Just where’s everyone gettin’ whisky then?” Angus questioned casually.

“Hah! The day will never come when Mr. Charles doesn’t have it.” Larry said, waving him over to the now empty seat. “I know, you want the same as Red” he said, as he appeared to study the length of his hair and beard.

“Ye should shave him bald, ye ken. Nae tellin’ what’s livin’ in tha’ mop.” Murtagh suggested helpfully.


Claire spent a few minutes wandering the aisles of the store, happily looking over all the items and enjoying her few minutes in peace. They had work clothes and shoes in a basement Men’s section but she needed the men to fit them, and they likely were too pricey anyway. She took her time at the perfume counter on the main floor instead, nearly crying again with joy.

“May I help you Madam?” a salesclerk asked her when she stopped by another counter to look at watches.

“Oh yes please, something not too expensive if you don’t mind.”

“This is a lovely piece, two dollars, but worth it, if you ask me. You can pin it to anything and it has a seconds arm as well.” He said, pointing to a silver broach with an open face. It had a loop for putting it on as necklace too.

“That will do nicely” she said, concerned with the price, but needing it for work. He handed it over after placing it in a small velvet box. She paid him and stepped away to look at some sundries down one of the aisles closer to the door.  She would have to wait on the perfume she determined. Oh well, maybe Mrs. Bartlett would have an idea where she could look for bargains.

“I think the lads might be missing you” came Nick’s cultured voice to her right.

She jumped about a foot in the air, coming down with a small “Oh!”, whipping her head around to look at him.

He was in a beautifully tailored suit of dove grey, with a lavender tie and matching pocket handkerchief. His hat was grey felt with a darker grey band, casually tipped to just above his right eye. He was smiling kindly, but pursing his lips as he did so.

“Nick Charles Madam. Please forgive my ill manners, my wife would be mortified, I’m sure.”

“You just startled me, it’s fine really. Did something happen?” she asked worriedly.

“Now what could happen there that would make you look like that, I wonder.”

She wasn’t sure how to respond. Was he just curious by nature? Why had he followed her here? Why did his name ring a bell? “Oh, I’ve just had a long morning Mr. Charles, bit ragged around the edges. If you’ll excuse me, I must be getting back to them. Lovely to meet you!” she babbled as she stepped around him and out the door.


Jamie decided he quite liked this Barber Shop. The Barbers never stopped talking but were quick about their jobs. The towels were heated through, damp and scented. He could get used to that bit of pampering. He wasn’t a vain man, so he really didn’t care what his hair looked like, but thought he could also get used to the cream that flattened it down and made it shine as well. Would Claire like it though, that was the question. She’d never seen it this short, or neat.

They took seats back by the door and waited for Larry to finish with Angus, who looked like an entirely different man without all that unruly hair about his head and face.  

“Yer own Mither wouldna’ ken ye” Murtagh said picking up one of the papers from the table. The bell rang again and Claire came back just as Jamie was doing the same.

“That spawn of Satan didna’ ha’e a Mother.” Dougal stated, standing up and heading to the door.

“I’ll ha’e ye know I did!” Angus, who had been studying himself in the mirror, held out his hand to Larry and thanked him before winking at Claire.

“Goodness! You all certainly look polished up! What a lovely job you’ve made of it.” She said as she opened her wee bag.

“Master Charles paid Claire.” Jamie said, wondering still if she liked what she saw.

“That was kind of him, I wonder why he did?”

“Just that sort of fella. You all be sure to come back in a couple of weeks. Can’t have you looking like hooligans.” Larry said, sweeping up the multicolored hair on the floor.

The other barbers had taken over the seats and waved them all out the door.

“Where to now Sassenach?”

“Oh, I think we should search for a second-hand shop for your work clothes and shoes, and then we’ll take a bus to a cinema. That way you will know what to expect in the morning.” She placed her arm about his waist and whispered up into his ear “You look very handsome Jamie and you smell lovely.”

He warmed to his toes and placed an arm about her shoulders. “It was verra nice in there. Did ye find what ye needed at the store?”

“I did indeed. I’ll show you later.”

Jamie’s mind went straight to those single beds and he felt himself starting to flush about the neck.

“Just what is causing that my lad?” Claire asked knowingly.

“I tell ye later too.” He grinned down at her and pulled in her a bit closer.

They walked a couple of streets over until she found the place she was looking for. They spent the next thirty minutes or so trying on shoes and having her hold up what she called dungarees to each of them. She then handed them three of those each and picked out cotton shirts that weren’t as formal as the ones they were wearing he saw. They had no buttons for one thing, and had shortened sleeves.

“These will do for work. Each of you take this stuff to the cashier over there. You should have enough with your other dollar bill.”

That bit of business handled she asked the lady who had taken their money where the closest cinema was and if there was a bus stop handy to it.

“Right down the road hun. Can’t miss it, it’ll drop you right in front of Grauman’s” she answered.

They walked to the bus stop, carrying a bag apiece. Claire had not gotten herself anything at the clothes place and Jamie felt bad about it. He wanted to spoil her with trinkets he realized. She didn’t even have a wedding ring he suddenly remembered and felt immediately worse.

It would become his top priority as soon as he was able to afford one he determined.

The bus arrived in a belch of black smoke, squealing like a stuck boar as it pulled up in front of them. She went first and dropped some coins in a box as they entered. “I’ve got theirs” she said to the man sitting behind a large wheel. “How far until the Chinese Cinema?” He heard her ask him.

“Fifteen minutes or so, take your seats please, I’ll holler when it’s your stop.”

The bus roared back into motion and Jamie grabbed a rail in front of his and Claire’s seat. “What’s he called then?” he gritted through his teeth, feeling a bit sick.

“He’s called a driver. There are also hired automobiles called cabs, that have drivers as well.”

“I think I prefer horses.”

“Well of course you do.” She said, patting his thigh and laughing.

Her touch took his mind off everything else for the next few minutes. He saw the rest of them looking out the windows and murmuring to each other, but he couldn’t be bothered. He took her hand again, keeping it firmly on his leg.

“I like to see you laughing. You have such beautiful teeth. My bonny wife” he said in French. It seemed much more appropriate for their close quarters on this contraption.

“Why thank you gallant Sir.” She responded in kind, tickling the palm of his hand.

“If you keep that up, we might have to go home straight away.” He grinned his most devilish grin at her and rubbed her hand lightly.

“Not a chance. This bit of the day will be the most fun I’ve had yet. I can hardly wait to see all your faces when you see a cartoon.” She grinned back and took her hand from his, folding her arms beneath her breasts.

“Ye’ll pay for this. I dinna ken how yet, but ye will.” He growled in her ear and turned to finally look out the window at the passing scenery.


The Signs as 50% Off Haru Quotes

Aries: “Haru, look, water!” “Haru, we can’t get in.” “Yeah, it’s probably too cold.” “We’ll get sick.” “Ya know what I’m sick of? All your shit, Haru!  I’m assuming direct control!” “Haru, no! G-gimme that–” “OH MY GOD, HE’S GOT A GUN!” [gunshot rings out] “Everyone, step away from the brain.” “HE SHOT, HARU!” “That’s right.  I’m in charge now.”

Taurus: “He’s not my boyfriend.  We were officially engaged in the fall.  I’m thinking a spring wedding.”

Gemini: “Haru, if you join the swim team you get to get in the pool.” “But I don’t want to join the swim team, Haru.” “Okay, okay, Haru, but here me out… you get to go in the pool.” “You make a compelling argument, Haru.” “Thank you, Haru.”

Cancer: “I like mackerel.” “Me too, Haru.” “I don’t like mackerel.” “Shut up, Haru.”

Leo: “By the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays on the farthest madness.  We sense your intentions, Rei Ryugazaki.  The gibbering of mad cultists whisper wicked words in the temple winds.  They inform us that you are not to be trusted.  Usurper, usurper.”

Virgo: [what goes through Haru’s mind when he swims] “You could start by running up the temple staircase into the crypt, grab the book from the skeletons and pass into the pit of the pendulum.”

Libra: “Just pick the one middle right.” “No! Nonono.  All the way to the left.” “Oh my god, what is the difference?” “Okay, well, this one has white strips, and this one haaas subtle variations of purple accents.” “I never even noticed the difference. I guess I’m with Haru, the one on the left.” “Ugh, my god we are never going to decide, let’s just put it to a vote.  Hey, Haru.” *10 others* “Yeah?” “WHAT?!”

Scorpio: “Why is Makoto so heavy?” “I don’t know.  You’d think we’d be used to it, ya know? Carrying the swim team all the time.”

Sagittarius: “Haru, Haru… Ch-check this out.  I bought… stilts.” “Why?” “Ya know, like, the guys… they all have their gimmicks.  I wanna gimmick.  I can have a gimmick.” “So… stilts…?” “Yeah.  Stilts.  Now-now I’m tall Haru.” “Okay, what about when you’re not wearing them? Or sitting down?” “I’ll just… never stop… wearing them… or sit down–whoa!” [falls down the steps] “Did… Haru just fall downstairs, wearing a pair of stilts?” “Yup.” [4 wheeler coming from the distance] “This place just keeps getting dumber.” “Guys, check it out, I bought a 4 wheeler!”

Capricorn: “Ugh, I just can’t get it.” “Haru, just spin it anti-clockwise.” “What the hell does anti-clockwise mean?” “It means the same as counter-clockwise.” “Then just say counter-clockwise.” “Are you two still playing with that thing? It’s just a stupid coloured cube.” “You’re a stupid coloured cube, Haru!” “… You cut me deep, Haru.”

Aquarius: [cheering in the crowd] “And Haru’s up on the turnbuckle.  He’s got him in a pin.  This could be over for Haru-but wait! Who’s that coming down the ramp? It’s world heavy weight champion, John Cena!” [humming John Cena theme song] “Bubadabaaa… bubadabaaa… bubadabaaa….”

Pisces: “Let me through, I’m a doctor!” “You’re a dentist!” “I’m the best damn shot we’ve got.” “What was that?” [ocean goblin growling “bones”] “We have to act fast, quick, how many bones are in his body?” “Ummm, uhhhh, 206.” “Is that right?!” “You idiots! Stop screwing around and give him mouth to mouth!”

Moments (Boxer!Harry AU)

“World Heavy Weight Champion second year in a row! This crowd is going crazy! What an impressive feat for Mr. Styles!”

Harry’s fists were still up in the air, the referee and his coach on either of his sides, a gigantic smile spread across his face as he hears the chants of his name from the crowd. He looks over to your seat and his heart sinks, the smile leaving his face immediately, because you’re not there. You’re not where you always were, you’re not where you promised you’d be tonight. His eyes rapidly rake over the audience, smiling and waving at people who were screaming for his attention, as he stepped out of the ring and started to make his way out of the arena back to his locker room.

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“The Beatles, in Miami Beach to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show on their first tour of the United States, were taken to the training camp of boxer Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali. Clay was preparing for his February fight against heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, the current heavyweight champion. Liston was heavily favored to win the fight; even the Beatles thought Clay would lose the fight. Actually, Liston refused to meet with The Beatles. But after Clay arrived to meet The Beatles who were growing inpatient, he won them over with his charm and overwhelming presence. Clay and The Beatles joked around in the ring and had the members of the press laughing. Clay picked up Ringo and held him under his arm for the media. He also wrote a poem. “When Liston reads about the Beatles visiting me, he’ll be so mad I’ll knock him out in three.” (“Three” meaning the third round of the fight) Clay defeated Liston and became the next Heavy Weight Champion of the World.”

© Charles Trainor, 1964

Just when the devil thought he had you. Boom!! You get right back up. The enemy thought one good hit will knock you out, but you didn’t allow your STUMBLE to STOP you. You are the child of the most high King. Therefore, you were born royalty. No matter how your situation may look at the moment, your God is an undisputed heavy weight champion of the world. #Repost@sherikafitness 

Charlie Chaplin “sparring” with 7 times Heavy Weight Champion Jack Dempsey circa 1919. 

Jack Dempsey was 6’1 (184 centimeters) & 190 lbs (13.5 stones/86 kilograms) 

Charlie approx 5’6 (167 centimeters) & 130lbs (9.2 stone/59 kilograms)

The thing that is really blowing my mind is the “huge” difference in their fist sizes, Jacks fist is almost 4 times the size of Charlie’s little one…


Remembering Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016

In 1975 Muhammad Ali’s autobiography The Greatest: My Own Story was released. He sent a copy of the book to President Ford with a personal inscription:

To The Boss of America President Ford
From World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali
War’s on Nations are fought to change maps,
But War’s on poverty are fought to Map Change.
Mar 13-1975
Peace + Love

The book remained in President Ford’s personal collection, and is now kept in the President’s Office at the Ford Library.

Everyone else is mad that litten’s final evolution is a fire/fighting who looks like a WWE World Heavy Weight Champion but I’m really excited to finally have a pokemon I can name “Meowtista”


Muhammad Ali passes away at the age of 74

Muhammad Ali passed away today at the age of 74, throughout his life he lived as a true inspiration, a man who fought for the sake of justice, what he believed in. Muhammad Ali not only broke records in the boxing ring as Heavy Weight World Champion, but also fought just as much for Civil Rights, his freedom to practice Islam and his identity as a Muslim, and the Anti-War Movement during the Vietnam War - even at the cost of prison, his World Champion title being stripped and being denied licenses and visas to continue his boxing career by the US government. Through all of that, he persevered and overcame his adversities, the best to ever do it in the world of boxing, and truly a champion in and outside of the ring.

Some clips from his life - 

Images via Time Magazine and USA Today Sports