world hair organization


So everybody knows about World War Z and how the production was a ridiculously over-budget red hot mess with no ending and the studio totally freaked out and in 2012 brought in one of the guys from Lost to write an actual ending and he was like, Yeah, Brad Pitt will just crash a freaking huge 747 into Wales because that’s a place I’ve heard of and deliciously scruffy Doctor W.H.O.

(a name that I’m sure will obviously *never* be relevant in any way in the future) with his tartan shirt – which he wears because he’s Scottish OF COURSE – and his fabulous hair and fashionable brown jumper will totally fix everything and then Brad Pitt will go to Canada and also zombies.

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how the meeting went and it clearly worked because the movie made a TON of money and was the exact opposite of the box office disaster everyone had expected it to to be.