world grid

For the past several months we have prepared for tomorrow. We sold our home, we temporarily moved in with my parents, we dove head first into the off the grid world, we prepped the land, and worked together to figure out solutions to any foreseen issues that are likely to arise from a life of living in the wild.

We were excited together, scared together, doubtful, and hopeful - depending on the day of the week or the task at hand, but we are here.

Tomorrow we are making the big move to our homestead where we will be living completely off the grid in a 26 foot trailer for the next year or so, while our forever home is being built.

What does that mean? No hook up to city power - only our generators, battery banks, and solar panels. No hook up to city water - just yours truly hauling hundreds of gallons of water from town to our land several times a month. No hook up to city gas - just refillable propane tanks. No hook up to city sewer - just our trailer’s black water tanks.

Mindfulness will be key, as everyday tasks such as brushing our teeth will become a creative lesson in water conservation.

In spite of the challenges, I’m ready to be humbled by the rawness of it all. I’m ready to lay the foundation of a life changing dream.


Every night I practice the thoughts of having the courage to wake up and say it, to turn around to my love instead of getting a headache about the concept of another day, to turn to him and to say:

Run, let’s run.
we’ll sell everything we’ve ever owned
we’ll leave behind everything we’ve ever worked for,
and we’ll drive. 
Run, let’s just run as fast as we can, 
we’ll escape under the stars.
I’ll point forward and you put your foot down,
and we’ll drive so fast, so far,
that we no longer know who we are.
Because we’ve got a world calling to us from every angle,
and we’re not there yet
So get in your car, my love.
And run.”