world greatest detective

Sometimes a family is a hippie grandpa, a very uptight grandma, a lumberjack uncle, a wizard and the grim reaper as dads, their son; the worlds greatest detective, an edgy music prodigy cousin, lesbian aunts, their robot teammate, and a large magic jelly fish that contains the stars within it.

an idea

angus goes back to detective-ing after the Bureau of Balance Fiasco™ and he asks taako, his good pal and friend, to help him out on a murder case

so taako, thinking he’s the smartest dude alive, invites his boyfriend, literal death incarnate, along for the ride. they can sherlock shit up together, get krav out of the office, what the fuck could go wrong?

except he totally lies to angus about how he knows kravitz. some “we met in collage” or “in that one urinal in lankhmar, right?” bs, and kravitz just plays along because he knows taako’s weird about privacy.

just, like, awkward gays trying to be secretive about holding hands 5 feet behind angus as he Investigates Shit and thinking the fancy boy is none the wiser, like angus was born yesterday and isn’t the worlds greatest detective. he’s nice about it and plays along, though, and they sherlock the HELL out of the fucking town, and it’s cute and great and the best wizard-reaper-little boy cop show ever made

anonymous asked:

You.... You guys realize I can say "fuck" whenever I want, right? I mean, I get that I'm eleven, but also who is going to stop me? You guys aren't my parents. I can say whatever I want. Fuck. Shit. Heck. Dick. Vore. (I'm actually not sure what that one means but Taako says it a lot, so it's gotta be a swear word.) -Angus McDonald, World's Greatest fucking Detective