world greatest dad

Credem că cel mai rău lucru care ni se poate întâmpla este să ajungem singuri. Nu este așa. Cel mai rău lucru care ni se poate întâmpla este să ajungem înconjurat de oameni care ne fac să ne simțim singuri.
—  World’s Greatest Dad

I saw this ask and I…I just had to. @tomakehimfree I hope you like it. ^^

Warnings for mpreg if that’s not your cup of tea (it didn’t used to be mine, but I can’t pretend it hasn’t grown on me…dammit) 

He found it in a second hand store behind a set of novelty salt shakers, and bought it for less than the price of a soda. It wasn’t until he was already walking out with it that he realized just what it really meant.

It had a chip on the rim about the size of his thumb nail, and he was sure he could probably break the handle off without trying too hard. He doubted Victor would ever want to drink anything out of it – Yuri didn’t think he wanted to either. But the words printed on the front of the mug were enough for him, no matter how little use either of them would probably get out of it.

World’s Greatest Dad. 

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The OTBS Guys as Dads...


  • “I’m the world’s greatest Dad, aren’t I?” – expect this at least once every minute
  • Feels so rejected when the baby only stops crying for you

  • “Oh, I see how it is” and then he’s moody all night
  • Cried when baby was born but said he wasn’t crying and keeps repeating that he wasn’t crying

  • He was definitely crying
  • Buys the baby about a billion t-shirts saying things like ‘Daddy is the best’

  • Magically disappears whenever the baby’s nappy needs changing


  • Sometimes just looks at the baby in wonder and says “how can something so perfect exist?”
  • Offers to do whatever he can to help – he wants you to rest, after all

  • Can be found playing video games with the baby sprawled out on his lap like a puppy
  • Cute

  • Shows everyone photos of the baby and acts like such a proud Dad at every small milestone
  • When the baby wakes up crying at night, he gets out of bed before you to go soothe them, kissing your cheek and telling you to go back to sleep – he’s got this

  • Like, an amazing dad


  • Will just sit there silently looking at the baby, and the baby looks back at him the same way – they could probably do this for hours if you left them to it
  • Master Nappy Changer

  • He should win an award
  • Reads stories at bedtime in a surprisingly animated voice, with different voices for the characters – the baby loves it

  • “Let me take them” whenever he knows you’re tired
  • Silently pats the baby’s head in way of greeting

  • Tama is hella jealous
  • He’ll pat her head, too just to keep her happy


  • Still can’t believe he’s a dad – you keep catching him just staring at the baby in awe
  • Reads a lot of parenting books and keeps coming out with random facts like he’s some sort of expert now

  • The baby likes to be sick on his shoulder
  • It’s hilarious

  • He doesn’t think that it’s hilarious
  • Probably wanted to call the baby ‘Kaoru’

  • No.
  • Can be found fast asleep on the sofa with the baby tightly in his arms, also asleep

  • The baby likes to tease him by poking his face, because it somehow makes him sneeze, which is of course very entertaining


  • Full on cried when the baby was born – so adorable
  • Always protectively holding the baby

  • Tells the baby various different stories and talks to them as though they can understand a word he’s saying
  • Offers to do the cooking and the cleaning AND look after the baby while you get some rest

  • “That’s an order” he says when you go to protest
  • The baby will go out of their way to make Daddy smile whenever he looks really serious, prodding his face and saying nonsense sounds that actually mean ‘Cheer up Daddy!’

  • Will give you a massage every time you wince at a pain in your back
  • Makes the guys wash their hands before even touching the baby, and growls at them when they dare defy him

  • OMG the baby keeps growling!



  • Is convinced that the baby actually laughed at one of his puns once
  • It was wind…

  • When he feeds the baby, it’s like a game –
  • “Here comes the aeroplane!”
  • Regularly walks into doors and falls over on purpose just to make the baby laugh

  • Treasures this child and does not understand how something so perfect could exist
  • Wouldn’t take the naming process seriously at all – he had a few jokes he’d been meaning to use here

  • Keeps eating the baby’s strawberry yoghurts
  • Takes about a billion photos of the baby every day…

  • And of you when you tell him to stop
  • Kisses you gently every night and says “you actually make a fine mother”
Hayattaki en büyük korkumun yalnız kalmak olduğunu sanırdım , değilmiş. Hayattaki en büyük korkum etrafındaki insanların seni yalnız hissettirmesiymiş
—  World Greatest Dad

Okay but mental image/headcanon:

Sully half asleep, bright and early, drinking a cup of coffee with a mug in his hand. Nate got him the mug many years ago as an affectionately jokey Father’s Day present. The mug says “World’s Greatest Dad”, but Nate took a sharpie and scribbled “Not” right above “Dad” so it says “World’s Greatest Not Dad”. Nate doesn’t know, but Sully kept it and got it re-glazed so Nate’s writing wouldn’t wash off.

I wrote a thing, I never write things, holy shit, someone help me.

Summary: Scanlan is not the world’s greatest dad but there are definitely worse.

So look, alright, Scanlan knows he’s not exactly in the running for World’s Greatest Dad. He’s pretty new to the whole Dad thing, really, and so far all he’s gotten down is that he loves Kaylee more than anything on this stupid planet and an overwhelming sense of panic that accompanies almost every single thought he has of her. Maybe Kaylee still plans on killing him and has chosen “heart attack” as her means of assassination. If so, it’s fucking working.

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