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how weird is our favourite show that it feels completely normal having capital G making pancakes while wearing apron and drinking from a “World Greatest Dad” mug? oh! also, lucifer is sulking in sam’s room. hahaha

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can you do a danny williams x reader where the reader is pregnant and goes into labor during a case

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It was Steve’s idea for him and Danny to track a suspect into the middle of the woods. Though, it wasn’t Steve’s idea to move so far in that it was impossible to get out in time to beat the approaching darkness. 

To top things off, Kono had just called Danny to tell him that you were going into labor.

“Her water broke? Oh my God,” he muttered, “please tell her that I will be there soon. I’m not missing the birth of my child.” 

Danny hung up the phone, watching Steve pick up his. Steve received confirmation that helicopter would be arriving soon. Danny shook his head and huffed. 

“I’m going to miss the birth of my daughter because of you. I’m not going to be able to hold her or hear her cry for the first time. All because you thought it would be a good idea to walk this far into the woods, Tarzan.” 

Before Steve could even retort, they heard the sound of a helicopter overhead. Danny began flailing his arms, as if it was going to make the copter go faster. 

Luckily, they got on the helicopter fast enough. The car was waiting for them when they landed, and of course, Steve drove to the hospital. 

Danny rushed into your hospital, making it just in time.

“Nice of you to make it,” you said, attempting to laugh but instead succumbing to the pain.

Danny just laughed, grateful that he made it on time. He had been here twice before, but there was something so new and wonderful about it. His eyes began to swell with tears of joy, as he heard the doctor instruct one last push. With that, a cry rang out. The doctor asked Danny to cut the cord. 

The nurses finished cleaning the baby girl, handing her to you and Danny/ 

“She’s beautiful,” you cried. 

“Just like you,” he spoke, placing a kiss on your forehead. 

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A/N: Sorry for the semi-graphic childbirth scene!