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Skilled, determined and broke: Africa's female football pioneers
Despite social and sporting progress, even the best teams at the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations struggle to fund friendlies
By Maeve Shearlaw

Please take the time to read this. Often our focus is on the USWNT, canWNT, Germany, etc and I think it’s important that as fans we do everything we can to support CAF teams too.


You’d better know about Eurovision, because I fucking love it and if you’ve been around here for over a year then you probably already know that I post about it a lot the days before and after it takes place.

FIFA, the international soccer organization, has long been seen as corrupt—and now U.S. and Swiss authorities are doing something about it. Nine FIFA officials were indicted Wednesday on charges of corruption in a $150 million bribery scandal, and more charges are likely coming. Part of the scandal includes the controversial decision to let Qatar host the World Cup in 2022. Construction of stadiums in Qatar has led to more than 1,000 worker deaths because of harsh labor conditions. At the current rate, at least 62 workers will have died for every World Cup game played.


7 FIFA officials have been arrested for corruption 

Seven FIFA officials were arrested in Switzerland at the request of the United States after being indicted for corruption and racketeering, when their five-star hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich was raided at dawn Wednesday. The soccer officials are being charged with conspiring to solicit and receive well over $150 million in bribes and kickbacks. Cue John Oliver.


Germany-Netherlands soccer match evacuated after credible bomb threat

Authorities have evacuated HDI Arena in Hannover, Germany, where a game between the German and Netherlands soccer teams was scheduled to take place on Tuesday night. Deutsche Welle reported the local chief of police says law enforcement had learned of a “device intended to be detonated inside the stadium.” One world leader was scheduled to be in attendance.