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Double trouble. Reppin’ BFSN & PR for the World Baseball Classic ‘17!

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can u believe there are literally people out there telling mark, literally @‘ing him on twitter, that he doesn’t work hard enough when the reason we know him is bc he flew across the world and left his family, learnt a whole new language and trained for nearly 4 years all in the name of a dream he’d never thought possible or fathomed and still can’t believe to this day mark has committed more hard work and sacrificed more in half a decade than some of us will ever do in our lives and i’m sick of this shit

Tonight I had seen SHINee, I honestly can’t get over how amazing it was. I got to see Key and the other boys live. It was an amazing experience and I’m actually lowkey crying in bed cause I can’t believe it’s actually over and I actually went. Thank you so much to everyone who made it happen, also thank you to the Japanese shawols who sent lightsticks to Canada for fans who wouldn’t have any. Thank you to the person who bought me the key fanmade light stick. Thank you boys. Thank you so much.
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It wasn’t too often anymore that Jason dropped off the face of the earth, traveled halfway around the world and ignored his family’s phone calls, but when he did it was usually for something ridiculously dangerous.

There were a number of things he’d been expecting, walking into this meeting. She had not been one of them.

Just a friendly reminder:

  • Steve Universe is a children’s animation that has themes of mourning, identity, romance both straight and lbgt, representation, a predominately female group in a scifi/fantasy setting
  • Gravity Falls is an enthralling mystery with suspense, horror, strained relationships within a family, having a positive outlook on an uncertain future. Also a children’s animation
  • Avatar the Last Airbender is an Asianic inspired adventure where an eclectic group of protagonists, powered and non, all under the age of 15 are responsible for ending a 100 year war. Is nonspecific oriented in terms of age demographic
  • The Amazing World of Gumball uses an eclectic array of animation/art styles, has genuine humor and toys with trope expectations, but also deals several heart warming moments. Definitely intended for children, but has a few more adult jokes. 
  • Clarence is a light hearted look into the almost idealistic world of childhood memory and experiences. Once again a Children’s animation. 
  • Regular Show is, while intended for children, a stoner comedy with themes of growing up and dealing with relationships romantic or non, particularly moving on. 
  • Adventure Time, despite in my personal opinion straining under its own weight in recent years, delves into aspects of depression, nurodiversity, responsibility, themes of growing up,  accepting mortality, morality is a grey area being a reoccurring theme. Also a children’s animation. 
  • Star VS the Forces of Evil, a children’s animation with a female protagonist and a Hispanic male lead, is a subversion of the magical girl genre in anime with unique style and humor, deals with the aftereffects of colonialism(both from the oppressed and the descendants of oppressors)
  • Bojack Horseman, an adult animation, delves into the psychosis of an alcoholic struggling with depression and self loathing, toxic relationships, the effects of having and loosing fame, has an asexual supporting character, and heavily deals with the consequences of our actions for better or for worse. 
  • The Adventures of Rick and Morty, another adult animation, deals with existentialism, depression, surviving an attempted sexual assault, sacrificing your freedom for your family, and much, much dark humor. 

Meanwhile Seth Macfarlene is still swimming in the stagnate pile of decaying fecal matter and vomit that is his three series, Family Guy being the worst offender. Littered with horrible messages, shock humor that tries far too hard and is pathetic to watch, and completely insulting to everyone. Hell, even the Simpsons are still fresh and interesting after a decade on the air. And the remakes of Teen Titans and Power Puff Girls are an insult to the original series, and are peddled off as for children. 

If you ever feel sad just think about the fact that Alec Lightwood canonically wakes up every morning to the love of his life and his beautiful cat eyes, with the softest smile and probably the most adorable bed hair, and they probably have a few moments of peace and gentle morning kisses before a hurricane of blue and black hair comes running into their room and jumping up onto their bed. Just imagine our Alec Lightwood and our Magnus Bane, who both never thought they’d get to be here, wrapping their boys in a giant hug, pressing big kisses to the top of each of their heads and laughing softly, both still unable to believe that they got so damn lucky, that after all the heartache and pain they both went through, they finally got to have a love that felt like coming home, and they finally got to have a family…


You go boy. Yah more things for my AU. Angry waifu is more scarier than finding a bomb in your room. _(;3

Mc A: You’re so bold today~

Saeran: Sighs…