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Same old Results

what if for Worlds, every single team wore the exact same black uniform, gym names were only announced my number..? would we stop looking at big gym names and start actually paying attention to skill level? would the same people be winning worlds?

Imagine #56

Imagine seeing Draco and Lucius at a quidditch game and they invite you to come and watch it with them

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Aro/Ace (spec) wizards and witches getting aro/ace flags from there families that are charmed to turn into flags for their favourite quiditch teams when they want them too (or alternating at regular intervals) - S

Percy’s and Oliver’s hang side-by-side in their dorm and switch at the same time. 

All of the a-spec Hufflepuffs hang them in the common room.

During the Triwizard Tournament all of the a-spec Durmstrang students tack them to the ceilings of their rooms on the ship for a little home-away-from-home. Of course they’re all for the Bulgarian National Quidditch Team.

Draco’s appears when he closes all the curtains on his four poster bed in the Slytherin dorm. It hangs above him near the foot of the bed.

On bright, sunny weekends (especially on days there’s a match) a-spec Ravenclaws hang theirs from the windows of Ravenclaw Tower. You can see them from most places on the grounds.

Fans bring their flags to the Quidditch World Cup and while cheering their team to victory they get to educate a few of their fellow spectators about their orientation.

- Ravenclaw Mod