world cup '86


25 years ago today - June 22, 1986 - the best goal ever scored.

This is an amazing post on twitter:

“Messi doesn’t care about Argentina the way Maradona does.” Maradona won World Cup 86’ and became a National hero, right? But what really happened before it? He stopped playing between 82 & 85. Maradona didn’t want to play most qualifying games. And while he wasn’t playing for his NT, he played unnecessary testimonials and Sponsor games who paid him very well. Then Bilardo called him and Maradona wanted him to get ride of certain players. Bilardo accepted. Argentina won the World Cup, which is amazing. Maradona is a myth but people only remember 86’ WC, not before, not after. Leo Messi played against Slovakia sick. And it was a friendly game. You can criticize him, but not his commitment for his country.