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The Sailor Moon paper I wrote for my gender studies class

Last week, I mentioned the presentation I did on Sailor Moon for my gender studies class, and how my professor was so impressed by Sailor Moon’s themes that she told me she wants to show it to her kids. Anyway, I promised that I would post the paper the presentation focused on once I finished writing it, so here it is!

I drew quite a bit from a previous paper I wrote on Sailor Moon, but I also included a lot of new things. Particularly, I added sections on how femininity is often negatively portrayed in the media, Haruka’s gender nonconformity in the manga, and the presence of the Outer family.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

It seems as though more and more frequently, the lack of female-centric media is being called into question. It appears as though the majority of movies, tv shows, and other media feature a male protagonist, with female characters being relegated to the sidelines. Even if there is a female protagonist, it often feels like she doesn’t get to develop strong relationships with other female characters. The lack of deep female relationships and overall female representation in media is indeed unacceptable; the same can be said for the lack of representation regarding LGBT people. However, I feel as though we should praise a particular series that not only delivers on those things, but proves that doing so can lead to massive success. It’s called Sailor Moon (known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon in its native country of Japan), an anime (cartoon) and manga (comic book) series aimed at girls. Sailor Moon is so impressive because it provides positive portrayals of femininity, female relationships (both platonic and romantic), gender nonconformity, and even non-traditional families.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, which means “Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon” in Japanese, was created by a female Japanese mangaka, or manga artist, named Naoko Takeuchi. The manga debuted in the girls’ magazine Nakayoshi on December 28, 1991 and ended on February 3, 1997; the animated adaptation premiered on March 7, 1992 and ended February 8, 1997. From the very beginning, Sailor Moon was a smash hit; originally intended to only consist of a single arc, its popularity caused Takeuchi to expand it to five arcs. In addition to the original anime and manga, Sailor Moon’s enormous popularity has resulted in, as of 2017: A series of stage musicals, 31 in all; three movies with theatrical releases; a live-action series that comprised of 52 episodes; numerous rereleases of the manga and anime; many video game spinoffs; many foreign-language dubs; and finally, a new, updated anime reboot entitled Sailor Moon Crystal that is ongoing.

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Lexa is pretty much a legend at the high school right? It'd be cool to see her and Clarke go back after a while. Like the staff asking them to come and visit.

Yeah I think both Lexa and Clarke are legends! Lexa for NFL, Clarke for being a world class artist!

My Sailor Moon argumentative thesis (final draft)

For my Mass Media and Society class, I had to write an argumentative paper; luckily, I managed to incorporate Sailor Moon into it! Ever since I announced I was writing it, my followers have been clamoring for me to share the finishing result, so here it is! Warning: It’s super fucking long, around 2,300 words.

NOTE: I posted my rough draft earlier, but this is the final copy. It’s not much different (as my teacher was happy with the majority of it), but there are some tweaks here and there. So here it is!

Sailor Moon: A Timeless Phenomenon

The world of entertainment is oftentimes unstable. Something that is at the height of popularity at one point can drop into near-obscurity just a few months later, trends are set and broken simultaneously, and what an audience is looking for in their choice of entertainment can vary widely even over a short period of time. However, there are some series that are, in effect, timeless, managing to stay popular and relevant for years, long past the point of their conclusions. One such series is Sailor Moon (known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon in its native country of Japan), an anime (cartoon) and manga (comic book) series, which is aimed at girls. Although many believe that Sailor Moon was nothing more than a passing trend, it continues to have a significantly positive impact on both girls and popular culture even after 22 years.

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Rather than getting vague and repetitive on a handful of asks about Robert’s Rebellion, this is an explanation of my current best guess at how Rhaegar seems to have been thinking. Obviously there’s plenty we don’t know and a lot of ways to fill in those gaps. But, assuming only that the information presented in WOIAF is accurate, there is one discernible pattern here: Rhaegar was a world-class choke artist.

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Think you’ve got what it takes to run with the big dawgs? Enter the fast ball world of the most elite and renown multi-business syndicate in the world. The Gold Dynasty is now hiring for all positions in this multi-billion dollar company. Not very business minded? Mix and mingle with the A-listers and overlords of the night club scene within the walls of The Platinum Night Club or sit in with top world class professional artists for a session within the walls of the Silver Ink Tattoos studio. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out here when there’s billions of dollars of money to be made. Money rules everything. Money is power. Power is everything. There’s always a place for everyone here in The Gold Dynasty. Everyone but… the faint of heart. 

18+ muse & mun | all k-industry | literate au k-rp

◣ The Gold Dynasty | ◣ About | ◣ Masterlist |  ◣ Rules | ◣ Application

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Evening, friend! I like your blog, and how you potrays all the characters! <3 good luck on writing, sweetheart! All right, can I request the RFA, V and Saeran's reaction when MC protects THEM from thugs? And when they dig deeper, MC is actually a world class martial artist (Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido, any kind of arts is fine!). It's my dream to become a taekwondo athlete :'3

good morning chingu! thank for request anon-nim. good luck in achieving your dream~!

And now for the exact opposite… (I’m not very knowledgeable about most martial arts. The most I know is from my friends who are part of my uni’s Taekwondo club)


  • he insisted that you didn’t have to pick him up after his night lab
  • but you were just so eager to see him
  • you decided to take a shortcut through an alley
  • when a group of drunk guys ambush you
  • Yoosung screams when you let go of his hand
  • but he stops halfway when he sees you flip one of the guys over
  • the rest of the guys flee in terror and you hold Yoosung’s hand again
  • “heol…MC where did you learn to fight like that?”
  • “I’ve been learning Taekwondo since I was nine.”
  • Yoosung can’t stop grinning at you
  • “you have to teach me too~”


  • Zen has his fair share of over-zealous fans
  • but he seems to have an equal amount of envious antis
  • one night, as the two of you are dragging yourselves from a filming
  • a crazed anti rushes towards Zen with a kitchen knife
  • Zen tries to shield you
  • but you brush past him, tackling the attacker to the ground  
  • you hit him in all his pressure points, before getting your phone out and calling the police
  • “jagi…oh my god! I-how did you do that?”
  • you still have the attacker pinned to the ground as he squirms to get out of your hold, yet you calmly answer
  • “I’ve been doing Karate for ages.”
  • he blushes as he realises how much of a prince charming you really are


  • there had been a wave of muggings in the neighbourhood lately
  • but you didn’t feel too anxious about Jaehee’s safety because of her Judo training
  • however, you still wanted to walk home with her since it was no fun waiting in the apartment by yourself
  • you were approached by a group of men
  • they stared the two of you down thinking “two against seven. good fucking luck”
  • Jaehee just looked to you as stared the men down
  • you released hell on the group
  • then she joined in
  • being absolutely merciless towards them
  • “MC I didn’t realise how strong you were. How…”
  • “Jaehee, I’ve been doing Judo for years. I’m sorry, I should’ve told you…”
  • she just hugged you and started gushing about how she has a sparring partner as the two of you headed home


  • with Jumin being away on such a long business trip to London, you had exhausted all the recreational facilities available in the penthouse
  • so you enlisted the guards to teach you how to defend yourself and teach you Taekwondo
  • they were apprehensive at first, but you rationalised to them that it never hurts to be prepared
  • when he returns, you insist on being the first one to greet him as he gets off the plane
  • the two of you sit in the back seat, his head rested against your shoulder
  • suddenly, driver kim slammed his foot down on the brake
  • Jumin jolted awake, still half asleep when he saw what was going on
  • men surrounding the car, armed with pistols
  • they made you exit the car and kneel on the ground
  • as one man held a gun to your head, you pulled his arm and flipped him over, crushing the hand that held the pistol with your heel
  • the rest of them fled in terror
  • and Jumin could only stare with his mouth wide
  • “Jumin-oppa, from now you shall address me as ‘princess protein’”
  • he complied willingly


  • Seven insists that he must drive his ‘babies’ everywhere, despite being paranoid over them getting the tiniest scratch
  • and his worst nightmare kinda comes true when you guys are walking back to the car after a fruitless shopping trip
  • you’re about two steps behind (you’re exhausted that’s why)
  • when the man grabs you from behind
  • Seven finally notices your absence and when he sees you
  • jawdrop
  • you slam the guy’s head into the back window
  • Seven.exe has stopped running
  • you then pin the guy down, putting his hands behind his back
  • you threaten the man, whispering “if you ever have the urge to attack someone, remember me and I’ll come for you”
  • the man runs away in fear
  • Seven approaches, not sure how to use words anymore
  • “the gu- you- flippity-holy shit…”
  • “agent 606 is trained in Hapkido. you don’t have to worry agent 707.”


  • he discovers your superpower right after his surgery
  • some jackass thinks it’ll be easy to attack him
  • they don’t even notice you right next to him (how can they not?)
  • but they grab V by his collar and start punching him on his cheek
  • without hesitation, you land a kick square on the jackass’ sternum
  • all V sees is a violent mess of colours as you and the attacker try and land punches on each other
  • you’re doing pretty well, until the attacker lands a blow on your cheek – in the exact same spot as V’s bruise
  • you regain your balance and eventually halt the man in continuing his goal
  • as you pick V up off the ground, you hold onto his bruised cheek and lead his hand to your bruise
  • “hey we match” you giggle
  • even through his tears, he manages to match your laugh
  • “how did you know to do that?”
  • “Judo.”
  • “you gotta teach me soon MC”


  • you guys are taking your weekly walk around the neighbourhood
  • this time you guys are walking around at night
  • Saeran thinks that people are following you two
  • you brush it off
  • “this neighbourhood is safe…”
  • but it isn’t
  • a group of drunk bastards looking for a fight punch Saeran’s head
  • Saeran immediately falls to the ground, losing his vision momentarily
  • when he regains it, you’re knocking the men into one another, kicking their hands, effortlessly blocking their punches
  • when the men realise they’re going to actually die if they keep this up, they leave
  • you turn to Saeran and cannot stop apologising for not being to protect him
  • he brushes it off
  • “that was a terrifying experience, but I’m glad you were here. by the way, where did you learn to do that?”
  • “Kung-Fu. I used to take lessons, but I slacked off for a bit.”
  • he thought you were as amazing as the characters in the martial arts movies you showed him

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inojin/sarada + lab partners for chemistry 8)

“Don’t just sit there!”

Inojin sighs, long and low.  He offers Sarada his best attempt at a long suffering stare.  She isn’t impressed.

“I can’t be the only one working,” she says.  She gestures wildly at the tongs, at the reagent bottles, at the test tubes—at anything, really.  “Get started on the other experiment, or we’ll run out of time.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Are you serious?”  Sarada turns to him with an irate scowl, pushing her glasses higher up her nose.  “Didn’t you read the lab manual before class?”

Inojin crosses his arms over his chest.  “Well, not everyone’s mom is a world-class scientist.”

“What does that have to do with it?”

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Heres an exclusive look at the torso of my piece for tonight’s #artawakens art show at Gallery 1988 in LA. The show is a partnership between Disney, LucasFilm, Bad Robot and Gallery1988, and is only open this weekend. I was fortunate to get a look at the world-class roster of artists in this show, and it is a can’t-miss event. A majority of the paintings and prints will be available exclusively on eBay (proceeds go to charity), but 7 screenprints, each from a VERY limited edition, will be available IN GALLERY for purchase throughout the weekend.

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So far my psychic powers have worked for everything expect the Operetta & Draculaura Die-ner. Had I had any inkling they would never show their faces at our Walmart again, I’d have put them on layaway at Christmas u_u

But almost everything else, I’ve waited (sometimes agonizing because stuff like the Vanity disappeared for a while, too) and gotten for half price… The new Scaremester, Ashlynn & Hunter, HTC Abbey, all the HTC deluxe actually… Cleos Vanity, Cleo & the Oasis, all of the deluxe fashion packs, etc etc.

I am pleased with my doll haul this spring and am prepared for the new ones.

*whispers* Bring it Mattel…

*low rumble in the distance*

*little bit louder now*



secret prints for the old fictional world design squad shhhhhhh

Should I Stay Or Should I Go (feat. Kylie)
Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
Should I Stay Or Should I Go (feat. Kylie)

Should I Stay Or Should I Go (feat. Kylie) - Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

Jools Holland is back with a brand new album and an elite gathering of world-class female artists. Sirens Of Song highlights Jools’ talent for amazing collaborations and features duets between the music maestro himself and some of the most iconic female voices in contemporary and classic music: Kylie, Emeli Sandé, Joss Stone, Laura Mvula, Imelda May and Rumer to name just a few. Sirens Of Song will be released on Monday 24th November by East West.”

Kylie – Should I Stay Or Should I Go
The perfect blend of a music cocktail – take the essence of Professor Longhair’s New Orleans piano style, select a Jones and Strummer Clash punk classic, invite a poptastic global superstar to the Holland studio … Result.

Back For You

Harry Styles Oneshot

Warnings: Smut


                It was the first time I had seen Harry in three years, since he went off and became a world class musical artist. The moment I opened my door to be met with that familiar, cheeky grin, I nearly tackled him to the ground. He laughed as I wrapped my arms around him, mumbling incoherent sentences about how much I had missed him. Instead of going out for lunch, like I suggested, he decided that he wanted to take me back to his place and watch a movie. His parents were out of town and he wanted to catch up without any interruptions.

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