world championship show


CGT Dallas IO 2016

Hey these guys are pretty cool, you should watch their show.

Im also performing with them in world this year :) -Jack


Yuna Kim : 2016″ All Exhibition Programs (Jr.+Sr.) 
                          Ben, One Day I’ll Fly Away,
                          Reflection, Just a Girl, Once Upon a Dream, Only Hope, Gold,
                          Don’t Stop the Music,  Méditation from Thaïs, Bulletproof,
                          Fever, All of Me,  Someone Like You, El Tango de Roxanne, Imagine,
                          Nessun Dorma 


Braddock Independent’s 2009 Show entitled, “We Do It To Ourselves”.

I honestly don’t really even know what to say besides, Just Watch it



Zydeco IW Winter guard 2012


It’s my beautiful boy’s birthday so how could I not post 100 photos of his handsome face? Happy birthday Chap. I love you so much. Our journey has not been an easy one, but you’ve got me to be the rider I am today. In the beginning, it was quite rough. You’d often drag me around the arena and take off because I wasn’t strong enough to ride you. Almost three years later we have come a long way. In a new division starting this year too. I’m so exited to say that I will be riding you at the Worlds Championship horse show down in Louisville Kentucky this August. Thank you for sticking with me and giving me your best. I love you so much you goofball.


Espargabros, Moto2 Catalunya GP 2011


(via 151229 EXフル&YUZU×SHOMA - Dailymotion動画)

Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno’s friendly talk 

(from the 4.15 minute mark of the video)

Nakamura Mitsuhiro: From Uno-senshu’s perspective, what is Hanyu-senshu like?

Shoma: He is really someone who is always very nice to me. During competitions and exhibitions, through talking with me about random topics, he always builds up the mood and makes it enjoyable. 

Yuzuru: We often talk about video games too, don’t we?

Shoma: Yes. Because we are gamers.(laughs)

Yuzuru: He really likes video games. Though its not my place to say this about others, but he really likes video games very much. 

Nakamura: Although I think any periods of rest will be short for you, do you have time off from practice?

Yuzuru: I think I have, but I don’t think Shoma has any. (laughs)

Shoma: I think I probably will have this year.

Yuzuru: Ah, you will have.

Shoma: Until last year, I didn’t.

Nakamura: What do you do during your time off?

Shoma: Sleep…play games… that’s about it.(laughs)

Yuzuru: It’s probably the same for me. Sleep and play games.

Nakamura: Both of you together! (laughs)

Voiceover: Both of them like to play video games in their private time. We ask them to share their ambitions for the World Championships.

Shoma: There is still some time until the World Championships. I want to show up in my best condition, and work hard so as to be able to return with a smile.

Yuzuru: As for me, in any case I want to keep on challenging myself, to create the best I am capable of for the World Championships.


On this day: With Sting’s allegiance belonging to the Wolfpac and The Giant’s to nWo Hollywood, their WCW World Tag Team Title is vacated and put up for grabs in a singles showdown. After twice hitting the Scorpion Death Drop and Giant twice kicking out, Sting hits an elevated Death Drop to slay The Giant and gain control of the Tag Team Championship. (6/14/98)


Yuna Kim + Bule and Pink + Sleeveless Halterneck Style

ATSSummer 2013 : “Les Miserables” by Claude Michel Schonberg
09-10 season FS : “Concerto in F” by George Gershwin
06-07 season EX : “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera
07-08 season EX : “Only Hope” by Mandy Moore  

ELF Minstrel competing in the SSA World Championship Halter Show (Mares & Geldings Edited class) on Equus-Sims

(Hi guys! It’s been a long whiles since I updated; sorry! I took an unofficial hiatus from The Sims to concentrate on RL things a bit, and therefore my activity on ES suffered. But I’m back, a little bit! Lots has happened since my last tumblr post- for starters ELF Minstrel and ELF Amadeus earned their ES Lifetime World Champion titles! :D)