world championship 2006

Che tempo che fa interview

It starts well with a nice opening.

The host makes a few jokes but nice, word plays and roman dialect with the song.

Then he talks a bit with Francesco and talks him kindly. He said that for us italian he won. That like 2006 world championship cup (football) he made us interested in our country. He brought 5.300.000 italians in front on the screen, a record for an Eurovision broadcast (in italy). They talked a bit about the prize he got (Best song, given by the press). And they made a small video of his adventure in Kiev.
The host joked about his still present energy even though today he woke up early to fly from kiev to be in time on the show of tonight.

He kept smiling as always.

Then he sung Amen/Occidentali’s Karma, and then the new song Tra le Granite e le Granate.

After the break they talked a bit more about the album, the meaning of the song, and his live tour this summer.

(the order of the things happening maybeeee are not so precise, like him I don’t have a perfect memory xD)

There is a second part of this show so just wait for a reply to this post! :D

Jonathan Toews Career Resume thus far:

• 3-Time Stanley Cup Champion
(2010, 2013, 2015)
• 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist (2010, 2014)
• World Cup of Hockey Gold Medalist (2016)
• 5-Time NHL All Star
• 2-Time World Junior Championship Gold Medalist (2006, 2007)
• Conn Smythe Trophy Winner (2010)
• Frank J. Selke Trophy Winner (2013)
• Mark Messier Leadership Award Winner (2015)


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