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1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 824:
WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
Shawn Michaels (Champion) Vs. Rob Van Dam

WWE Raw [November 25th, 2002]

This is a dream match situation for anyone who’s followed the careers of both men. The quick-paced styles of both Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels have entertained fans of both technical wrestling and high flying abilities, and for years, fans wondered what this match up would be like. Though I wish it had happened 8 years sooner, the encounter took place in 2002, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was on the line!

                               Qing Pang and Jian Tong Watchpost

1998/1999: SP (Dance Espanol)

1999/2000SP (Tres minutos con la realidad) LP (The red poppy)

2001/2002: SP (Illumination)   LP (Rach #2)

2002/2003SP (Illumination)   LP (Rach #2)

2003/2004SP (Illumination) LP (Variations on a theme of Paganini)

2004/2005: SP (All I ask of you from POTO) LP (Butterfly lovers)

2005/2006: SP (Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini) LP (POTO)

2006/2007SP (O Doux Printemps d’Autrefois) LP (POTO)

2007/2008SP (O Doux Printemps d’Autrefois) LP (Romeo and Juliet)

2008/2009: SP (Midnight Blues) LP (Tango selecton)

2009/2010SP (The Pearlfishers) LP (The Impossible dream)

2010/2011: SP1 (Nocturne in C Sharp minor)  SP2 (The Pearlfishers) LP (Liebestraum)

2011/2012: SP (Nocturne in C Sharp minor)  LP (Sheherazade)

2012/2013: SP (Scott and Fran’s Paso Doble) LP (Enigma)

2013/2014: SP (Lady Caliph)  LP (Les Miserables)


Bonus: I thought that an Olympic medal was my dream. But today, my dream is to skate with you forever.

Qing and Jian were at top-5 at 3 Olympic Games and at top-5 and 12, count ‘em 12 times at top-5 at World Championships, since 2002 till 2013. Don’t be lazy and watch these guys. They are amazing, you won’t be disappointed.


Reclaiming Fitspo: Seema Antil

Seema Punia Antil is an Indian discus thrower. Born in 1983 to a Jat family in the Sonipat district in Haryana, Antil showed her strength in athletics at a young age. When she was 11, she began to compete as a hurdler and a long jumper. Great success in these areas encouraged her to later pick up discus.

As a student in the Government College, Sonipat, Antil won national acclaim with a throw of 57.30m. This throw dethroned India’s National champion at the time, Olympian Neelam J. Singh. At the age of 17, Antil then won the gold medal in 2000 at the World Junior Championships. Although she ended up losing the title, she went on to win the bronze medal at the next World Junior Championships in 2002.

Antil has won the silver medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, the bronze medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the silver at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the gold at the 2014 Asian Games. She even competed in the London Olympics in 2012, finishing in 13th place.

Standing at 6 feet tall and 207 pounds, Antil’s personal best throw is 61.03m (200.2 ft).

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Reclaiming Fitspo: Maritza Correia

Correia is an American competitive swimmer. Born and raised in Puerto Rico with parents who were natives of Guyana, Correia was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 7. Her doctor recommended that she take swimming lessons as a form of physical therapy. It wasn’t long afterward that she joined her school’s swimming team and started to break regional records.

In 1999, she became the U.S. National Champion in the 50m freestyle in the 18 and under category, as well as a six time Florida High School State Champion in multiple events. Correia was a member of both the 1997 USA National Junior Team and the 1999 USA Short Course World Championship Team. Later on, as a member of the University of Georgia, she aided her swim team in winning their title in the 400m freestyle relay. She earned a share of the SEC Commissioner’s Trophy for high point honors, making her the first and only swimmer in SEC history to win an SEC title in all Freestyle events. During her college career, she was a 27-time All-American, and 11 Time NCAA Champion.

Although she tried out for the 2000 US Olympic swimming team and failed to make the cut, Correia spent the next four years winning a number of international medals: Gold in the 2001 World Championship, 2002 National Champion in the 50y and 100y freestyle, gold in the 2003 World Championships, and gold in the 2004 Short Course World Championships. These achievements made her the first Black US swimmer to set an American and World swimming record

In 2004, Correia became the first Puerto Rican of African descent to be on the USA Olympic Swimming Team. She went on to win silver in the 400m free relay.

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