world challange


Hey, I have a challange for YOU
I’m giving you a list of things you can do, please, do at least one of these things and reblog!

• buy a sandwich for a homeless person
• donate at least 1$ for charity
• help someone with shopping bags (it can be your neighbor)
• stop someone from killing a spider or a bee
• smile to a cashier (remember to say things like good morning and thank you)
• take a dog from animal shelter for a walk, you don’t have to adopt it
• give your old toys/books/clothes to the needy (kids in hospitals may like your stuff)
• have a meal with a lonely person
• give your bus seat to and elder
• tell your neighbors that they can rely on you
• offer to take a picture for tourists
• pick up just one litter and put it in a trash can, you don’t have to clean the whole street
• compliment a stranger, but try to think about their personality, not just their looks. Maybe they are reading some super cool book and you can tell them that they have a good taste?
• donate blood
• call your siblings/grandparents/parents/ anyone from family, ask them how is their life going and tell them how much you appriciate them
• put something back in its place in the shop, if you decide you don’t want to buy it
• if you are going to cut you hair anyway, don’t throw them away, donate them
• share an umbrella with a stranger
• react when you see some animal walking alone on the street (take it away, please)
• say kind things!!

Let’s make this world a better place!

Is it just me...

or does anyone else think that the writing for Riverdale gets worse and worse with each ep? It started off as a cool murder mystery and touched on heavy themes and interesting, relevant stuff, then it got even more shippy than the Archie comics and now it’s turned into a whiny teenage drama angst-fest with no real plot to speak of and repetition of the same boring themes 24 times each episode. See:

- Veroinca’s unresolved and frankly boring family drama

- Betty’s unresolved and frankly boring family drama

- Archie’s unresolved and frankly boring family drama

- lack of properly dealing with the Grundy conundrum

- Jughead’s interesting but underplayed family drama

- Jughead and Betty’s godawful, boring “relationship” (do the writers think that’s how people in love behave? ignoring the easure of his aromanticism (and likely also asexuality) it’s still the weakest romance plot in the show, yet for some reason the only continuous one???)
like, if you’re gonna continue your queerbaiting, CW, and erase his identity, at least make it mildly entertaining???

- repetition of “Cheryl behaves vaguely human-like for about 12 seconds, then turns into a hateful anger-robot seeking vengeance against people who did nothing to her/challanged the world-view she already knows to be wrong”

- did I mention lack of addressing the Murder Plot in the Murder Mystery show? because lack of addressing the Murder Plot int the Murder Mystery show

- also, what happened to Cherly and Veronica’s friendship??

- total lack of Kevin’s character development beyond anything from “gay” to “gay with starcrossed boyfriend” (wannabe Shakespeare much? not that Shakespeare did it well either…)

- “Ah, yes, I love the classic Archie characters: Archie, Veronica, Betty, uh…. Bughead?? I think??? that must clearly be his name… um.. the Gay One and… uh… *looks at smudged writing on hand* Roger Jacket??”

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30 days volleyball challange; day 8 - first volleyball memory ~ Poland NT at 2006 World Championship

Me and my world challange group after voluntary work in Vietnam :)

We went with an organisation for 3 weeks and we did trecking and voluntary work.

It was hard work but i recommend it to everyone who wants to go.

In the picture is the family who we helped build a kitchen for. They were cooking in a room filled with vermin and cockroaches and it was so bad. They had no bathroom and only 2 rooms in their house, both were bedrooms. The woman in this picture was so overcome with the work that we did for her and the gifts we gave her that she started crying. It was an emotional trip but made me a better person :) I’m stood at the back as im a lanky shit ;)