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Monster Mondays 10: The Ghost

When to introduce a Ghost into your campaign.

Simply put, a Ghost is perfect for a party at any collective level because they are better suited for role-play encounters, with the possibility for a combat in your side pocket. While you don’t need to fully understand all the intricacies of death in your home-brew world before starting a campaign, you may want to put some thought into what happens when people die. 

The DMN says that souls travel to the deity of their alignment in life after death, and that the Ethereal Plane is a transitive world spirits (and eventually the PCs) can travel through. With this in mind, bring a Ghost into your game when you’d like to introduce other planes of existence in a safe way, before your players are really able to travel through them. Set up that player knowledge by showing what this monster can do.

 If you’d like your world to feel bigger, introduce a Ghost: an undead who is denied their afterlife and remain here with us. Their existence implies there is something greater, and that a peaceful end isn’t guaranteed. 

How to introduce a Ghost into your campaign.

Ghosts, in popular culture and folklore, either haunt a particular location or person, and they are either aware of their denial of an afterlife or are oblivious of their situation entirely. In my campaign, Ghosts obsess over one emotion: either grief, anger, or fear. These were their last moments in life, and it guides my role-play lines with the players. 

I also make it a rule that all ghosts are ‘locked in time’ and so they refuse or cannot understand events that took place after their death. Through dialogue, Ghosts can drop hints about plot points from the perspective of someone from long ago, a perfect interview subject. 

If you’d like to use Ghosts in combat, I typically warn the players of their Horrifying Visage ability through storytelling. Leave clues or have the Ghost warn them not to insult them further, etc. before firing off a spell that could potentially kill Human characters. Remember that there are other Ghost-like undead that can probably put up a better fight, so lean on Ghosts for good role-play moments during combat instead of daring feats… although any Possession-like ability is frightening to anybody. 

Only Yours

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Word count: 3863
Warnings/Tags: angry/possessive sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up, folks), grace kink, wings
Special thanks to @sumara62 for the beta.  Your little touches make this so much better and you never fail to help me find a title when I get stuck.  

Written for my 100/200 follower celebration

Requested by: @girl-next-door-writes
Quote: “Wait a minute.  Are you jealous?”
Kink:  Calming the others anger (with sex)

“You’re pretty, you know that?” Sam slurs his words from the passenger side of your car and you resist the urge to roll your eyes as you try to half-drag, half-help him out of the vehicle.  You know it’s the alcohol talking.  He isn’t too unlike his brother in that he lights up at anything with a pair of breasts and a decent face.  He just needs to hit a certain level of intoxication first.  

He has to be caught in one hell of a dry spell to be flirting with you, however.  

“You’re heavy, you know that?” you say dryly, finally getting him to his feet, though most of his weight lands on you as he lurches forward.  You manage to maneuver him to your side, his arm draped across your shoulders as you begin the slow and thankfully short walk to the motel room.  

“I’m being sherioush,” he insists, sounding almost miffed you aren’t.  

The man is sherioushly going to feel it come morning after the ridiculous amount of whiskey, tequila, and rum he downed tonight.

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i didn’t and that just goes to show how reliable the info that is being passed around is. i’m not gonna link the post so i won’t direct anyone there but it’s a sub!soo url (no surprises here)

i can’t believe somebody has put that much effort into pulling stuff out of my blog to present it to people out of context to “prove” i’m a horrible person and to have an excuse to attack me and incite people to do the same and to intimidate others so that they won’t associate with me. and all because i talked about heteronormativity in kyungsoo fic.

“it’s a shame that even though topping or bottoming doesn’t have to be tied to personality or physical appearance a lot of people can’t accept that and you can’t even talk about it because it causes a riot. “

point proven.

a year ago some kaisoo shippers attacked me because of a stupid post, started a top vs bottom war in the tags, a big ksoo blog made a post about me and somebody sent me a message that said something like “we’re coming for you” and i didn’t think it would take them this long to come back, whoever that was.

so i saw a callout post for me with screencaps and they added one of my replies where an anon asked me what are my fave ships and i said smth like:
ksoo/animals, ksoo/kids
im ????? (if the joke wasn’t clear i meant to say i like kyungsoo interacting with animals, kids and i think i’ve even said i like him/food more than i like ships lmao i don’t even have an otp cause i don’t obsess over fictional relationships like that. i think i even said ksoo/himself once. i always change the answer when ppl ask me about my otp cause i don’t have one. and then they proceeded to interpret other posts related to children in a p*dophillic way.

and btw i don’t use “shipping” as romantic exclusively because humans are more complicated than that so that’s another thing to keep in mind in the future.

and on the topic of fiction they also posted some darker headcanons and posts about movies to demonstrate how i think kyungsoo is actually like that when i literally used the word headcanon which means it’s a personal interpretation separate from reality, hence the ‘head’ part of the word aka i don’t think it’s real it’s just in your head and you shouldn’t think so either but i guess some people don’t know how to read?)
this blog clearly says in the description there will be darker stuff in here. IF NOT from fic, fanart or headcanons, from kyungsoo’s own works:

and we will talk about them because what i intend to normalize in relation to dark fiction is not that these things are ok but that violent and dark thoughts like these are normal (ask anyone who’s got their head out of their ass, esp. a psychologist and you will see) they can be intrusive or nightmares or your own experiences, they can be things you’re afraid of and it’s ok to talk about them with someone who understands this, to analyze them, and to learn from them without fear of getting harassed (yes, you can learn from this stuff, believe it or not). because guess what? even your faves have their own inner world where dark things brew and are interested in this kind of fiction too! they might even want to play the most horrible characters themselves



these are some of the warnings for the movies he mentioned:

taken from the chaser & i saw the devil parental guides.

and you know why they wanna do it? me neither but i would like to hear them talk about it without the fear of the public lashing out at them for interpreting a character. but what can you really expect from a public that freaks out over something as normal as an idol dating? who screams out “p*dophile” at the slightest chance (remember when ksoo had a kiss with a minor in pure love and they kissed through an umbrella and ppl still found a way to make him look bad he even regretted his answers?)

the post also added fics with undeage characters… did you know one of those fics is literally a response to all the fic out there that romanticizes that sort of relationship?  
(not linking the fic to protect the author but those who know the title can look it up)

kyungsoo himself, movie directors, fic authors and even simple bloggers like me trust kyungsoo to play a dislikable character precisely because we know he’s not like that and we believe in his potential to portray anything from a loving father to a serial killer.

i’ve always made it clear that the fic i post is not recs, they’re just fics i’ve read (i had the note for years on the fic list before i removed the page cause tumblr glitched and deleted my links and people still didn’t read it back then so meh)

nobody really knows how i feel about the fics if they don’t ask me. and nobody knows the intention of the authors either so i hope you can all think before you speak and have the common sense to ask before you jump to conclusions. not because you see a word that means something horrible attached to a fic or anything it means the person is a bad influence and should be avoided at all costs. be grateful that they had the decency to warn so you could avoid it if you don’t want to see it and they didn’t omit it out of fear or ignorance like a lot of r*pe-y and emotionally abusive fic w/o warnings that people share like it’s romance.

wtf this person also sexualized a post where an anon and i talked about kyungsoo having children and glaring at them so they wouldn’t hurt themselves….. jesus have these people not been around children before? they run around naked and knock things off all the damn time, i cant believe they used THIS post sdfggfdsdf idk if i should laugh or cry oh my god.

just because my blog has a url like this it doesn’t mean everything’s meant to be sexual ???? it’s like having a url that says “exosdigbick” and posting pictures of exo’s bicks and then a picture of exo smiling and then a pic of them holding their dogs. it doesn’t have to be related. i didn’t even choose the url myself, it was the other owner of the blog (it’s kinda like saying “food porn") and i kept it after she left because when those who don’t know it see it they can imagine there will be some sexual stuff in here, mostly fic links, anon fantasies and the occassional reblogged nsfw fanart. i only rarely talk about my own sexual fantasies cause it’s awkward. and i’m even afraid to joke because ppl will literally take anything to twist it against you.

im sorry but @ anyone who comes across my blog with preconceived ideas pls leave them at the door and come see for yourself if you want or stay out looking like a fool. this blog isn’t a typical shipper blog or a ficrec blog or wtvr you’re used to seeing around, this is a personal blog dedicated to some underrated concepts (and wtvr else kyungsoo stuff i feel like reblogging at the moment) by an LGBT+ person who’s tired of the world’s bullshit and just wants to do stuff in peace. people misunderstand my sexuality, my gender, my mental illnesses, my everything all the time and that’s mostly from people who’s supposed to know and care about me so some strangers on the internet misunderstanding yet another thing about me is nothing new.

callout post? u mean dedicated haters :\ it took me forever to find my own posts smh

Arrow 5x19 “Dangerous Liaisons”  What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

Extended Promo


THE SEARCH FOR CHASE INTENSIFIES — Oliver (Stephen Amell), Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase (Josh Segurra). Helix tells Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) they have a way to find Chase but they will need something big, and illegal, from her in return.

Promo Stills

Cast on IMDB

Because it is especially relevant for this episode. Stunt Doubles:


Speed Weed & Elizabeth Kim

Never co wrote together so let’s check each one

Speed Weed

Cowrote 4x03 “Restoration”

Originally posted by thearrowgifs

Originally posted by queensarrow

4x07 “Brotherhood” (poor Diggle finds out his belate and beloved brother is alive and it’s HIVE

Originally posted by dailydiggle

4x12 “Unchained”

Originally posted by arrowsource

4x21 “Monument Point”

Originally posted by yet-i-remain-quiet

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5x02 “The Recruits”

Originally posted by arrowsource

5x11 “Second Chances”

Originally posted by arrowsource

Originally posted by jhopq

5x15 “Fighting Fire with Fire”

Originally posted by itsalejarv

Elizabeth Kim never wrote for Arrow, or at least was never credit.

I think I see a pattern on Speed Weed episodes, he loves to spring new plotlines and/or characters. He’s sprung at us quite a collection of plot twists. I wonder what is expecting us now.

Billy Joel song

“You Picked a Real Bad Time”

Don’t get me wrong,
I ain’t the kind
To turn away from you
When something’s on your mind.

But you have to know,
You just have to see,
I’m having my troubles, babe,
And they’re all too much for me.

You picked a real bad time
To spoil my concentration
You picked a real bad time
To pass along the bad news
Tell me, why you try
To give me aggravation
You picked a real bad time
‘Cause this man’s got the blues

Don’t get me wrong,
You’re not alone
And I’d like to help you
But I’ve got problems of my own

It’s a bitter phase
I’m going through
And I can run from strangers, darlin’,
But I just can’t hide from you.

You picked a real bad time
To spoil my concentration
You picked a real bad time
To pass along the bad news
Tell me, why you try
To give me aggravation
You picked a real bad time
And I got time to lose

Ain’t it the truth
When they say
That the only thing worth dying for
Is our freedom
Ain’t it the proof
That someday
We will all be lying on our backs
Free at last from income tax

Don’t you get me wrong
The mood won’t last
And I’ll be myself again
Soon as this pain has passed

And I’m standing here,
Don’t ask me how,
I’ll make it up to you,
Someday but not right now

You picked a real bad time
To spoil my concentration
You picked a real bad time
To pass along the bad news
You caused a real hard line
To invade my isolation
You picked a real bad time
‘Cause this man’s got the blues

Ain’t it the truth
When they say
All you need is love but all you’ll want is forgiveness
Ain’t it the proof
That someday
Even love will not provide for man
The way that life insurance can

You picked a real bad time
To spoil my concentration
You picked a real bad time
To pass along the bad news
Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
Why you tryin’ to give me aggravation
You picked a real bad time, cause this man’s got the blues.

What we expect

When the episode starts we have everyone hunting Prometheus / Adrian, ARGUS (welcome back Lyla Michaels Diggle we’ve missed you), SCPD and Team Arrow (without GA as Oliver is still not wearing the suit) and everyone is turning up empty. Whatever they are doing isn’t working and everyone knows Adrian must be working further into his plans to destroy Oliver Queen. I’m not surprised SCPD and Team Arrow come up empty, ARGUS however is a powerful organization and so I’m impressed by how clever Adrian is. I’m very curious to know what he’s scheming. He is absent from every promo, still or synopsis but I’m very sure that it all falls into his plan and he’s still 10 moves ahead

Originally posted by thundering-paradox

Helix has a way to find out where Adrian is. (Sidenote: it baffles me a little that no one seem to have notice that besides helping Diggle and some trifles Helix in fact has been terribly unhelpful where Prometheus is concern. They conveniently found Snoozen but it was all a trap they didn’t found Oliver while for 6 days Prometheus hold him and finally he let him go, 6 days.)

Of course they aren’t giving their help without getting something in return. Something big and illegal for Felicity to do. Felicity knows how vital it is to find Adrian and she’s willing to do whatever for that to happen.

Oliver finds out in what is Felicity involved and he’s concern for her security. And his powerless to stop her. She wants take down Chase and she will be with the Team that has more chances of success.

For the first time Felicity and Team Arrow are on the field and they are not working together. 

Originally posted by infinite-logic

Team Arrow and Team Felicity; Oliver and Felicity will collide both within the Team and out in the field as they stand on opposite paths but with the same purpose.

This situation may parallel other Season’s Oliver, namely Season 3, but it also parallels Oliver in 5x18 when he brought in Bratva to take down Prometheus keeping the Team out of the field.

I’m expecting this episode to be the first part of the Olicity centric bit of Season 5.

No more silent Felicity, with the a world of pain brewing inside and controlling her decisions, she’s going to be vocal

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Oliver’s reaction I am curious to watch. He knows something is wrong with Felicity he knows she’s not telling him what is wrong. Besides both Oliver and Felicity reactions to each other have been so muted this Season. So maybe Oliver won’t react has shocked as I expect him to be, still I’ pretty sure he’s going to be surprised and at a bit of a lost.

Originally posted by nihilvanum

 I’m thinking that maybe it’s in 5x19 that Oliver will talk to the guys about Felicity (SA mention it on an interview a long time ago and I don’t remember it happening yet), she’s not telling him anything and he needs to know, now he does need to know. And he reads the situation correctly, Felicity security is compromised he needs to act, he needs her safe. We know he needs her safe by the way his voice broke when he mention her in 5x18 to Diggle and the way he broke when a simple glimpse on the same episode.

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

He needs her safe. And she’s not listening to him. I think Oliver will understand why Felicity is doing what she’s doing but she’s too important for him to risk losing.

The Olicity storyline will speal on to 5x20 so I’m expecting 5x19 will end in a cliffhanger that will have me 

Originally posted by littlegrey13

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Drinks around the World part 2. Click on each picture to see description and where to find them.

Shipping AU Masterlist (MLP:FiM)

In the past that some folks mentioned having a hard time navigating my AU tags, so I figured I’d go ahead and make a masterlist to help. This list is subject to change and/or update at any given time, especially since I tend to make more AUs than what I know what to deal with. :/ But anyway, here ya go (NOTE! CLICK THE AU TAG TO BE DIRECTED TO EVERYTHING RELATED TO THAT AU):

Established AUs:

AU Tag: Mafia!AU

Summary: Rarity’s a mafia crime boss. Twilight’s a cop/detective. They eventually start working together.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash (these ships are very reoccurring in my AUs)


AU Tag: Goddess!AU

Summary: Rarity summons the demigod Twilight Sparkle to help her defend Ponyville from monsters. But in order to do that, she must first strike a contract with the demigoddess.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash


AU Tag: Bodyguard!AU

Summary: Rarity is the Queen/princess of Equestria. Twilight Sparkle is her protective bodyguard.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash


AU Tag: Monster!AU

Summary: Rarity’s just got a bunch of new roommates that are anything but normal.

Main shipping/Pairings: Omniship (Mane 6 shipped together)

AU Tag: Infected!AU

Summary: 15-ish years after an outbreak, our girls are trying to make the most of life in a post-outbreak Equestria. While some places flourish, others do not, and the girls must navigate not only the Infected, but also the living.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash (possible Omniship)


AU Tag: Slave!AU

Summary: Rarity is a princess living comfortably, but her views of the world and on slavery, and as herself as a person, is forced to be reevaluated upon the ownership of the alicorn Twilight Sparkle on her 23rd birthday.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi (VERY slowburn; focuses more on their friendship), PinkieShy, AppleDash


AU Tag: Arranged Marriage!AU

Summary: In a world threatened with the brewing of a world-wide world, Equestria and Saddle Arabia arrange a marriage between their children (Rarity of Equestria, Twilight of Saddle Arabia) to broker an alliance. Rarity and Twilight try to make the best of the arrangement, and manage to become friends and something more along the way.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash

Species swapped in this AU. Twi’s a sphinx, Rarity remains a pony, Applejack’s a minotaur, Fluttershy’s a flutterpony, Pinkie’s a reindeer, and Rainbow Dash is a kirin.


AU Tag: Dragon!AU

Summary: Twilight is a monster slayer, in which she is called upon to relocation and, if the need arises, kill creatures of the more “supernatural” caliber (werewolves, vampires, chimeras, dragons, cockatrice, so on). Whens she’s contracted to locate and slay one of the rarest creatures in existence, a dragon, she ends up getting more than what she originally bargained for.

Main shipping/Pairings: RariTwi, PinkieShy, AppleDash

Rarity in this AU is a dragon.

Feel free to ask me questions if you have any. :3

demonic-madhouse  asked:

Hey, so building a sort of homebrew campaign leaning on D&D 5. Well, basically D&D 5 with very slight changes. However, I would like to implement some system where players can spend rests or free time practising some skill, and get better at it/see some reward for that. Since D&D 5 is kinda stingy with its attack boni/proficience boni etc., do you or your followers have any ideas how that could work without making some characters OP too quickly?

Ooh! One I actually have extended experience with!

Ok, so, I don’t know exactly what your table is looking to do so I can’t speak to your exact group but I do have some good general advice. First off, Short Rests can totally be used to practice skills. So long as it’s considered light activity you can spend a short rest doing whatever and still gain short rest benefits. If, at some point, a character gets an ability that allows them to spend a long rest doing light activity then it would apply to that as well.

As for specific skills:

Proficiency in languages:

groups I’m involved with try to have at least one language they all know that isn’t commonly spoken. In my home brew world, pretty much all languages are easy to come by. So, I allowed the rogue (Kya from my current game) to teach the others the kitsune language.

A character must spend 3 uninterrupted in game weeks learning with someone who already speaks the language to gain proficiency in which they can only speak simple phrases. Then, another month perfecting their conjugation and grammar; during this time all talking based checks with this language are made with disadvantage. If the teacher isn’t a member of the party, or if the player feels like it, there’s a fee for learning. And the fee could be daily, weekly or just one at the beginning. This can be done passively, so no rests are required.

Weapons and tools:

Tools I require a week of practice during short or long rests with the help of a book specifically for that tool or a teacher for proficiency.

Weapons require a teacher of at least 5th level in a martial class. The PC spends two uninterrupted months training to gain proficiency. Then, for another month, all attacks made with the weapon are made with disadvantage.

For all of them I also rule that you cannot learn multiple at once. You also can only learn two of any weapon or tool.

Understanding Male Sexuality

A How to for Ladies - Create The Most “Responsive”/Devoted/Loyal/ Robust “Lover” of your Dreams.

There is not a Lady alive who wants her man to cheat on her. Unfortunately Feminism & Society has taught women from an early age the wrong Ideas about how to keep their men Faithful. For the most part, Males NEED Physical Contact To Thrive & STRENGTHEN their Love & Devotion; Ladies Need the Emotional Connection first. Learn to use Nature Ladies, If You already Have the Emotional Connection with your man, to TRULY Nurture & Deepen his (Love, Lust & Libido) for you beyond your Wildest Dreams. All Women should know, from early in their teenage years, All Males are Walking Hardons & Think of Girls & Sex Constantly. Nature intended it this way Ladies, Don’t fight Nature, Learn from it. Subliminally Program & Train your Man with his Erection. There is a reason Males are so Quickly Aroused Visually; They were created to Impregnate and can do so up into their 90’s. So to Keep a man “Faithful”& Happy, lean how to subconsciously Program AND control him with his Penis. I Will Explain How In the Following Paragraphs. 1St  of all, If the Sexual grass in your relationship is nurtured it will Never Compare to the grass on the other side of the fence; He will no longer have the desire to even LOOK, let alone the energy to go Astray.

Females have Evolved Sexually from the Dark Ages, and therefore must Share and Use all the scientific knowledge available to them to subconsciously train their Men & their Libidos. Shape & mold the men of your Dreams Ladies without them even realizing what’s ultimately happening.

Program & Subconsciously TRAIN his Mind, Libido and Ultimate Devotion When he is “Most Vulnerable” With The Science of Neurochemistry. I guarantee you, these are REAL “Truthful” things your mother never told you about, but should have, but she never knew them herself.  ”You Must Become His Goddess”,  Queen & MASTER.

True & Proper Feminine “Subjugation” of the Male Mind & Penis uses Praise & Encouragement, Effectively Increasing and Exploiting His Dopamine Brain Levels thru Prolonged Mental Suggestion/Pleasurable Sexual Simulation.

So What Is Dopamine You Ask:  It’s at the Very core of ALL our Sexual Drives and Survival Needs, and it Motivates “All Of Us” to do just about everything in life. This mechanism within the Reward - Pleasure circuitry of the Primitive Male Brain has been around for millions of years & has not changed. Thankfully, Guys have the Rare basically unknown “potential” for on-going, intense dopamine-driven sexual desire, despite their naturally occurring self-regulation. Few Females Fully Understand or Appreciate the “POWER in their Hands, in that All males have an “off switch”, which kicks in right after a Man Orgasms & Ejaculates.

Two events simultaneously happen after a male Ejaculates. Their Dopamine levels “Plummet” and Prolactin soars Destroying/Deflating their Healthy Erections and Vulnerable Mental State. He Naturally loses his interest in you and focuses on other different activities Due to Prolactin.

Therefore The Astute Womans Goal Should Be : To Prevent This from Happening !!!


Dopamine is “go & get it!” and prolactin is “whoa!” Learn all you can about the Incredibly Addictive Pleasure Drug Dopamine every chance you get, Its Incredibly Strong and can Control a Guys Devotion & His Erection Magnificently, If Properly Exploited. Think of the Programming Possibilities Here Ladies…

Therefore in Review, Every Ladies Secret Programming Goal should be to “PREVENT” this Dopamine level plunge from happening, and the Natural Easy way to do this is by Prolonging and Preserving his Raging Erection, While Restraining & Preventing him from having an Ejaculation.

Once Again Study the Red line in the Graph/Chart above; as a Male’s Erect Penis is Stimulated his Dopamine Levels Increase Massively. The Harder and More Aroused He Gets, the Higher the Red line gets. Unknowingly by Teasing, Torturing & Prolonging his Erection “Fully Charged” you are Secretly Programming his Mind and His Libido. Think Pavlovian Dog Training. There is a powerful truth in the statement some girls use early on in their life – I’ll Make Him fall in Love with me one Blowjob at a time.

Anyways, Without this natural, protective “prolactin” shutdown, Males would pursue you & sex to the exclusion of all other activities and their Libido and Craving Would Increase as each day passes.

In nature, we ALL Learn to repeat behaviors that lead to maximizing rewards and Dopamine provides (The Astute Lady) ”Teaching” signal to the Parts of the Male Brain Responsible for Acquiring New Behavior.

Realizing this Hidden Secret, it’s becomes more clearly understood, that Ladies “Need” to Keep their Males as Hard as Possible, as Long as Possible, as OFTEN as Possible; right on the Very EDGE of Orgasm & Insanity. This Mental State Naturally Preserves and Increases their Libido & Sexual Energy by raising their Dopamine Levels, Testosterone Levels & Oxytocin Levels Higher and Higher; The Bonus of this being heightened Cravings for Our Femininity & Affection. Males will Do Most Anything for Pleasurable Feminine Caresses / Stimulation.

Except for Teenage Boys, A Guys Penis Hardens in the Hope of “Pleasing His Woman, But Deflates or gets “Dysfunctional” with Fear of Failure. So Subliminally Program his Mind & Cock “Daily” with Dopamine, and Let him Know Verbally How Much his Rock Hard, Throbbing, Desperate Erection Pleases You !!!

Remember if Trained “Properly”, ALL Worthwhile Males Want  to PLEASE Their Woman! 

Remember, That it is Not a Mans Narcissism, or Even His Exhibitionism, That you are indulging Here, But Secretly His Ever Imminent Submission and Surrender to “Your” Total Sexual Control Over Him, through your Magical Secret of Dopamine!

To create An Addictive, Unconscious, Constant Desire for you, Daily “CBT” is a Girls BEST Subliminal Programing Choice!

So what is CBT, exactly? Of course, it varies from person to person, but the term is generally used, to refer to restricting of the cock and balls, while of course playing with and teasing them and his Hyper-Sensitive Head and Shaft. Think Cock Ring and/or Tying up of the Testicles. Obviously, this isn’t something you do with an un-consenting Male. If a Guy doesn’t want you to go there, then DON’T! But for Many men and women, cock and ball torture (it should really be called “Cock and Ball PLAY” or Training) CBT is a remarkable turn-on and an Empowering event for All Women. You really need to Experience it Ladies. It takes one hell of a Strong Loving man, to Fully Submit to a Loving Woman. It requires self confidence and trust in his partner. What greater demonstration of a Guys sincerity and Ultimate Devotion can there be! It’s time to put your energy Into thinking of ways in which to make this rare gift really flourish.

So, Be sure to Give him an “Intense” Erection Every Single Day, for Best Psychological Programming Results, and Remember it’s Not Necessary to Make Him Cum .

Habitually Train Him by Insisting Regularly that he Notify you Immediately, if he thinks he’s about to Lose control and cum. You want to continually KEEP him right on the Verge of Erupting. This is your most important goal, the pursuit and “Prolongation” of his Pre-Orgasmic Pleasure, thus building maximum Sexual Energy and Dopamine levels within his Brain. So have fun Teasing & Torturing Him & Keeping Him Right On The Edge of Orgasm, Knowing You are Secretly Programming The Behavioral Changes You Want in His Psyche as you Whisper “Your” Desires Sensuously in his ear.

He will Adore & Cherish you as his Sexual Goddess, Queen and Master!!! 

Feel and Enjoy your Developing Power and Dominion, Your Total Feminine Control over Him and his Bursting Hard Aching HELPLESS Erection. Treasure the Glazed Over, Out of It, Desperate Look on his Face, as you Take your “Breaks”, IT WILL BE PRICELESS. Be assured Ladies as you read this, It is Very Hot and Sadistically Delightful to have this kind of control over your guy. You’ll get so excited watching him Struggle when you tease him. Make sure He Fully recognizes his Surrender to your femininity, as you periodically take breaks to look deeply into his eyes & soul, and Take Pictures of Course! Sitting on his face or chest at this point and “Queening” him as he licks and nurses on your womanhood works even greater magic on his vulnerable mind, as he will Usually stay Screaming Hard due to your Intoxicating Aroma & Flavor.      You will Now OWN him, Heart & Mind, Body & Soul, Cock – Lock & Key!

SO Habitually & Routinely, Teach Him What His Male Body Was “Truly” Made For; Protect & Preserve Him Right at his “PEAK”; and He will Soon Learn to “Crave” the Prolonged, Intense Ecstasy you are Lavishing upon Him; and his Deepening Love and Sexual Desire for you will Surge beyond your Wildest Dreams.

During His Prolonged Ejaculation Training Sessions, Do Not worry if you see his Joystick Suddenly Oozing liquid like a Lava Flow, Right after you’ve Abruptly Ceased Stimulation. This is OK as long as no Pulsing, Squirting or Surging Has Taken Place. You haven’t caused his Orgasmic nerves to FIRE and that’s Your Concern & Mission Ladies! His Oozing “Lava Flow” is  Sadistically-Wonderfully / Fantastic for “Occasionally” Draining His Balls of Their Pressure without causing an Undesired Drop in his Dopamine or Testosterone Levels. If Done Properly, He will Stay Super Rock Hard Even Longer, with less chance of An Accidental Helpless Ejaculation. So Remember, the more you Practice the Ball Draining “LavaFlow” Technique, the Better you will get at it!!!

The Key to Teaching  ANYONE New Behavior, Requires Frequent Repetitive Training.

Just like a battery However, He needs to be Totally Drained or Milked Completely Dry at least     “Twice a Month”,  for Optimal Penis Performance  ( If your “Edging” Him DAILY as you Should Be ). Ejaculation is Extremely Healthy for a Male, So Be Sure to Rock his world after a prolonged Brewing.

With Practice over time, you will be able to Completely Drain his Balls Dry “The Lava Flow Way” If you keep Him “Super Rock Hard & Edged” Long Enough, Thus Avoiding His Orgasmic nerves from firing & Make him Anxiously wait until the next morning when you awaken to a Habitual, Rock Solid, Desperate, Robust Morning Wood for Your “Breakfast” Treat if you’re a Morning Girl.

Permanently or Continuously Draining a Guy Without an Orgasm and/or Depriving his Cock of its Natural Ejaculation Experience including the Surges and Spewing and Sublime Pleasure it Experiences, Will Eventually Emasculate Him Mentally However (Erectile Dysfunction), and you definitely don’t want this to Happen !!!

Now that you’ve TRAINED him How Not to Cum, on to the next (More Powerful) Femdom Programing Step. With Daily Karezza Intercourse TRAINING (Advanced Programing) you Encourage, Praise and Prolong his Powerful Erections, While at the Same Time, you Insist & Forbid him from Exploding Inside of You, Whenever YOU Have an Orgasm.  Karezza Style Intercourse, Leads to a Woman’s Complete Discharge of her Nervous Surplus, Complete Relief from ALL Sexual Tension, Due to Intense Orgasmic Ecstasy for Her, And More Prolonged BLISS and Satisfaction for Him, Than an Ejaculation Could Ever Provide.

By Learning to Use Karezza’s gentle slow intercourse, you will discover that you can have the most Incredible Sex with him, For As Long As You Want. Savor as many “Glorious” Rolling Orgasms as YOU can Handle, Until All of “Your” Sexual Tensions have Entirely Melted Away, All While Absorbing, Harnessing & Preserving your Males Important Sexual “Energy” from Erupting/Escaping. What More of a Win–Win Could You Ask For…

Again Ladies, Always Keep This Fundamental TRUTH In Mind

The More You “Train” & Pleasure Him with Dopamine & Oxytocin (the cuddle drug), The More Deeply He will Love & Adore You; His Desire to Please & Pleasure You In Every Way, (Every Hour of Every Day) will Also Magically Multiply beyond your wildest dreams.

Note: Depriving a man of the use of his Erection while he is Utterly Helpless & Completely “CAPTIVE”,  (Imprisoned) Deep up Inside of your Glorious Enveloping Vagina, is a Most Wonderful form of Obtaining Complete Sexual Dominance / Control Over Him, Especially If U Freely Orgasm While Preventing Him from Doing So .

Having him sit upright and then wrapping your legs around his Back is one of the Best Possible Positions for Prolonged Tantra / Karezza Lovemaking, Especially with the Hyper-Sensitive State he will Undoubtedly Be In after your Exquisite CBT. The Wise Woman, Skilled and Trained in her “Art” - Must Retain Control of “All” Movements, Thus Beautifully Controlling Herself & Her Male - Until her Stud has Attained Complete and Deepest Union with Her.

Your Praise, Loving Admiration and Verbal Satisfaction, as You Orgasm, will be like fine wine to Him as you Envelop Him, and he Hugs you; and you Deeply Stroke & Caress his “Hyper-Sensitive” Joystick to your hearts content, in a Rocking Sort of Motion. This position is called “THE COACH” in The Kama Sutra. Remember to take Frequent Breaks, with Him Always Remaining Deep Inside of You, Insisting again on NO movement from Him Whatsoever, So that YOU can “Acutely” Concentrate on the feelings of his Throbbing, Bursting, Desperate Manhood, Which you now Fully Control. Savor, Absorb and Cherish the Radiating Sexual Energy, From the “Subjugated”, Pulsating, Imprisoned, Helpless Erection, Deep Up Inside of Your Sacred Vagina. Thin Condoms may be used for slightly De-Sensitizing him as your Karezza Training Sessions First Begin.

Carefully Develop and Learn Introspectively, How to Feel & Apprehend with Exquisite Intuition, Every Mood of your Male & His Erection Within You,  Before He Even Knows it Himself, and To Meet it with Sympathy, Comprehension, Praise and Response – Relaxing, Reviving, Encouraging, Quieting or Squeezing Tightly as His or Your Need May Be. Feel and Savor the Intense Sexual Energy He is Radiating, as you verbally praise him for How Hard His Pulsating, Screaming, Desperate, Yearning Erection Is. Seductively and Sensuously, Whisper your Firm Desire for Him (NOT to CUM) Directly into his “Open Ear”. It will be Incredibly Hypnotic to Him, and Doing this will Naturally NURTURE his Obedience and Chronic Aching Desire, While Exquisitely Building his Testosterone & Dopamine Levels Higher & Higher. Continuously & Regularly Remind him to Breathe and Relax, as you Dominate Him Sexually, Because he will “Truly” Forget to, If You’re Keeping Him “Edged” Properly.

Once Again Cherish your Intimate Union & Your (1 in a Million) Ability of Keeping Him Right on the Very Edge of Orgasmic Insanity, Waiting upon (Your Will); Hoping for (Your Permission) to Erupt and Explode his Orgasm Deep inside of you, While you Lose it and Orgasm Yourself All Over his Powerful Joystick, Over and Over Again to your Hearts Content. Again Remember, Your Programming His Mind & Behavior with Habitual Repetition !!!

After a few months of Daily Cock Training Exercises Like This, He will Profoundly Realize and Submit to the Fact, That the Entire Purpose of his Raging Hard, Throbbing Joystick, is Ultimately for ”Your” Multi Orgasmic Pleasure!!! Not His Ejaculation. 

In Review, The whole point of Prolonging & Preventing his Orgasm, is to Accumulate and Exploit The Sexual Energy or Nervous Energy called “Ojas”, which is Wasted the Moment the Sexual Nerves Fire, During a Males Ejaculation. It is NOT his Semen Loss that’s the problem, It’s actually the Firing of the Male Nervous System during Sexual Stimulation that Needs to be Avoided and Retained. The more you Conserve this Reservoir of ENERGY, (His Battery “Joystick” Fully Charged) The Stronger the Two of You will Bond & His Desire to Pleasure “His Goddess” in Every Aspect of Life Develops Beautifully.

     Now that You’ve Trained Him with Dopamine How   NOT TO CUM, “Enjoy” yourselves Ladies !!!   Viagra/Cialis - Totally Unnecessary, Because your Femininity Will Be All the Male Enhancement He will Ever Need !

sweetsigyn  asked:

6, 67, 89

6. Describe your personality in 3 words or less.

Mischievious, ambitious, shrewd. Ah, and rebellious.

67. What are your hobbies?

Potions making, tea brewing, world dominating, time with my family.

89. Do you like your neighbours?

I am lucky enough to have @memehill and @falconmemes for neighbours. They are both rather laid-back and welcoming, I’ve never once had a problem in the time we’ve lived on the same floor.