world awakening

It’s like you’re in this world, but you don’t belong to it in quite the same way. It doesn’t own you. But you’re here. You’re not dismissing it, you’re moving wisely through it. Not as a craving. Just keep quiet and move and you will find a way. You’ll hit the right balance, somehow, where you can move in this world and even carry on with your job, and so on. But with a brighter light, greater peace, you don’t have to fit in to other people projections. It helps you to learn to be alone and to be by yourself. Gradually as you accept yourself, you will more and more begin to meet beings who are on a similar frequency.
—  Mooji

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The Legend Of Zelda taught me that:

- It takes time to get a heart

- Music can make you travel

- Doesn’t matter what mask you wear, you will always be yourself

- The world is full of secrets

- Time is gold

- Friendship between a boy and a girl is possible

- Don’t let your own demons defeat you

- Trust your instincts

- Always learn new things

- Everybody has a story to tell