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  • Lúcio: I dislike you, capisce?
  • Doomfist: Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday.
  • Lúcio: What?
  • Doomfist: Because you’ll be dust by Monday.
  • Lúcio: Umm…
  • Doomfist: Because you’ll be pulverized in two seconds! And the cleaning lady? She cleans up… dust… She dusts.
  • Lúcio: So… what’s on Monday?
  • Doomfist: Well… It’s Friday now, and she has weekends off. So Monday… Right?
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  • Draco: Pregnant? How can Hermione be pregnant?
  • Lucius: Okay, son, let me explain this to you. When a man loves a woman...
  • Draco: I know about that, okay? We were very careful.
  • Lucius: Did you use a...
  • Draco: Yes!
  • Lucius: Was she on the...
  • Draco: Uh-huh!
  • Lucius: Well, did you try the...
  • Draco: Everything! I'm not even sure we had sex!

androidtwin  asked:

I don't think I'll ever get enough of SI employees + Friday + the bots running interference. This amazing! Where are Rhodey and Pepper (are they watching this or like does Friday makes them a recap? What else happens?

Friday makes them recaps! Rhodey and Pepper have their own shit to do (healing and running a company, respectively) and they were pissed about Tony not waiting for one of them to be his backup but if anything, they trust Friday. And if not Friday, they trust Dum-E. Dum-E has proved he is trustworthy beyond measure.

(Dum-E has survived too much bullshit to let anyone push his dad around, especially people that his dad thought were his friends.)

Idk Infinity Wars, where Tony is VINDICATED AND PEOPLE SEE HE WASN’T PARANOID????? Honestly I’m so salty over this.