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They call her Granny Rags. You wouldn’t recognize her real name or even the name of her family, but an emperor begged for her hand once, and rich young men fought each other for her favor. I watched her consider them all, measure their worth, and find them wanting.

Then, she made a different choice.

lovelawactually  asked:

Varian Wrynn for the win, Mal! Been playing WoW since BC. He is one of my favorites along with Malfurion and Thrall. <3

Ahh I played WoW before there were even expansions! Back in the Vanilla days when the level cap was 60! I would raid every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday… jfc. lol I started to fall off after Cataclysm.. did some of the Panda expansion but I miss the old days:3 FTW MY FREN. I will always be a Boomkin at heart!!

anonymous asked:

Indess and Manon are your canon OCs, right? How do you feel about the Wardens/Hawke you created first? I just wonder because I have mostly been unable to connect with any warden as strongly as I did my first, and I'm interested to know how other people ended up with later OCs superseding their predecessors.

Yes, they are!

If I’m being completely honest, I really don’t care for my first characters. I can remember their names and their choices to some degree, but that’s about it.

I tend to be a little slow when it comes to understanding lore and story in video games -and Dragon Age games don’t skim on either! I never really know what’s going on in my first playthroughs, which makes it difficult for me to connect to anything outside of main characters.

And this is where my problem lies. It’s through storytelling that I can create characters I truly care for. But as someone who needs to understand whichever world I’m telling stories in, it’s just not something I can do as I go along.

So I use my first characters as “test dummies”, through which I can get a first feel of the world. And by the time I have understood the world, I’ve either realised that my first character doesn’t fit within it, or that there are more interesting characters I could play as.

“Normally I would try to be sneaky about smuggling "confidential” information onto the internet but I would be genuinely surprised if this catches on so fuck it.“

"I’m Iso. I do the job of 20 people for the pay of one person. I record the commercials, edit the film, and I upload them to Black Hat’s website along with the product information.”

“Boss said I didn’t have enough guts to do this so I’m doing this just to spite him. Fuck that guy honestly.”

“So yeah. I’ll take all your questions about me or what goes down when the camera’s-”


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AnswerTime!  Ask an Archivist about World War I

Join the National Archives’ Mitch Yockelson for a World War I-themed Tumblr Answer Time here at @todaysdocument on Wednesday, October 4 from 12pm - 1pm ET (9am- 10am PT) !

See all the Questions and Answers from our AnswerTime!

October 4 is #AskAnArchivist Day and as we’re in the midst of the World War I Centennial, we’ve invited World War I expert Mitch Yockelson to join us for a Tumblr Answer Time. Bring all your questions about World War I including:

  • How can I research an ancestor who fought in the war?
  • What World War I resources does the National Archives have?
  • What prominent personalities emerged out of the war?
  • How did African Americans serve during the war?
  • What roles did women fill?

Mitchell Yockelson is an investigative archivist with the National Archives Archival Recovery Program. He has also written two books on World War I, including Forty-Seven Days: How Pershing’s Warriors Came of Age to Defeat the German Army in World War I