world around wednesday

“He just goes around the world and he holds babies.”

“When he has trouble sleeping. Which is a lot.”

Invincible Iron Man 11 

Around the World Wednesday: A diver from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (MDSU) 2 maneuvers around a ship’s propeller looking for an inert training explosive while in Bridgetown, Barbados. Navy Divers journey anywhere from the darkest depths of the oceans to freezing conditions underneath icebergs. Their motto fittingly is “We Dive the World Over.“

Around the World Wednesday: The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt approaches Cape Town, South Africa. The commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa recently visited Cape Town to meet with senior members of the South African navy to strengthen the relationships America’s Navy has with our African partners.

Around the World Wednesday: Lt. Andrew Anderson, attached to Amphibious Construction Battalion (ACB) 1, takes point while on patrol during Field Training Exercise (FTX) 2015 in Camp Pendleton, Calif.  FTX 2015 gave Sailors the opportunity to practice and apply Seabee Combat Warfare skills, provide host nation security support, and stay mission-ready in a simulated environment intended to replicate in-country operations.

Around the World Wednesday: Sailors assigned to the Island Knights of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 25 rescue an injured hiker in the vicinity of Lower Sigua Falls, Guam. The helicopter crew included Lt. John S. McCain, Lt. Adam Laakso, Naval Aircrewman (Helicopter) 2nd Class Van A. Mansfield, Naval Aircrewman (Helicopter) 2nd Class Philip A. Franzoni and Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Robert Z. Riley.