Tomco Fam, You all are wonderful, your stories, your artwork, your headcanons, your theories, anything and everything you do for the tomco community is amazing and you should be proud of yourself.

the fandom is full of toxic shippers, but it’s also full of great people.

Go out there, and keep doing great things.

I would love to see more of your work

We aren’t perfect, but we’re definitely a hell of a lot better then this side of the fandom.

((All comments, taken from Instagram on one of MY tomco arts))

Patch Today...and it’s HUGE!


Version # PC / Mac

Hello Simmers!

You better sit down for this one. Sit! Stay. Good.

There’s a bit here, a bit new, a bit old, a bit no longer busted. And it might take a bit of time to bite through it. So, let’s roll over, try not to get dogged down, and dig on in.

What’s New?

  • Four new roofs are available in Build Mode: Pentagonal, Hexagonal, Octagonal, and Round Roofs!
    • All four can be found in the Roofs category.
  • Advanced Curvature Mode!
    • When you have a roof selected, hit SHIFT+C to expand your roof curvature edit options.
  • Gabled and Hipped roofs have additional manipulation points so their eaves can be adjusted on all 4 sides.
  • Photography has been made available to all players.
    • The Barely Better Digital Camera, Appreciably Average Digital Camera, and Crystal Clear Digital Camera objects are now available in Build Mode.
    • The Cell Phone interactions: Take Selfie, Take Photo With, Take Photo Of, and Take Photo, are available under from the cell phone entertainment menu
    • Photography Skill can be learned by your Sims up to a skill level of 5.Photos taken with the camera can have frames added to them.
    • Place the photo in the world, click on it, and select Add Frame.
  • My Households
    • The “My Households” panel in the Manage Household screen allows easier management of which households are considered important. Households placed in this panel are protected from being… deleted.
    • The “Maximum Sim Count” option specifies the number of protected Sims allowed. If the limit is reached, existing households need to be unprotected before new ones can be added.
    • The limit can be changed and does include an “Unlimited” option, although this setting is not recommended as it may cause performance issues or other undesirable behavior.
  • Shrink Objects, you can now shrink objects in your game using the Size Down cheat!
    • Similar to the Size Up cheat, which uses the Close Bracket, the Size Down cheat uses the Open Bracket.
    • This only changes the visual appearance of the object, and not the behavior.
    • Using it alongside MOO can allow you to create some great decorative configurations - like shelves full of MySim collectibles, or a Gulliver land to explore!Be wary however, not all objects shrink or enlarge as expected. It is a cheat after all.
  • Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar is now optionally available at the Main Menu, click on the button, and follow the instructions for how you can download the guitar.

Alright, stop playing dead. Time to heel in. Get through the final stretch, and really let our tongues wag.

General Issues

  • Now when hovering over the rotate options for blocks and walls in Build Mode, objects that will be impacted by the rotate will highlight yellow.
  • Teen Sims will now autonomously place their homework back into their inventory when finished.
  • Homework that does end up in public spaces will be cleaned up after the active Sims have left the lot.
  • Children will no longer float while drinking the essence from a Cow Plant… because they are not allowed to do so.
  • The Write Cookbook interaction will now always be available when reaching level 8 or higher in the Culinary Career.
  • Sims will once again receive a playful buff while taking a bubble bath.
  • We addressed an issue that could prevent Sims from spinning into outfits after purchasing from a retail mannequin.
  • The game clock should no longer skip forward and back when changing from 3x or ultra speeds back to speed 1.
  • Playing your old saves should no longer result in a mad rush for the restrooms.
  • Build Mode music should no longer indefinitely loop as a result of loading directly to Build Mode from the map screen.
  • Sims should no longer weed chess tables near their garden, when attempting to weed their garden.
  • Feminine framed male Sims with facial hair should no longer see chin distortions.
  • The cowplant is now safer! And by safer we mean, Grim will no longer fail to resurrect those eaten by the cowplant that were successfully pleaded, or flower bribed.
  • Deleting a household via the Manage Household dialog will no longer remove the option for a new family to move in to the lot and keep the old families furnishings.
  • The Angled Roof Trim now includes a red trim color, similar to the other roof trims.
  • Sims path will no longer be blocked by the Gathering of Garden Stones.
  • The inspired child will no longer see all available interactions as Draw, but instead will see the appropriately titled actions of Draw Shapes, Draw Vehicle, and so on, and so forth.
  • ‘Sploit fix! Child and toddler Sims will no longer speed gain relationship with others in their toy playing relationship grind circles.
  • Non played adult Sims will no longer attempt to purchase child clothing, as it was preventing them from completing the checkout process.
  • Childish Sims are once again able to Play in Puddles.
  • Angry Sims with appropriate mischief skill levels, and Evil or Mean child Sims can once again stomp on puddles.
  • Angry writers will no longer only have the option to Write Furiously when choosing to Write Genre Book.
  • Safety Seal Holiday Fireplace, Fiery Façade Fireplace, and Firewalkers Training Ground fireplaces now all provide environment scores.
  • Attempting to complete the Smash Dollhouse whim by smashing a dollhouse will now award satisfaction points upon said smashing.
  • Sims should now sit when attending a wedding…
  • The microphone will no longer lose all detail when a Sim chooses to use the microphone.
  • When learning that another Sim is a Regional Manager, you shall no longer learn they are a Business at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated, but instead, you will learn that they are a Regional Manager.
  • Children born to a parent with the Beloved aspiration reward trait are now born with a parent-child relationship to that parent, rather than relationship unknown.
  • Planter boxes now have a burned state.
  • We fixed an issue where yfBottom_SP08Jeggings and ymBottom_SP08Jeggings were showing through the fyTop_BlouseCollarUp, yfTop_Ep02Blazer, fyTop_JacketTweedClassic, and ymTop_GP03Vest incorrectly.
  • The Load option from the Main Menu will no longer go missing after creating a household in a new save, and exiting the game before placing them on a lot.
  • The Ornate Victorian Roof Line will now properly place on Flat Round rooms.
  • The pizza delivery Sim will now leave after an appropriate amount of time after the delivered takes the delivery from the deliverer.
  • Toddlers can once again nap on chairs.
  • Lazy Sims can once again Nap Lazily upon Living Chairs.
  • We fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Sims from planting their seeds.
  • The Contains New Items identifier for the Clutter category will now properly clear as expected.
  • Instructing a Sim to eat from their inventory, while they are seated with a glass of water, will no longer cause adult Sims to pop up and down, and child Sims to float.
  • Eat Leftovers and Put In Inventory will now have the correct text in Russian, rather than two versions of Eat Leftovers.
  • Attempting to continue the Microscope upgrade for Improve Lens Quality will no longer require “2 drink.”
  • Moving lots and keeping your furnishings will no longer prevent you from live dragging food into the fridge once it has been replaced on the lot.
  • Sims not on their home lots will no longer disappear to the unknown after merging their household with another.
  • We have addressed some issues with the outfit combinations of festival goers, and have lessened the bizarre combinations.
  • Children in the family tree will now remember their parents, even if the parent is deleted. Which means, they will no longer be considered half-siblings to their brothers or sisters if they did indeed share the same two parents.
  • Using undo to change the age of a Sim from a toddler to another age will no longer cause the Swimwear and Athletic outfit types to disappear.
  • Relationship status will now properly reflect its current state without the need of traveling.
  • Now if you are taking a selfie you will be holding a phone.
  • Sims with the Connections reward trait will now receive the lower level career rewards as expected, when joining a new career and getting a career level boost.
  • Troll teh Forums will no longer take a long time to cancel.
  • Addressed an issue with the walls of the Landgraab lot that were incorrectly set and were preventing the placement of other objects.
  • Socializing with your adopted child will now properly satisfy the Socialize with your child 10 times goal of the Big Happy Family aspiration.
  • Using the Salvage into Parts interaction will now salvage the salvage into parts as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing male Sims from receiving the Widower buff when their spouse dies.
  • Lot traits are now in alphabetical order.
  • Using the Set as Head cheat on an object, routing off lot, and then using the Reset Sim cheat will now properly clean up the duplicated object, rather than leave it in an unreachable location off lot.
  • Downloading a lot from the Gallery will no longer cause wall placed items on half walls to sometimes be placed on the floor.
  • Social events such as Birthday, Wedding, Dinner, Costume, House parties, or Dates, can now be hosted on Generic Lots.
  • The Brazilian Portuguese Sims, Morgana and Silvana, shall no longer be known as Marcio and Siobhan.
  • On page one of the Lot Traits lesson under the Build Mode category, we have added a period at the end of the last sentence
  • When randomizing your female Sims jaw in Create a Sim, randomization will now choose from all Jaws… duunnn dunnn, duuuunnnn duun.
  • The science career interaction Tinker will now properly show a focused emotion interaction option when the Sim is focused.
  • The Killer Queen Double Bed now says, as well as gives, 4 Energy, rather than saying 1 and giving 4.
  • The Square Confection, Campanulate, Photopollution, and Round Confection Ceiling Lights will now all fade appropriately when viewed in Live Mode.
  • We have added some more words to the profanity filter; among the words added are plum, plum, plum, and plum.

Get to Work

  • We have increased the chance of alien abduction, slightly.
  • Planted plants are no longer allowed to be put up for sale.
  • Baking skill gain is now boosted when inspired.
  • Placing a mannequin in a room will no longer trigger auto lights to turn on.
  • We have removed an odd shadow that appeared along the neckline of the Adult Male Mannequin – Abstract mannequin.
  • We addressed some issues that were causing retail employees to stop ringing up customers; employees should more consistently ring up customers now.
  • The Corporate Fridge Raider Revenue Generating Cooler now states that it provides a Food Quality: 6.
  • Out of This World Desktop can now have its focused emotional aura disabled.
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent the cloning machine from properly functioning if it was upgraded prior to initiating an attempt to clone a Sim.
  • THE Front Desk now believes itself to be a desk.

Get Together

  • Radio music played at event lots will no longer continue to play when visiting that lot after the event ceases.

City Living

  • Repair-Sims will now stay up to 10 hours on your lot fixing your busted and broken.
  • The interaction to Scrap Unfinished Mix is now present on DJ Booth mix-tapes.
  • Fixing a broken electric box while the power is out will now fix the broken electric box, rather than permanently leave you without power.
  • Solent Sink now properly gives (and states), Hygiene 4 and Reliability 5.
  • The Public Throne now provides Hygiene 3.
  • Vendors will no longer leave a stall unattended when joining in on group activities, but will instead close their stall before joining.
  • The In the Know reward trait discount, from the City Native aspiration, is now properly applied to all festival swag including festival t-shirts.
  • A Sims age information in their hover-tip will no longer disappear after interacting with an object socially.
  • Cancelling a Practice Singing interaction will now also cancel the audio.
  • Cream color for the yfTop_EP03JacketTie will now properly apply the cream, and not pink, version of the top.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause festivals to overlap one another due to the previous festival not properly cleaning itself up.
  • Sims’ career outfits are no longer permanently altered when buying a Festival T-Shirt. However, this may still be an issue with the Curry Challenge tee.
  • Yum Cooker will no longer revert to the yellow swatch color when it gets dirty, but remain the color initially chosen by you.
  • Sims with the Instant Upgrade interaction, can now instant upgrade the garbage chute.
  • Toddlers can now talk to a Sim painting a mural, but are no longer allowed to Kick Off the Sim from the mural.
  • The ceilings of some apartments were inconsistently painted. We’ve gone in and touched them up to appear consistently painted.
  • Sims living in apartments can now initiate the jog action and expect that their Sim will start jogging.
  • Giving another Sim your apartment key will no longer cause social events without goals to spontaneously occur.
  • The Location aspiration is now properly sorted in its location within the Live Mode Aspirations location… alphabetically.
  • Played, but inactive households, will no longer moonlight as buskers.
  • Sleeping Sims should no longer sink into the ground when directed to Dream Big on a basketball hoop.
  • Sims will no longer fly away with a spin when choosing to Dream Big from a seated position.
  • Festival T-Shirts can now be found under Tops -> T-Shirts in Create a Sim.
  • Also belly buttons.
  • Sims in City Life careers now receive promotion raises when achieving levels greater than the listed maximum level.
  • Right AND left handed Sims can now hold a sparkler when given one.
  • Birds will no longer fly through the Jasmine Suite Apartments.
  • Romance festival harvestable flowers are now properly named. Lily flowers are no longer called snapdragons, but now lilies. And dragonfruit are no longer called lilies, but now snapdragons.
  • Mannequin heads should no longer distort when wearing the various hats found in City Living!
  • Paint Mural interaction will now stay in queue until the action completes or the player cancels it, and will no longer remove itself from the queue but continue to play the action, preventing the player from cancelling.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in object ownership issues when moving objects out of the household inventory onto a new lot after moving or merging in with a new family.

Outdoor Retreat

  • When selecting to play a Sim that is currently on a vacation lot, you will no longer load into their home lot.

Dine Out

  • We closed a hole in the world near the end of a sidewalk outside of Vlad’s home.
    • In other news, farmer Merrel has accused Vlad of pumpkin sabotage.


  • Babies will no longer become invisible in a mirror when picked up by a vampire.
    • Floating babies are adorable.

Movie Hangout

  • Child Sims will no longer stretch when watching TV without any available chairs.

Romantic Garden

  • The Sette from the Park Place bench and Marbleized Chesterfield bench now count as benches when creating a venue that requires a bench.

Ok, that was a lot. Let’s just close this out simply, with a handshake… shake. Good. Here’s a treat, now out you go. Go on, time to pee. I’m off to cat nap.


Some stuff from Mashima’s talk @ Japan Society NY

These were originally posted on Kodansha USA’s twitter.
(KC: Kodansha Comics)

Mashima originally planned Mavis to only make a brief appearance in FT, but due to her popularity he brought her back in the story.

“I didn’t expect Mavis to be a popular character amongst the fans, but she turned out to be really popular amongst the fanbase!”

KC: Is there a FT moment you’re really proud of / turned out exactly the way you wanted?
Mashima: The Sirius Island arc.

His weekly schedule:
Su: Storyboard/rough sketches
Tu: Pencil work
Wed - Sat: Work on pages & color illustrations

KC: Are there any games you’ve been playing lately.
Mashima: I’ve been playing Overwatch for about a year now. I keep losing!

KC: This is your 3rd time visiting NY. Is there anything you’re looking forward to this time?
Mashima: I want to study English more.

Fan: Is there a fight you particular enjoyed drawing?
Mashima: The fight with Hades.

“If you start drawing manga when you’re younger, you’ll improve a lot more than if you start drawing later.”

“I listen to fans’ feedback every week & based off that feedback I’d speak with my editors to see where to take the story.”

“The most important thing is to finish your manga to the end… just continue to work on your story.”

Fan: Any advice to keep writing & get out of writer’s block?
Mashima: I try to take a break… try something you never tried before.

“If you can envision yourself finishing your project, that will be your biggest asset.”

Fan: Is there anything you’re looking forward to including in your next project?
Mashima: Love.

Fan: How closely do you work with the English localization of FT?
Mashima: I have meetings with the Japanese staff who work with the English editors.

Fan: Since you’ve been to France before, do you have any French food recommendations?
Mashima: Whenever I go to France, I always have cheese fondue!

Mashima does pencils & inking in traditional media, & transitions to digital when working on color illustrations

In this shadow work challenge, we will be exploring our past and delving into some of the core experiences that have helped create and reinforce our shadows. Please keep in mind that shadow work is a highly individual process and there is simply no way I could ever devise any sort of curriculum that yields impeccable results for everyone. It is up to you to give this challenge true substance. This is not a set of step-by-step instructions or specified exercises, but a collection of interrelated subjects that form a generic basis for shadow work that you will [hopefully] be able to build off of. 

The prompts included were designed to be responded to in one (or all) of the following ways: journaling, creative expression, or tarot reading. I recommend journaling and/or creative expression as the basis with tarot as a supplement, but it can serve as a stand alone tarot evaluation as well (which is why I created this Tree of Life Spread). Whatever works for you, go for it! This challenge is only meant to get your mind reeling, and as you will see it’s pretty cut and dry, so I encourage you to use it as you please– get creative and allow it to evolve as you go. 

If you feel comfortable doing so, please share your work and tag “january shadow work challenge”. I for one would love to see it, and I’m sure those who are trying to get their foot in the door with shadow work would appreciate some reference material. In any case, I thank all for participating and as always I welcome public or private feedback! 

(P.S. I did not get to work on/edit this as thoroughly as I would have liked, so please forgive me for any errors or sloppy writing in general! Also, feel free to shoot me an ask if you have any questions. Best Wishes and Happy New Year!)

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Those Years Had a Light in Them; Or, Ryoji Kaji: Part 1

some things to keep in mind about nge’s very own the man, the myth, the legend, spending time on volume 7, stage 43 of the manga ‘verse. super rough, but i’m enjoying thinking about him more, even if just in sketches. i mean, come on, just look at him, that sweet baby k:

Part 1: “Let Me Appeal To Your Intellect” 

  • this post is meant to suggest that manga vol. 7, no. 43 tells us all we need to know about what ryoji thinks about himself and his relationships, and therefore his own motivations; he explains this quite literally to shinji in the chapter, and it’s an incredibly useful backstory (courtesy of sadamoto) for this reason, but let’s backtrack to figure out why all the things he doesn’t say matter even more
  • buckle in

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disney--girl  asked:

Hey I'm new to this particular ship so I was wondering if you could recommend your fav fics? Thanks!!

welcome to the fandom!! i will guide you towards the mothership @dramioneasks, an amazing blog with people that helps us find specific fics to read!! 

i recommend joining hawthorn & vine alongside and ao3 for reading; i would advice you to keep an eye on the rating aka the amount of sex you want in the stories and the trigger warnings and timelines too (just for a more comfortable and safe reading environment and material!!) 

I joined this ship three years ago and still reading my way through, but here are my personal favorites:

happy reading and come back here if you want more fics or have any questions! hope this was helpful x

- purqatory 

my picks are very similar to purqatory’s but i’ll add some extra ones that are my absolute favourites that i could read over and over!

and i also have a fic rec page here!

dana watches lucifer (2x14)
  • i’m so ready to do this i’m gonna cry
  • this previously on makes me emotional
  • i don’t want lucifer to say this again i’m sad i don’t wanna see chloe all alone in his club again
  • hot damn first thing we zoom in on is some booty
  • and there’s lucifer’s mom gettin some
  • “i’m a goddess” she’s being literal there
  • “this is weird” you’re telling me 
  • my cat really doesn’t wanna make it easy to typaq32
  • whoa luci whatcha DOIN
  • “it’s your funeral” um? seriously what’s he doing? i’m assuming he’s making bad life choices
  • the little shake in chloe’s voice i’m GONE
  • “two weeks i’m over it” it’s been two months for me and i’m NOT
  • oh boy amenadiel lurkin again 
  • what kinda bad name is heavy woolies i 
  • CHLOE GO OFF!!!!!!!!!
  • here comes candy and i already love her
  • i’m sad about chloe’s face believe me but i’m already in love with candy
  • “disappeared after i almost died then waltzed back in married to a stripper?” yea it does sound bad
  • “this isn’t about vacation hours lucifer this isn’t about time cards this is about…” US “lucifer how could you i thought we were friends”
  • lucifer you done MESSED UP BIG TIME
  • i’m mad at him
  • even dan has the upper hand here
  • “that’s classy dude real classy” “…thank you?”
  • oh poor courtney i don’t know her but she pretty so i love her
  • plus she’s the first suspect so she can’t be guilty lmao
  • “i completely understand” OH BOY I WONDER WHO SHE’S TALKING ABOUT
  • “ouch shade i wouldn’t take it personally” “yeah it’s not me he’s talking about” oh lucifer
  • where’s maze i miss her already
  • i want ella/lucifer reunion STAT
  • my cat and i are just holdin hands and its so nice
  • omg there are so many pictures of them
  • manip chloe they’re both blonde itll work
  • we already KNOW they’re not actually in love duh
  • candy is so SMART ALREADY I LOVE
  • “i’m super good with faces… and other things” ooh i love her
  • elton tom…. i’m crying
  • omg of COURSE chloe likes 90s music
  • nooooo their partnership is so beautiful tho
  • “you can’t just grab what you want when you want” chloe has a habit of saying what she doesn’t mean when she wants to say what she does
  • f uck lucifer and chloe both look so devastated i hate myself i miss hiatus
  • “i know you’ve been through hell, i suppose we can discuss that another time” 
  • oh candy’s there
  • linda looks shook
  • i feel you linda
  • “he’s a thinker this one” i love you candy
  • you’ve ZAGGED candy …. wow
  • “i tried to leave but i just felt that i missed…” CHLOE “my work” HE MEANS CHLOE
  • wait i wanna see what she can do
  • did he just feed her
  • look when chloe and lucifer work their shit out candy and lucifer are gonna be THE BEST brotp mark my words and pull out the receipts when it happens
  • dan/lucifer is so nice actually
  • “stripper is pejorative”
  • maze is eyeing up candy hard i ship them so much already WHERE IS THE FAN ART
  • oh boy lucifer has foot in mouth disease pretty bad doesn’t he 
  • he said privacy so british like
  • omg charlotte’s eyes are FLASHING
  • “i should start using sunscreen” i love her
  • “well i think she’s perfect for lucifer” whoa… that was a multi layered insult
  • maze throws dishes away instead of washing them…. i relate
  • maze is so wise i love her
  • maze should be the mediator
  • ooh chloe has idea bulbs
  • i’m convinced candy is smarter than she looks btw
  • oh my god chloe as candy is so fun lauren must have had a good time
  • so she’s basically just talking about her issues with him but as candy
  • oh god i hear the hitch in chloe’s voice
  • oh is this guy part of the case i forgot
  • i would say yes to chloe decker too
  • lucifer jsut blew the cover i’m laughing
  • ah his superpower i msised it
  • remember that guy who literally said he wanted a cat sanctuary? i loved that guy. where is he. come back. be my pal.
  • “candy needs you more than i do.” pretty sure that gal can handle herself. just an inkling.
  • “anything about matricide?” wow charlotte doesn’t cut corners does she
  • i’d go to her juice bar
  • “she may be the most formidable foe i’ve ever faced” nice at least charlotte recognizes greatness
  • lucifer IS a deeply damaged soul that’s what you’ve DONE to him
  • i still love her though
  • don’t cry charlotte i still love you
  • “YES I KNEW YOU GUYS WOULD PATCH THINGS UP” ok so ella is STILL the biggest deckerstar shipper ever
  • omg ella is figuring stuff out i’m so proud of her
  • chloe looks SHOOK
  • i’m shook too
  • everyone’s looking so dreamily at him i love it
  • she’s smiling!!!!!!
  • is she??
  • i can’t see but i hope so
  • SHE IS
  • okay but he’s literally singing a love song there’s no pretending
  • oh that was smart
  • i wanna hear the rest of that song
  • “which makes me very happy because i was getting very uncomfortable” lmao i love ella
  • no this episode was going so GOOd leave the angst OUT OF IT
  • wait so candy is just a shield? i don’t buy it
  • see charlotte is wonderful
  • i love every woman on this show
  • “I’M LEGAL WOOOOO” im crying hes so funny
  • of course it was a man
  • jesus of course he’s getting strangled
  • you DUMMY
  • of course he shot the guy she LOVES lucifer
  • “actually i was aiming for you” that little laugh he gives its so cute bc he knows she doesn’t mean it
  • “working with you means so much to him” CUTE “dude’s totally messed up”
  • okay so i guess she’s reconciled herself with it that’s nice we have more room for a story lines
  • “i’ll start by saying i do not forgive you” imagine being so petty
  • lucifer won’t go home bc chloe is his home
  • “the oscar goes to candy morningstar” KNEW IT
  • i don’t want her to leave though
  • i love her so much
  • “i wouldn’t screw that one up” too LATE
  • “trying not to” HE JSAO3
  • i can’t i’m crying that was beautiful i missed this show
march 30th

Jaebum | 1449 words | angst
Jaebum is stuck in a time loop on the day of their two year anniversary.

loosely inspired by jyj’s “in heaven

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anonymous asked:

some antis are planning to boycott the episode to kill ratings so... spread some love?

Dear anon,

Don’t worry, they always plan to boycott things and their plans never work

We always spread our love for Mon El and the fam is strong, so again Don’t worry and enjoy because our space puppy is coming back :)


Day 1: Iris at work

We have not seen Picture News much this season. The set is collecting dust. We need to see Iris at work instead of hearing she’s on her way there. When she was at Picture News we saw her interacting with Mason, Linda and Scott. We saw her sitting at the hub wanting to write a story about a women’s shelter and nervous about the “Streak to Freak” story. That needs to happen again! Make it known to the writers!


We need to see Iris at CCPN interacting with other reporters like she did with Mason and Linda! #IrisWestForS4 #TheFlash @thejudalina

The set of Picture News needs to be utilized #IrisWestForS4 @flashtvwriters @ajkreisberg @gberlanti

Instead of telling us Iris is going to work. Show her at CCPN. #IrisWestForS4 @chipeyt @thejudalina @flashtvwriters

For all the information on #IrisWestForS4 (x)

Spread the love around the mentions:

@ajkreisberg @gberlanti @chipeyt @thejudalina @dblackanese @wondermasons @brookecyan @emilysilver29 @flashtvwriters 

Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by @dauthdaert. The rules are as follows:

Put your music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs. Then tag 20 people. 

Here goes:

Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas

Under Pressure by Queen

Down Under by Men at Work

We will Rock you by Queen

Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield

Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

I Was Only 19 by Redgum

Stayin’ Alive by Beegees

Real World by Matchbox Twenty

Money, Money. Money by Abba

There were a few fandom songs but very little Abba or Queen. Suprising.

Unfortunately I do not really know many people yet so I hope you don’t mind me tagging you. 

@applestorms @grellaofasguard @phikee @my-clarinets-name-is-clancy @cas-dean-sam-and-assbutts @thebeeswithoutwarning @castiel-assbutt-winchester @elvis-i-can-dig-elvis @timeloopedmemories @mishacrazyworld @vesseltryingtosurvive @quicksilver123456 @everybodylovescastiel @officialbibliophile @purgatory-maybe86 @superwholockiansarecool @rosebudcs @maddykatloser @livinginafangirlworld @genderfluid-fierro


If you have been looking for a place to share your K.A.R.D creations with others, then this is the place!

KARDNET aims to bring fans together on a global scale to share the love for K.A.R.D.


  1. Make sure you are following KARDNET
  2. Reblog this post onto the blog which you are applying with

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Mail August 28th


next at 14:30 ~
Yuunaa will do

we’ll do it for 2 hours ~ !

Finally met the goddess of theater

Yuunaa showroom again after for a while
so fun ~(*´q`*)
It’s been a while
since I can chat like this with her
time flies really fast
and yuuchan have to off to her work…

after that
I’m alone doing karaoke

I also sang
Namida Surprise
for Yukarun chan who had her birthday
today ! lol

thanks for 30000
people who’ve accompanied me(;q;)

waa it’s already 18 o'clock ~ …
time flies really fast( °Д° )


After yuuchan
finished with her work
we went for dinner together ~

「 it was your treat last time 」
so yuuchan invited me
to dinner together(;q;)waaaaaa

it’s fine
I will pay
what I want in return?
just you being with me is enough lol

after dinner
we went to convenience store together
for a desssert(*´A`*)
we’ve promised
to go watch movie and hang out together again
at september~ …

what a very fun day!

In The Room Where It Happens

Ah, Mister Secretary

Mister Burr, sir

Did ya hear the news about good old General Mercer?


You know Clermont Street?
They renamed it after him. The Mercer legacy is secure
And all he had to do was die

That’s a lot less work

We oughta give it a try
Now how’re you gonna get your debt plan through?

I guess I’m gonna finally have to listen to you
“Talk less. Smile more.”
Do whatever it takes to get my plan on the Congress floor

Now, Madison and Jefferson are merciless.

Well, hate the sin, love the sinner


I’m sorry Burr, I’ve gotta go
Decisions are happening over dinner

Two Virginians and an immigrant walk into a room
Diametric’ly opposed, foes

They emerge with a compromise, having opened doors that were
Previously closed

The immigrant emerges with unprecedented financial power
A system he can shape however he wants
The Virginians emerge with the nation’s capital
And here’s the pièce de résistance:

No one else was in
The room where it happened
The room where it happened
The room where it happened
No one else was in
The room where it happened
The room where it happened
The room where it happened
No one really knows how the game is played
The art of the trade

How the sausage gets made
We just assume that it happens

But no one else is in

The room where it happens.

Thomas claims!
Alexander was on Washington’s doorstep one day
In distress ‘n disarray

Thomas claims!
Alexander said
“I’ve nowhere else to turn!”

And basicly begged me to join the fray

Thomas claims!
I approached Madison and said
“I know you hate him, but let’s hear what he has to say.”

Thomas claims!
Well, I arranged the meeting
I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating

No one else was in the room where it happened
The room where it happened
The room where it happened

No one else was in the room where it happened
The room where it happened
The room where it happened

No one really knows how the
Parties get to “yes"
The pieces that are sacrificed in
Every game of chess
We just assume that it happens
But no one else is in
The room where it happens. 

Madison is grappling with the fact that not every issue can be settled by committee

Congress is fighting over where to put the capital

It isn’t pretty

Then Jefferson approaches with a dinner and invite
And Madison responds with Virginian insight

“Maybe we can solve one problem with another and win a victory for the Southerners, in other words…a quid pro quo.”

I suppose

Wouldn’t you like to work a little closer to home?

Actually, I would

Well, I propose the Potomac

And you’ll provide him his votes?

Well, we’ll see how it goes

Let’s go


…one else was in the room where it happened
The room where it happened
The room where it happened
No one else was in
The room where it happened
The room where it happened
The room where it happened

My God!
In God we trust!
But we’ll never really know what got discussed
Click-boom! Then it happened
And no one else was in the room where it happened

Alexander Hamilton!
What did they say to you to get you to sell New York City down the river?

Alexander Hamilton!
Did Washington know about the dinner?
Was there Presidential pressure to deliver?

Alexander Hamilton!
Or did you know, even then, it doesn’t matter
Where you put the U.S. Capital?

Cuz we’ll have the banks
We’re in the same spot

You got more than you gave

And I wanted what I got
When you got skin in the game, you stay in the game
But you don’t get a win unless you play in the game
Oh, you get love for it. You get hate for it
You get nothing if you…
Wait for it, wait for it, wait!

God help and forgive me
I wanna build
Something that’s gonna
Outlive me

What do you want, Burr?
What do you want, Burr?

If you stand for nothing
Burr, then what do you fall for??

Wanna be in
The room where it happens
The room where it happens

Wanna be in
The room where it happens
The room where it happens

I wanna be
I wanna be
I’ve got to be
I’ve got to be
In the room
In that big ol’ room

The art of the compromise
Hold your nose and close your eyes

We want our leaders to save the day!

But we don’t get a say in what they trade away

We dream of a brand new start!

But we dream in the dark for the most part
Dark as a tomb where it happens

I’ve got to be in
The room…
I’ve got to be…
Oh, I’ve got to be
In room where it happens…

I’ve got to be, I’ve gotta be, I’ve gotta be…
In the room!
I wanna be in the room
Where it happens!


A Crazy Theory!

Buckle your seat belts boys, girls, whatever gender you identify yourself as, or whoever is reading this because what you are about to read is a crazy theory that may or may not knock your socks off!

Anyways let’s begin the theory!

So everyone in the fandom already knows that Natsu, our sweet fire baby, is Zeref’s strongest demon E.N.D.

And ever since that was announced everyone started making theories on how he is going to turn into E.N.D.

Be it because Zeref killed Lucy or Happy to just simply opening the book of E.N.D. and many more!

We all have theories on how he is going to turn into E.N.D. (I have my own theory, but that will have to wait in another post)


This theory is about how will he turn back into being our beloved Natsu.

And I’m seeing a crossroad here with 2 options here and those are…


Natsu will turn back into a human by using The One Magic.

Ahhh~ love! The most powerful magic in the whole world! 

Strong enough to break any curse!

And maybe even turn a demon back into a human…

Now some of you might say…

“No! darkness is the One Magic!”

“Love is not confirmed to be the One Magic!”



In this chapter it even shows how love broke the Ankhseram Black Magic or Contradictory Curse on Mavis.

But sadly Mavis died or was put into a deep sleep by this.

Now you all might be saying…

“If love was really the answer why didn’t Zeref died as well?”

“Didn’t Mavis love Zeref too?”


The reason why Mavis died or put into a deep was not because Zeref loved her more.

It was because the LOVE they had for EACH OTHER was EQUAL and was able to BREAK THE CURSE!



So the reason Mavis died or put into a deep sleep was because when she and Zeref kissed each other the curse on her BROKE and the PROTECTION FROM THE CURSE DID AS WELL!

As for why Zeref did not die it is because when magic or a curse is left UNTREATED or UNUSED for a LONG period of time, it STRENGTHENS!

In general the curse on Zeref was STRONGER than the curse that was on Mavis because he had it LONGER than she did.

So in conclusion,


Anyways back to how Natsu will turn back into being human by using The One Magic…

Unlike Zeref and Mavis, whose curse will kill the person they value the life of that doesn’t have the curse, being a demon is a curse that turns the one who has it into a vile and evil creature thirsty for blood-lust, or something along those lines.

So if someone were to CONFESS and MAKE HIM FEEL THEIR LOVE FOR HIM… by let’s say… TALKING HIM OUT OF THE DEMON NONESENSE AND KISSING HIM! (Yes I’m looking at you Ms. Lucy Heartfilia)

(Not like this, but you guys get the point, hahaha!)









 Natsu will turn back into a human by killing Lucy Heartfilia.

(I’m sorry, but this is the only other way)

Now Zoldeo stated in chapter 224 that by killing Lucy he will become completely human.

For those people who don’t know or may have forgotten who Zoldeo is…

This is Zoldeo.

He was once a servant of Lucy’s mother, Layla Heartfilia, and was the one who Layla entrusted Capricorn’s key to.

But he broke a taboo and thus was cursed by not having a body of his own.

The same could be said for Natsu who, spoilers ahead, was ALREADY DEAD, but was BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE by his big brother Zeref.




(Though I am very grateful that Natsu didn’t or else we wouldn’t have a good story now, would we?)


So if Natsu in his E.N.D. form… were to say… ANGSTLY KILL LUCY… then he would definitely turn back into a human no questions asked!





(But hey! Natsu is human again!)



*Hides in a corner and continues crying*


Going to Monaco
The Mountain Goats
Going to Monaco

Sea gobbles up the full sun
And I look at you and I know you’re the one
The one I used to know something about
And I try to say what it was but the words won’t come out
And you ask me to hold you
That’s the devil’s work

You show your palms and I see they’re empty
And I’d check them twice if you’d let me
But you wouldn’t do that now would you?
I didn’t think so
And you ask me to hold you
That’s the devil’s work

We stand on the sand and we watch the world turn
And we stand on the sand and we watch the water burn
And we stand on the sand six inches from one another
And the sands burn and blow but neither one of us runs for cover
And you ask me to hold you
That’s the devil’s work
And you ask me to hold you
But that’s the devil’s work

from Transmission to Horace (1993)

death spells’ new album comes out in eight days

ray is still making music and trusting enough to share it

electric century’s new album is out and it is free

gerard is at comic con talking about his work

we should be rejoicing.