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“Guys you remember (y/n).” Barry said as you entered S.T.A.R. Labs. “Long time no see.” Caitlin said as she made her way over to you. “I know right, all I have to do is wait until you guys get desperate enough to call for my help.” You said as you embraced her. 

“Hey Cisco.” You called out to the techie who hadn’t acknowledged you yet. “Hey.” You heard him mumble from his area. “So does he hate me or what? He never says anything to me.” You told Caitlin and Barry, who both shared a look. 

You knew you wouldn’t be able to get anything out of them so you just decided to ignore it. “So, what’d you bring me to Central City for?” You asked quickly changing the subject. 
“So, what’s your deal with me?” You asked as you walked into Cisco’s workstation. “Deal? No deal, I don’t have anything to do with you.” He said as he turned to walk away. You quickly put up a shield to block his escape, you smirked a bit as he crashed straight into the transparent force field. 

“That’s not fair.” Cisco said as he turned to look at you. “Well, I’ll tell you what, you answer my question and I’ll let you out.” You said offering up a deal that clearly worked in your favor. 

“I told you I don’t have a problem with you.” Cisco said. “Then what? Clearly something’s up, if it weren’t you’d talk to me just as much as you talk to Laurel, or Felicity. I’m the only person on the Team who you go out of your way to actively avoid. Honestly if you don’t hate me then I can only assume that you–” Realization hit you like a runaway freight train. 

“Cisco, do you like me?” You asked biting your lip nervously. “Can I just-” 

“Answer the question.” You said. You noticed him taking several deep breaths trying to calm himself down and a small smile spread across your lips. “Well I’m just glad it’s not one sided.” You said before placing a quick kiss on his cheek and walking out of the room. 

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surprise attack! (707 x mc/reader)

summary: guessing what 707′s newest toy does results in a reward

rating: PG

notes: SO I AM STUCK IN 707 HELL. AND IT’S GREAT BECAUSE THE FANFIC IDEAS ARE FLOWING LIKE MAD. which translates into I have more to write. this was originally gonna be different, but it turned out like this… but it’s fluffy. this is good. though i am worried about characterization… as usual. haha.

as this takes place post-game, naturally, there are spoilers for 707′s route. namely… well, you’ll see. haha. 

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“Dear Unicorn Diary,

Yesterday Cat hired a new assistant and demoted me to “Number 2.”

Because of this I had a lot of time on my hands at work and was able to escape notice long enough to mix Skittles into Miss Grant’s M&M stash and replace all of her screen savers of Carter with kittens.

The computer updates will be traced back to Siobhan’s workstation and the bag of Skittles has been prominently placed in her wastebasket.  The janitor likes me and will not empty the wastebasket until I ask him to.

In the meantime, I have worn my best spaghetti strap sundress today and will remove my cardigan as soon as Cat settles in at her desk.

I shall chart my findings and report back.



It had been a… quiet workday, to say the least. Reed had been mostly silent, the only noise coming from the clinking of metal and glass, and occasional restless pacing.

That was, until a rather restless movement from the other. Tapping his foot, knocking his hand on the wooden table, face contorted into some strange form of discomfort and annoyance- followed by the dwelf marching over to Solas’s workstation.


More of a command, than a statement. Reed seemed visibly uncomfortable, popping his knuckles with his thumb. “T-…Tell me about the fade! Please! I don’t like not knowing things and my mind keeps going back to it, and it’s not nice!”

He clenched his teeth. “I-I know I can’t see it- but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand it! I can’t see a lot of things! Air, emotions, the feeling of a room- but that’s why I study! So I can! Just because I’m unable to see them with my eyes-”

He hesitated. “Is… is it so wrong to want to know?”

'don't put that thing up your nose'

Jemma is exposed to an 0-8-4 and kind of sort of gets accidentally high. (for maysimmons weekend)

I just. I really horribly misread a prompt I got. This is all buckysbears’s fault, both for sending me the original prompt and also for goading me into this.

May strides purposefully into the lab some time around mid-morning, hoping desperately that Jemma’s found something useful to give her. The whole team had been involved in a retrieval of an 0-8-4 earlier that day, and while most of the team were currently out investigating the suspicious circumstances, May has been left behind to run back-end.

Thus far, it’s been mind-numbingly boring.

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Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan 2016!

There would have been so many more photos, but we were limited to only taking them outside.

The museum was chock full of Ghibli goodness, from animation reels never seen by the public, zoetropes of Ghibli characters, SUPER PLUSH, LIFESIZED CATBUS, storyboards, concept art, Hayao Miyazaki’s workstation, and so much more!  Not to mention, the adorable short films!  We got a chance to watch the Kitty-bus special. ❤ Loved every minute spent here!


Altwork Station 

Altwork’s objective is to redefine how your computer and workstation work with you, to support you in being more productive, comfortable, and healthy. 

After five years of engineering and over $1M of founder and angel investment,
Altwork is launching a pre-order campaign to finance the additional tooling and
development we need to scale production of the world’s first workstation designed for high-intensity computer users.

Viva. (@ deviantredhead )

It’s impulse, really. Justin wants to hit Vegas for the weekend, Miyuki has already agreed graciously to feed his cat, and he doesn’t really want to visit Cirque du Soleil alone. He wants to see Zumanity again and that’s burlesque, so really there’s only one person to invite along.

It’s a Thursday at work, during lunch, when he drops in on Sam’s workstation.
Arrow EP Addresses Our Concerns About Workplace Romance, Felicity's Spark and Season 4 Flashbacks
Arrow fans needn't worry that the coming together of Olivier and Felicity will affect the superhero drama's path.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

…Guggenheim used the word “organic” to describe the impact. “The show is still the show,” he maintained, adding that “body language” will more often than not take the place of more overt indicators. “Like, when Oliver and Felicity are together at her workstation, now he’s got his hand on her shoulder,” he shared as one example. “It’s a difference of degrees. Basically, we’re treating them like two coworkers who started dating.”