"Shred of Lights, Worksound" review (Willamette Week)

Michael Endo, Strega, 2011, oil on linen, 38 x 38 inches

(excerpt) painter Michael Endo offers quiet, meditative paintings that depict desolated landscapes, nearly devoid of human habitation. This is a vision of a society that is either pre-technological or postapocalyptic, and in either case far removed from the information overload evoked in Radon’s, Shaw’s and Zemel’s work. Endo paints in a palette of dingy grays and blacks, except in the sinister Grim Reaper fantasia Strega, whose diabolical reds and Pepto-Bismol pinks telegraph a garish menace. Life off the grid might be less than utopic, Endo suggests. (excerpt) - Richard Speer


Third Annual Juried Exhibition
of PSU Student Work

  1. March 4–24, 2015
  2. Wednesday, Mar 4, 5–8pm

Guest Jurors:

Elizabeth Spavento (All Rise) and Modou Dieng (PNCA, Worksound International)


A.J. Markow, Abby Moe, Amrita Khalsa, Andrea Kerr, Brittany Maddocks, Conrad Crespin, Daniel Liam Gill, Danny Shapiro, Edward Ershbock, Emily Lewis, Hyunju Kim, Jennifer Vaughn, Kyle Lee, Mark Nilson, Michael Hull, Natalie Graff, Phil Gregory, Samantha Loren, Shannon Kidd and Tatyana Ostapenko.

The Annual Juried Exhibition of PSU Student work is open to all majors and levels of education within PSU and there is no restriction in medium. This year, we set a goal to represent as many mediums as possible in order to represent the diverse types of artwork being produced by Portland State University students.