What now?
Awful election results in UK. Anyone who isn’t mourning today has an ashtray for a heart.
Tomorrow (Sat 9th May) join me at Alternative Press Takeover 2015 on Tanner Street to see and sample the creativity of the British people… this country has never needed an Alternative Press more. And we’ll need to support each other for the next 5 years.

The Boston Comics Roundtable is pleased to present the Boston Comics Workspace. Working in tandem with the media and comics artist Heide Solbrig (also known as Whatever Floats Your Boat Productions), BCR now has access to a spacious studio and event space, conveniently located at 561 Windsor Street in the TAZA Chocolate Factory building outside of Inman Square in Somerville.

The Workspace will operate in addition to our regular weekly BCR meetings in the Cambridge Public Library and will provide access to studio work and event space as well as printing resources for the group. We hope the Workspace will grow the Boston comics community and further the professional development of our members.

So what is in it for YOU? Though we are dreaming big, the Workspace will begin on a trial basis. To start, the Workspace will offer:

  • Studio Membership  a shared studio workspace, available to BCR members on the weekends for a modest fee of $35 a month.
  • Print Membership shared printing and scanning equipment, available to members for an even MORE modest fee of $10 a month.
  • Boston Comics Roundtable Membership will remain FREE and open to everyone as always.
  • Workshops and extended critique sessions, technical demos and tutorials, and other comics-related sessions enabling us to address our work in greater depth.
  • Classes a space for BCR members to teach and run workshops for the public (and other interested members).
  • Events such as book release parties and others that would allow public outreach and community building.

We believe that all BCR members can find use and benefit from the Workspace, and want to work with you to evolve exactly what happens here. We are looking for suggestions and input from our members. This is a growing process, but to start we are offering this quiet, shared workspace, available on weekends, in a dedicated art studio, away from distractions. With your input, we can work together to craft the Workspace into an indispensible resource for the BCR.

Meanwhile, we are in the process of cultivating printing, scanning, and publishing equipment and software that will be available to members who are willing to pay $10 a month, plus the cost of materials. Memberships will be available with payment through PayPal (see bottom for more details). These fees will go toward paying the modest rent on the space, supplemented by income from classes, fundraising events, and sales of BCR books. Donations are welcome too.

Interested in learning more? Please come to our Open Studio hours this weekend and next (June 6-7 and June 13-14) between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM to explore the space and learn more about what it may offer you. It’s a great space, we have a couch and a small kitchen, a great big table to work on, a black & white printer, and a laptop or two for members’ use.

We are also planning our first event, an Open House on June 20th as a celebration of the space, giving an opportunity for exploration and community! There will be BCR anthologies for sale as well as assorted baked goods and snacks. More information on the Open House as the event draws nearer.

With all that being said, we would like to stress that with the advent of the Boston Comics Workspace, we are now more than ever committed to access for everyone as a welcoming, safe space for diversity and creativity. We look forward to embarking on this adventure with you!

If you have any question you can contact us directly at

To Apply for a membership please visit our Workspace page.

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