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Need a high schooler to edit your dystopian flash fanfic?

Or a published poet to review your queer epic?

How about an English major to review the syntax in your personal essay?

On Yeah Write’s Workshoppers page, you’ll find hundreds of Tumblr users who have volunteered to peer edit other people’s writing. But what you may not have noticed is that each post is excessively tagged with everything that particular workshopper likes to read and edit. Click on a tag to see more workshoppers who, for example, like to edit screenplays, or scifi, or for characterization, or who are in college.

I am a workshopper!

Hello fellow writers! I want to workshop your writing!

I am mostly interested in original fiction, since I am not involved in any fandoms. However, I am willing to read your fanfic, if you’re interested in the purely technical critique of an ousider.

I will read any genre except romance, long or short. I will be as gentle or as brutal as you would like me to be. I will look for plot cohesion, character relationship believability, rhythm (both of sentence structure / word choice / paragraph structure, and of tension within the story), and places where the writing could be strengthened by rejecting tropes or biases. I will not try to make your writing my writing; I just want it to be as good as you can make it!

I like editing even more than writing, so please, hit me up at I look forward to hearing from you!

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General Rules for Contacting Workshoppers

Hey yeah writers! By now you’ve probably notice that we have a TON of new workshoppers writing in and offering their proofreading/editing/workshopping/feedback services.

It’s very generous of these people to offer their time and help, so I wanted to make sure that those of you reaching out to them are doing so politely!

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind before reaching out to a workshopper:

  1. Do not blitzkrieg the entire list. Everyone who volunteers to workshop notes what kind of writing they like to read and critique. Find a workshopper whose reading interests/strengths match the piece you would like reviewed. (Note, I am going to start tagging the workshoppers with the genres they like to read, the story/poem fundamentals they like to edit for, etc. so that it’s easier to cull through the list.)
  2. Please pay attention to how the workshopper has noted that he/she would like to be contacted. They may have given a link for their ask box, submit box, or email address.
  3. Upon first contacting a workshopper, please do not just send them your entire piece with no context. Instead, reach out and ask them if they have time to read your story, with a brief note on it’s length, content, and what you’re looking to improve upon by having access to a second set of eyes, and any other relevant information. The workshopper should then write back saying, “Yes, I can read your piece for those things by that deadline, please send your story in this format to this address”, etc. (Many workshoppers offered their ask boxes as point of contact so of course you can’t just send an entire story to them that way.)
  4. Be polite! Again, these people are offering to give their time and expertise to a stranger!

I’d also like to set up an accountability system for both workshoppers and writers.

Workshoppers: If someone is badgering you about their piece, sending you too many stories, or otherwise being a troll/rude/annoying, please let me know.

Writers: If you reach out to a workshopper and don’t hear back, please let me know and I’ll follow up to see if they should be removed from the list.

I’ll reblog this periodically so that it’s always within easy view on the workshopper page.

Bouncing Back from a Shitty Critique

hippocrepes asked: 

so recently i got an unwanted critique on my writing and it was pretty harsh. they guy acted pretty rude throughout the whole thing and he’d said some pretty hurtful things and it was so mean it made me stop writing for almost a month. i’ve been trying to get back on my feet from that, but it hasn’t been the same; i keep constantly nitpicking at everything and rewriting and basically driven myself into a rut. what should i do to get myself back on track?

First off, that’s really a bummer that someone couldn’t manage to give you a critique that was constructive and respectful. As I note on our Workshopper Guidelines, being polite and constructive should go without saying. 

However, though this may sound harsh, you can’t blame your writing rut on this guy. Your reaction to his feedback is contained within who you are as a writer, just as your ability to get past the nitpicking and overthinking. Confidence is like a muscle that you have to build up. If anything, you might look at this rough critique as a sort of “whatever doesn’t kill you makes stronger” situation.

Because the thing is, even if you’re freakin Edith Wharton or JK Rowling or Hemingway or John Green, someone is always going to think your writing is shitty. Remind yourself that his opinion was only one, and maybe he stubbed his toe that morning, or got a bad grade on a paper, or a parking ticket, and took it out on your piece. Obviously, don’t go to him for feedback anymore; I’d suggest reaching out to some of our Workshoppers, who are professional and constructive and kind! Maybe if you get some positive feedback from them, you’ll have a little more confidence again.

You’re right to continue writing, instead of just throwing in the towel. There are zillions of reasons that writers hit “writer’s block” (which I don’t actually believe in) or stretches when they feel like everything they create is shit; getting a bad critique is only one of them. The only way to dig your way out is to keep at it. 

We have an article on here that I wrote a while ago called 4 Ways to Have Confidence in Your Writing that I think would be helpful too!

This article will be archived on our Writing Advice page.

Yeah Write’s workshoppers are other Tumblr users who are willing to read and give feedback on your writing.

Find a workshopper to help with your draft here:

  • Before contacting a workshopper, be sure to read our contact guidelines
  • You can click on the tags in a workshopper post to see more workshoppers; for example, if you click on the “scifi workshopper” tag, you will see all of the other scifi workshoppers.

Become a workshopper by sending in your info here:

  • Be sure to read the submission instructions under #4 to ensure your submission gets published.

Hi! My name’s Lori and I would love to workshop your writing. I’m currently interning with a literary agency and living in New York. My previous experience includes multiple publishing internships (I’m on my seventh) and a stint as editor-in-chief of a literary magazine. I’m working towards eventually becoming an agent, which would mean spending a lot of time reading queries and manuscripts, and this seems like a great way to practice. My Tumblr username is StrangestTastes.

If anyone has already written a book and is trying to write a query, let me know! I spend a lot of time reading queries so I’ve got some experience. I don’t have any contacts in the publishing world yet (I’m only an intern, sadly.) so I won’t be able to pass your manuscript along to anyone. Please don’t ask.

My interests include: speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror), YA fiction, short stories, literary fiction, and graphic novels. Topics I’d love to see in my inbox (See! I already sound like an agent.) include: complex portrayals of mental illness, magical realism, new or different characters or settings, and both plot and language driven work. I’m no good with romance or erotica, please don’t send those. I don’t have a ton of free time (sorry) so it’s going to be first come, first serve.



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Hello, internet. My name is Kim and I’m interested in reading and workshopping your writing! Why? Because I used to do it on a daily basis, and now I’m hungry for more. I’m 22 and recently graduated from the Writing, Literature, and Publishing program at Emerson College, where I participated in creative writing workshop classes pretty much every semester. I have worked with some awesome professors who taught me a lot, as well as read, critiqued, and line-edited about three billion pages of peer writing (hyperbole! My education has truly paid off) in my time at school. They let me graduate, so I guess I did an okay job. In high school I spent quite a lot of time on writing forums posting my work. I had the privilege of sharing my work with a lot of cool people who encouraged me to keep going until I finished writing a YA novel of my own, which hopefully I’ll one day send out! I mostly write long-form pieces, but I’m no stranger to short stories, either.

There’s almost nothing I won’t read, but some of my favorites are horror/mystery, YA of pretty much any kind, and anything magical realism! I also have deep, ancient roots in fanfiction. Some of my favorite stories have been ones that I’ve read online! A few of my favorite writers are Jonathan Safran Foer, Aimee Bender, and George Saunders. 

If you’re interested in jamming with me, feel free to send a message to my ask box at with a little bit of info and I’ll hook you up with my email address!

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Hi, I’m Kiara and I’m a writer. I’m interested in reading and editing creative nonfiction, personal essays, poetry, nonfiction prose, etc. I’m very available and absolutely love editing work and giving feedback.

My ask box is here

I prefer to be contacted by email:

Thanks In Advance, 

Kiara Blanchette

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Hi everyone! My name is Rachel, and I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I understood that books didn’t fall from the sky pre-assembled. I’m originally from right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, and I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Southern California double majoring in Creative Writing and Gender Studies.

While I’m opening to editing any fiction whatsoever, I’m personally partial to poetry and playwriting. That being said, I’m still open to editing short stories, or even novels. When workshopping writing with others, my strengths as an editor include critiquing overall structure, making line-by-line edits to improve flow, and basic grammar. I can certainly help with grammatical aspects of non-fiction writing, but creative work is my true passion. Keep in mind, as someone who is currently a full time student with two majors and also working about twenty hours a week, if your works get a bit lengthy, it may be a good idea to send them to me in installments so I can give a more thorough look at each portion. (Send me a chapter of your novel manuscript at a time, a scene from a play, etc.) Subject wise, I am particularly interested in pieces that deal with social issues or works that place an emphasis on diversity in literature.

You can contact me for more details at my writing blog, I look forward to reading your work!

Advanced Reader/Writer Willing to Give Feedback

My name is Marc and I am a 28 year old living in Chicago. I graduated from Villanova and have an MFA. I am currently on my own epic quest to complete a novel, and since I read voraciously, I would love the opportunity to read and give feedback on some works-in-progress. I know how difficult, frustrating, and painful it can be to get constructive criticism and I hope I can help you along on your own personal journey.

I am interested in reading 1) Fantasy primarily, 2) Science fiction, and 3) Fiction (other). I am also open to poetry and short stories. Since I read minimum 1 book (approx. 600 pages) per week, you can almost be guaranteed to get feedback within that timeframe. Please let me know what type of response you are looking for (e.g. general impressions, evaluation of prose, plot holes, character, dialogue, etc.) Note: Outside of giving examples to back-up a criticism, I won’t correct grammar or sentence structure most likely, just because it is extremely time consuming. A few additional caveats:

- I have read the fantasy genre comprehensively, so if there is an author / style / world / structure you are emulating, feel free to add that to the discussion.

- I am not a scientist, so I won’t offer any technological/engineering critiques. However, as an avid fan I can give you a layman’s interpretation.

- I am a diehard of James Bond and I’ve read Robert Ludlum/Dan Brown/Baldacci/Crighton (among others), but please be aware if you’re writing realistic/satirical fiction (outside of thrillers) that I will be much more critical as I have very specific taste in that arena. I find realistic fiction to be extremely blase if not done with a distinctive style, theme, and intellectual narrative behind the prose.

You can contact me as a workshopper at . These emails will go directly to my business phone and you can be assured I will see them within minutes, so please condense messages into one email rather than consecutive whenever possible.

To interact or view my personal blog, you can see that at I am slowly updating it with my own work and different pieces of interest.

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Hi! I’m Kayley, I’m 15 and I’m a sophomore in high school. Despite the age (it always brings hesitation), I’ve been editing for two years and actually writing for seven. I had a remote internship at a small publishing company last summer, and am currently working with another company on editing one of my novels. I hope to gain more experience in working with other authors, so this is my chance to help other writers and learn a bit about my own writing.

I’ve edited two novels now in the publishing process, many essays and assignments for anyone who has requested my help, and a wide range of fanfictions. I’m interested in editing anything from short stories to novels, particularly but not limited to pieces in the romance, science fiction, and young adult genres. I can help with grammar and spelling, subject-verb agreement, consistent tenses and style, syntax, character/scene purpose and redundancy, word choice, pace, plot holes, plot enhancement, and the general polishing and refining of the story. I hope to become your friend and offer you support whenever you need it! I can be contacted through my askboxes on and or my email ( Thank you!

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Hello! My name is Megan, and I’d love a chance to work on you with your projects. I recently graduated with my BA in Creative Writing from Florida State University, and am an intern at Cambridge Writers’ Workshop, as well as a freelance copywriter and editor, and have previously worked for literary magazines and music magazines. I’ve been published in several different journals, ranging from print to online, in genres including urban fantasy and literary fiction, and have work coming out in the near future. My interests are primarily magical realism/urban fantasy (think Neil Gaiman and Holly Black), but I’m also extremely interested in Southern Gothic (Capote, O’Connor, etc). I’d be happy to read anything YA, or adult oriented, not picky about sex, violence, or profanity, however I will not read fanfiction (sorry.) I’m very meticulous, and really enjoy the process of workshopping, and would love to establish some relationships with other writers in this community. Feel free to contact me through my ask box at and we can set up a line of communication through that. Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best xx

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Hey my name is Jake and I’m willing to edit, read or just give you feedback on your writing. I’m open to any style of writing and genre just give me a brief description when you send me your work. I’ve been interested in writing the majority of my life, mostly short stories and such, however I’m currently in the works of writing a fantasy trilogy. You can contact me at

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Hi! My name is Audrey. I am a novelist, screenwriter, and short story writer. I am working towards my Bachelor’s with a double major in Creative Writing and Psychology.

I’ve been writing since I was five; I got my first piece published in a local newspaper at 9. Writing used to be a thing I would do because I was good at it, but it has since become a passion of mine.

I’m open to reading anything and everything as I like to write anything and everything. Whether it be an essay for school or a few chapters of your novel, send it on over! I’d be happy to be of help.

I can be reached at and you can also utilize the contact page on my wordpress blog, (x). You can stop by and read some of my work if you like and see what I’m all about. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello! My name is Felicia ( I just graduated college with a degree in professional writing and I’m trying to gain more experience in editing. I’m interested in reviewing young adult, fantasy, science fiction, romance or contemporary novels and short stories. I can work on grammar, styling, syntax, character development, and plot holes. I can also just give basic feedback if that’s what you would like. I can be contacted through email at

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Hi there, I’m Taylor. I’m a fourteen-year-old girl passionate about writing, editing, reading, and really the whole process that is a book. I am young as far as editors go, but I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I’ve been to countless writing summer camps, workshops, classes, and clinics over the past few years and I have a miniature library in my room. I write poetry, short stories, parables and fables, literature response essays, and I am currently in the middle of a novel. I don’t use my tumblr blogs to publish any of my writing because I’ve unfortunately had some incidents where people have tried to pass off my work as their own; if you are interested in having me as an editor and want to see my work, contact me at Recently, I’ve shifted my focus to editing pieces of writing and I am eager for any opportunities to edit. Being a tumblr workshopper would be an amazing experience that I would enjoy and hopefully excel at!

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Hello all! My name is Julie, (she/hers or they/them/theirs) and I’m going to be a third year double major in Literature and Women’s & Gender Studies with a minor in Children’s lit this fall. I’ve been a voracious reader for my entire life as well as seriously writing and honing my craft for the past ten, (has it really been ten years already? Goodness!). In my opinion, reviewing and critiquing writing improves my own writing, so I’m almost always willing to look work over for other people. 

My favorite kinds of writing are YA Lit and pretty much any kind of Fantasy story but I’ll read anything with interesting characters and a gripping plot/hook + a DIVERSE cast. I will be extremely hesitant to help you or take on your work if there are no people of color or no explicitly non-heterosexual people. Even in fantasy, there needs to be a sense of realism - and people who aren’t white or straight exist. I also would prefer not to be handed a first draft and told to edit it. I’m a firm believer that you should be the one to edit your first draft. Not only is it good experience, but in my experience first draft’s only make sense to the author and I probably wouldn’t be much help at that point! I’m also not here to write your story for you - I have stories of my own to write, after all!

But if you’ve got an idea on paper, and you think you’ve got the structure set, or need help with a specific section/part, (i.e. characterization, plot, conflict, etc) I would love to help you! (And yes, I will also be happy to help with grammar and sentence structure though I consider characterization to be my strongest skill). 

Contacting Me: My askbox is a great place to make first contact, but if you aren’t comfortable with that or your message is too long for that, feel free to email me at But please do not just send me an attached document to read. I will not read it and will email you back saying that I didn’t. 

Finally: please remember that I’m not here to be your personal cheer squad. By all means, if I love something about your writing I won’t hesitate to tell you. But I’m also here to tell you what, (in my opinion) isn’t working or doesn’t make sense. Take that with a grain of salt, but be prepared to get positive and negative feedback. Otherwise, I look forward to working with you!

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Hey there,

I’m Rachel and I’m a college freshman. I’m studying to become a 7th grade English teacher. In high school, I was an editor for my school newspaper. I’ve taken many creative writing workshops and classes. In general, I just love reading stories and getting lost in the plot and the characters people create. I’m nice but honest. I also tutored my peers in high school by reading their essays and giving them feedback which helped me gain experience with critiquing. I promise to be dedicated and attentive to your work.

I’d like to be sent: fiction, non-fiction, essays, fanfiction, (I’m a sucker for reading One Direction stories especially) romance, short stories, and young adult.

Email me at

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Hi, guys! My name is Hia Chakraborty. I’m a sophomore at Columbia University. I am pursuing a B.F.A. in Creative Writing as well as a B.E. in Astronautical Engineering. I’m interested in critiquing  creative pieces written by Tumblr users. I’m the assistant editor at ”Fiction” magazine, an internationally-renowned literary journal. My position allows me critique pieces submitted by Zadie Smith, Joyce Carol Oates, and many other notable writers. We have strong connections to “The Paris Review,” “Agni,” and “The Atlantic.”

I, too, am a writer, and published my debut YA novel in October 2013. The novel will be reviewed by The New York Times this summer; Publisher’s Weekly will feature my book and I on its website and magazine this summer as well. I adore meeting new writers and working with them!

If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at my email address: My interests range from short fiction, science-fiction, creative non-fiction, and YA. If you would like me to help you edit a novel, then please send me the first ten pages of your manuscript along with a brief synopsis. Looking forward to working with you! Get at me! :D

Hi, I’m Nikoli. e-mail:, or the askbox on caffinatedbybossblack

I’m a graduating senior at the University of Michigan with majors in English and Japanese Studies. I’ve been in senior level workshops for fiction and non-fiction over the past year, and would love to continue to workshop both kinds of prose!

I’m interested in reading YA, New Adult, or Adult pieces. I’m particularly drawn to Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and to anything with LGBT themes and issues, but I’m willing to look at just about anything that isn’t: fan fiction, poetry, or explicit sexual material. Implied is fine. Give me your creative non-fiction, your short stories, and your longer projects.

I am a tedious line editor who will quiver over little details like word choice, grammar, sentence structure, and repetition of words. I’m also willing to help with things like character development, plot, and worldbuilding, but in a lot of ways I consider those things to be the writer’s work alone. As a workshopper I tend to think of myself as more of a person who helps foster better independent writing, not dependence on workshop. I won’t tell you what I think should happen, or how x character should respond to x thing, and so on. It’s your writing—you’re the only one that can decide what should happen. I will alert you when something seems out of place, unusual, rushed, doesn’t make sense, and so on and so forth, but I will not feed you ideas. 

Lastly, I always begin with positive feedback, and make sure the writer knows what they’ve done right along with what they could improve. I’m kind and courteous, but honest. If you think that we could work together, please contact me through one of the above channels. I’d love to hear from you.

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