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Battle Masters (1992) was the big battle miniatures game counterpart to HeroQuest’s introductory dungeon bash.  Milton Bradley and Games Workshop collaborated again to fill a large box with plastic Citadel miniatures and kid-friendly rules.  Warhammer players bought many copies for the 103 figures, including Imperial knights, foot, and a cannon with crew, vs orcs, goblins, wolf riders, an ogre, Chaos knights, beastmen, plus a 6″ tall polystyrene tower.

I know more than one player who converted the Mohawk-sporting Chaos archers to make Chaos centaurs, and I’ve seen the vinyl map used under WWI aircraft games.


My aim to collect all of the classic issues of White Dwarf continues. Today I was having a browse through a charity bookstore and came across these beauties in excellent condition!
Here we have issues 253, 257, 258, 259, 260, 261 and 262.
A quick thumb through them has revealed some absolutely fantastic articles and brilliant battle reports, I can’t wait to get reading!

Happy Hobbying!



After what feels like an eternity, I finally have some painting progress to show!
Painting time has been very limited for me over the past few months, thanks to summer being my busiest time of year at work, combined with a much-needed holiday in Malta which I returned from last week.
But I’m back! Work is beginning to quieten down thankfully, which means I’m not totally exhausted at night, and I’ve been back at the painting table this week.
Last night I finished off the beautiful Arcane bases from Micro Art Studios for my Aenur, Sword of Twilight, and the Chaos Sorcerer.
I love how they turned out, and am really pleased with the glowing effect from the recessed areas of the bases.

I’m not sure what to paint next, I have some half-finished Genestealer Hybrids who are crying out to be completed.

Happy Hobbying!



Commission: “Sisters of Battle” (lines - Warhammer 40K)

I’m not sure if this is the largest, or the second largest image I’ve ever worked on – but it sure is damn large!

Based on Warhammer 40K, this image depicts a battle between the incredibly awesome Sister of Battle and a Lord of Change, a demon of Tzeentch, supported by Alpha Legion.

This image has been an incredibly massive project which has led me to tons of research, references and learning about the Warhammer 40K universe – a universe I am in love with.

Now that the linework is finished, we are currently proceeding with the shading phase and doing it live over on my Twitch channel (www/ Pretty soon, color!

Also, once we’re done with this image, I’ll be starting a new webcomic. You know, FYI.


The Green Tide!

On Sunday, I finished off the final miniature for my Orcs & Goblins army, and I am so pleased to now be the proud owner of another fully painted and modelled Age of Sigmar army!

I started this project at the beginning of the year (2016), so what you see in the images above is the result of just over six months of assembling, modelling and painting.
I love the army, and do have plans (and extra miniatures) to add to the army but I am calling it complete for now.
The theme for the army was basically a ‘classic’ Games Workshop Greenskin army, with lots of infantry, some crazy war machines, a few monsters and some wacky characters.
It’s important to note that I am not a gamer, so I do not have the restriction (some people would say focus) of choosing an army based on the roles and strengths of each unit on the tabletop.
I simply paint the miniatures for the sheer enjoyment of it, and collecting armies appeals to my rather meticulous nature.
So I have no idea how this army would fare in a game, and frankly it doesn’t bother me at all.
Also, I know a lot of folks will look at the square bases and note that I’ve kept the army on squares as opposed to round bases (with the exception of the Fanatics).
The reason for this is simple, I quite enjoy looking at ranked units of troops, and as I said before, since I don’t game, and these models are really just for my enjoyment, I chose to base them how I pleased (I also didn’t want to pay more money for all the new round bases when every model in this army came with a perfectly usable square base).

When painting the army, I tried to push myself a bit further than I have gone when painting previous armies, to try new techniques and basically try to paint every model to the best of my ability.
I think I’ve stuck to that goal pretty well, even though it was hard at times to keep up the level of concentration when layering highlights over forty Night Goblin noses!

This army also represents me achieving something I have longed for ever since I began this hobby almost 17 years ago.
Right from my beginnings in the hobby in 1999-2000, I had always loved the Warhammer Orcs & Goblins, and bought some models piecemeal over the years, but I never managed to sit down and actually paint an army.
Now, that has changed, and I am genuinely so happy that my miniature collection includes this army, fully painted and based, and with a heap of effort and devotion from me to get it to the stage it is at today.

In short, I am super proud of this army, of setting myself a goal and achieving it, and of the way I have improved my hobby skills along the way.
The army is now sitting pride of place in my display cabinet above the Skaven army I completed last year, and I am super motivated to get stuck into my next project, keep an eye on my tumblr to see what it is!

Happy Hobbying!

How to Release New Sisters of Battle Models:

I don’t know when, if ever, the SoB will get plastic models but I’ve been thinking out how to implement them money saving wise. When a new codex comes out, factions might get two or three new boxes, either remakes of old models or entirely new units. The SoB are so utterly ancient however, 100% of their units are out of date and need an update. Two or three boxes isn’t going to cut it. However if GW really did have to cut corners, no exceptions, and only a certain amount of new boxes could be created at once, which units are the most important? Which units need to be updated first?

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A Response to a Private Ask that I Want to Share...

I didn’t add the thing about Dan Abnett, so I can’t really comment on it. What I CAN say is that while Space Marines are SUPPOSED to be asexual, they’re also SUPPOSED to be perfectly loyal, and we all know how THAT worked out. So, I don’t really think that it’s outside the realm of possibility. Rare? Certainly. Impossible? I don’t buy it. There are a few sex-linked conditions that aren’t directly related to your sex organs - hemophilia, for example - so it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility. But it also isn’t the most likely.

Now, from a narrative perspective, I think that Space Marines are a lot more interesting when they are not, well… JUST Space Marines? What’s more interesting, Brother Andronicus the perfect Space Marine who does his bolter drills, worships the God-Emperor, and has no doubts or aberrations? Or Brother Julius who is… a little different? He has doubts? He has affection for mortals? He’s kind of in love with Epistolary Hezekiah? The latter, of course. All the best Space Marine characters have been like the latter.

As far as female Astartes go… look, do you have any idea how little of your genome is sex-based? It’s one chromosome out of 23! And, other than some of the genes that turn a few other genes off and on, that chromosome hasn’t even got anything important on it! On a genetic level, male and female humans are incredibly similar. We are way more similar than we are different.

But look, this is a story, right? So reasonable doesn’t matter. Let’s turn again to the narrative side.

My problem with all-male Astartes is that it’s just too damn easy. It falls too easily into our cultural expectations that men do the fighting and ladies… don’t. And then the setting uses its pseudo-science to go ahead and confirm all our cultural biases.


Shit that effortlessly confirms our cultural biases is dumb and boring. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if there were only male Space Marines because of some cultural bias within the Imperium… and it turns out that they were WRONG? Or wouldn’t it be fun if there were female Astartes, just to tweak the nose of our modern sensibilities?

But this? “Hey, let’s make things work just like our cultural biases say they should… and then back it up with SCIENCE so there’s no way to argue with it?”

Narratively? That’s boring as shit.

Finally, as far as some sort of Brothers of Battle goes… I don’t really see the appeal. Like I said, men are already everywhere, crawling all over every heroic trope there is. What’s the fucking point? Sisters of Battle are cool because they are unique. They are interesting! One of the most elite military formations in the Imperium, second only to the Emperor’s Space Marines in terms of personal heroism and durability, AND THEY’RE A BUNCH OF GIRLS!

That’s cool. That’s awesome. That’s unique.

Space Marines? Brothers of Battle?

I say this as a Space Marine player… it’s just more of the same. *Yawn*. Fuck it. I want things that defy my expectations, not just more of the same splattered all over the place.


It’s been a scattered but very productive day of Hobbying, and I’m not done yet!

Got some more weathering done on the Servohauler (I’ve actually finished it now but will take proper photos tonight).
I also had a go at sculpting my own cobblestone base from greenstuff and I’m really pleased with how it looks!
This will be used to make a mini diorama/objective marker for either AoS or DnD.

I’ve also been putting the base colours down on some small terrain pieces for AoS or DnD, I’ve had them for ages and got them in a Model Box delivery last year but never got round to painting them. Their time has come!

Happy Hobbying!


places in rick riordan’s books
↳ daedalus’s workshop (the battle of the labyrinth)

“The workshop was like an artist’s studio, with thirty-foot ceilings and industrial lighting, polished stone floors, and workbenches along the windows. A spiral staircase led up to a second-story loft. Half a dozen easels displayed hand-drawn diagrams for buildings and machines that looked like Leonardo da Vinci sketches. And hanging on the wall were several sets of bronze and silver wings.”