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What makes you say that Arya and Eddard have such a close relationship? They really only had that one scene, and more like than not a noble father would not be involved in the education of his daughter.

Ned Stark found his daughter, a highborn lady of impeccable birth whose sister was set to be queen, playing with a sword and instead of punishing her or ripping it away, Ned likens her to a woman Arya obviously admires in some part, gives her a life lesson on the pack sticking together, and allows her to keep her sword. Then afterward, he hires the best swordsman from Braavos to teach Arya how to use it, and agrees to bring him back to Winterfell to continue the education. I wouldn’t call that “not being involved” with her.

When Ned was brought in chains before King’s Landing, Arya never doubts his loyalty or honor, and tries to fight through the crowds to save him, sword in hand. When he dies, Arya thinks that her “life was gone.” On the road, scared and starved, she often thinks of her father and his words, whether lessons from Winterfell, memories, or his lone wolf speech. When people badmouth him, Arya doesn’t put up with it, no matter what alias she’s meant to be using.

And when she’s enslaved at Harrenhal, spent of her three deaths and without protection, the old gods send her her father’s voice as a means of strength and encouragement to finally escape Harrenhal. Ned is so important and integral to Arya’s being and identity that her gods know to make her hear his voice. That’s powerful.

Not only all that, but Ned is the one who instilled in Arya her values by which she lives: treating lower men with honor no matter the station, knowing who follows you, swinging the sword, deserters of the Night’s Watch. When Ned is gone, Arya takes up the mantle of northern justice because she is Ned’s heir in philosophy, if nothing else.

There are a ton more examples of their bond and its impact on Arya, from her trying to convince Thoros to bring Ned back to life to her status as his daughter keeping her true identity afloat, and though the show did diminish the far-reaching importance of their relationship, I’d say they did a fair enough job adapting their dynamic to screen whether it was with Needle, Baelor’s Sept, or the Brotherhood.

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