I haven’t drawn this ridiculous coat in a while, and i thiiink I’ve remembered how to draw the Vibe face shape, so here’s a quick drawing. (and eyyyy I attempted to do a background for once.)

Outfit for work by ferned featuring a topshop coat

Acne Studios button down shirt, 230 AUD / Topshop coat, 73 AUD / Frame Denim high-waisted jeans, 305 AUD / Alexander Wang bootie boots, 595 AUD / Dolce Gabbana dolce gabbana handbag, 2 510 AUD / Gold bangle, 13 875 AUD / Skagen watch, 75 AUD / The Kooples leather belt, 200 AUD / Casetify iphone case, 53 AUD / Nars cosmetic, 25 AUD
Made with Polyvore

hhhh after seeing @krazehkai and her friends’ (as well as some other ppl’s) fatesonas, i was tempted to make one myself lol i totally did not pick the outlaw class bc of the outfit psh

also i tried to pick the colors based off of what i usually wear and it turns out my entire wardrobe is black and white lmao rip


1.  Ultrasound Pictures, and Chalkboard Announcements by @kaybug513

2.  Hospital wheelchair by  Severinka

3. Exam bed by Orangemittens

4. Doctor Outfits Unlocked by Czarina27

5. Deco Medical Computer by @dannysims 

6.  TS2toTS4 Career Rewards Conversion by @brial-immortelle (Thanks for the suggestion @bsimth)

7.  Ambulance from TS2 by @ozyman4

I wanted to share a collection of hospital stuff that I found was useful to my story telling. More below the cut…

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons on highschool au Junkrat, 76, reaper and mcree on how they ask s/o to prom?


  • Will 100% make a huge deal out of prom
  • Like he’ll probably kidnap you at midnight and put on a firework display to ask you
  • While he seems like a confident weirdo, he’s really a nervous weirdo
  • He’s mostly nervous because he is defs one of those weird nerds no one wants to associate with in high school
  • But when you say yes he will treat you so frickin good like limo and matching outfits the works

Soldier 76

  • This man is pretty simple
  • He’ll probably just give you some flowers
  • Depending on how shy he is, he’ll either put a note asking you to prom in the flowers, or he’ll ask you outright


  • Will show up at your door one day and be like, “we’re going to prom together, bye”
  • Although is Reaper really a prom guy???
  • Probably not but he likes you so much that he wants to go with you


  • Since he was a member of a gang when he was a teenager I feel like he’d use really sleazy moves on you
  • Like one day at lunch or something he’d wrap an arm around you and whisper in your ear “I’ll see you at prom darling”
  • He’ll tease you relentlessly around your friends so that they’ll tease you later
  • He’s kind of a jerk but he’s cute so why not