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@skinandtone :Sorry it’s a long random rambly one, sorry! Could you please do a one shot where Steve is getting jealous/misinterprets reader and her male best friend’s closeness and loses his cool with her and her dad (Tony) has to pick up the pieces. I’m so sorry if this doesn’t make sense! I can’t put my thinks into words, thank you!! xx

TITLE: Don’t make a scene
NOTES/WARNINGS: Swearing. I changed it from Tony being your dad to Tony being your best friend since Childhood. I can’t write the Avengers as readers’ parents very well.

You and Pietro were sat next to each other on the sofa, his arm around your shoulders as you both looked at your IPad screen. You were watching a YouTube video together and introducing Pietro to the world of people such as Dan, Phil, Marcus and PJ. It was nearly mid-night but you both were too engrossed to care.

But Steve cared. He had been waiting for you to come to bed for the past two hours and his usually calm and patient demeanour was replaced with pure annoyance. He marched around Stark Towers in search for you and when he opened the door to the main lounge and saw you and Pietro cuddled up laughing, his heart dropped to his stomach.

Even though he would never admit it, he was always jealous of you and Pietro. He was younger and knew more about modern things. A lot of the stuff you admired and enjoyed, Steve didn’t understand – But Pietro did. You and him would spend hours with each other talking about things Steve had never even heard of, let alone could relate to. He liked the fact you had a best friend. But he hated the fact you seemed closer to him than you did Steve.

“Are you coming to bed?” Steve asked, trying to push all the emotions out of his voice. You looked up and paused the video.

“I will in a little while. You can go to sleep though. Don’t wait up.” You said happily with a smile on your face. You turned your attention back to the video and pressed play. Steve bit his tongue as he was tempted to pull Pietro away from you and take his place however he knew that was a stupid idea. Begrudgingly, Steve turned and walked back to his bedroom with a scowl on his face. He knew he shouldn’t be jealous – it was fantastic you had a friend you were that close to! But why couldn’t it have been with Wanda or Natasha? And not with another male. This had been going on for at least a month and everyone could see how jealous Steve was getting… Well, everyone except you and Pietro.

He got to back to your shared bedroom and loathed how your side was cold. He tossed and turned but it was no use; he could never sleep unless he had his arms wrapped around you. That’s why he was always so tired when he went on missions! He wouldn’t be able to get a good night sleep without you there.

He continued to try and sleep until, at last, the bedroom door opened and you walked inside. Steve was still too annoyed to talk to you and instead of greeting you, he simply pretended to be asleep. You smiled slightly at yourself as you saw your boyfriend look so calm – if only you knew the battle going on inside his mind. You stripped down before climbing into bed and falling asleep almost instantly, leaving Steve alone with his thoughts about you leaving him for Pietro.

The next morning Steve was down at the gym before you had even woke up. You had plans to go see a new movie with Pietro but Steve had seemed really off lately. So you text Pietro and rearranged your plans and threw on a summer dress and put your hair up before going to search for your loved one. The gym was always the first place you checked meaning you weren’t surprised seeing him use the punching bag at such an ungodly hour.

It was just him in the gym. He was completely engrossed in his training he didn’t notice you walk in meaning when you cleared your throat he nearly jumped out his skin.

“You alright?” You asked, your voice laced with concern. Steve looked at you with an emotionless face before going back to punching the bag. “It’s just… you seem to be a little distant lately.” When he didn’t reply again you felt your emotions bubble. You didn’t want to get angry at him but he was ignoring you! “Steve, I’m talking to you!” You said a lot louder. “If you’re going to act like a dick I deserve to at least know why!”

“Don’t make me the one in the wrong here!” Steve said angrily as he turned around quickly so he was facing you. You had never seen Steve angry before but first time for everything. “You’re the one flirting with all the other men, cuddling Pietro until one in the morning even though you know I can’t sleep without you. You’re the one who barely knows I exist now. If you want to date Pietro Y/N, that’s fine. Just have the decency to tell me.”

“Date… What?” You asked, your jaw hanging open. Was he jealous? Of Pietro?

“Don’t. I don’t want to hear it. I knew there were going to be bad times in every relationship but cheating – “

“You think I’m fucking cheating?” You said with your eyes wide.

“I know you are!” You opened your mouth to protest, to tell Steve you just enjoyed Pietro’s company, but Steve held his hand up to indicate for you to be quiet. “I love you so much. But you love him… I’m sure I’ll learn to live with it. Hope he can make you happier than I did.” He grabbed his gym bag and left you standing alone, so shocked you couldn’t move. Did Steve just break up with you?

“Tony?” You knocked on your best friends’ door and waited for a reply. It was still early in the morning but he was sometimes up. You heard a tired voice say ‘come in’. Pushing his door open, you saw Tony lying in bed with his eyes still closed. “I didn’t wake you did I?” You spoke quietly, afraid if you spoke up then you wouldn’t be able to stop the tears from falling.

“No, my alarm went off a few minutes ago… What’s wrong?” Knowing Tony from the age of seven had a few perks; this was not one of them. You had hoped to have a funny conversation with him and get your mind off of Steve but he knew the second he looked at you that something was wrong. Tony sat up in bed and moved the duvet before tapping the empty side of his bed. You climbed in next to him and gave him and hug as he wrapped you up in his duvet. “You want to talk about it?”

“Steve thought I was cheating on him.” You said in Tony’s chest. He wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on the top of your head, showing you had his full attention. “Apparently he preferred to assume that me and Pietro were fucking behind his back rather than consult me about it. He broke up with me five minutes ago.” You couldn’t help it but when you said this, you broke out crying. Saying it out loud made it much more real! Tony hugged you tighter to the point it nearly hurt but it was a comfort.

“Have you told Pietro about this?” He spoke softly. You shook your head. “Maybe you should talk to him about it. Try and get him to convince Steve you and Pietro were – are – just friends.”

“What am I supposed to say? ‘Hey Pietro, we can’t really be friends anymore because according to my now ex-boyfriend, people of the opposite sex can’t be friends’.” You laughed sarcastically. “I just don’t get it. He’s not jealous of me and you.”

“Maybe because he knows you’re basically my little sister.” Tony replied as he brushed some hair behind your ear.

“I guess.” You and Tony lied in silence for a while, just content with each other’s company. It wasn’t until FRIDAY said Bruce was looking for him that you both finally moved.

“Are you going to be ok or do you want me to tell Bruce I’m not working today? I’ll take you shopping.” He chuckled. That was a big perk of being best friends with Stark – he loved to take you shopping when you were having a bad day.

“No, no don’t be silly. I’m fine.” You smiled but your watery eyes gave away the fact you were still broken. “Go do whatever you men are doing.” He gave you a look to say ‘are you sure’. You nodded at him with a smile and he left, but not before telling you that if you need him, call him.

Tony’s room wasn’t exactly your favourite place to be. Instead of spending your day in there, you decided to walk up the two floors until you got to your own old room. You hadn’t slept in here in months considering Steve managed to convince you to start sharing a room with him properly. It was a seemed a lot tidier than you had left it. The bed was cold and the room was dusty, but it was yours. You ran your hand along your old bookshelf until you found your favourite book. If you were going to get dumped, you would have to go to your friends for comfort. Fictional friends always had to best shoulders to cry on.

Pushing the pillows against the back of the bed, you leant back on them and sat with your legs crossed. Getting up YouTube on your phone, you quietly put on some sad music as you read. Occasionally you would think about Steve again and feel your heart sink but you forced yourself back into the pages in front of you and found comfort in them.

“Y/N?” You heard someone call as they knocked on the door. You were so engrossed in the book you didn’t even notice how much time had passed – it was nearly three in the afternoon! Another knock was heard on the other side of the door but they didn’t speak this time. You weren’t paying enough attention before to know who it was.

“Come in.” You had to cough to let your voice out since it had barely been used that day.

“Hey.” Tony. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding when you knew it wasn’t Steve dropping off some stuff. “I didn’t want to be one to tell you this but…”

“But what?”

“…But Steve’s clearing your stuff out from his room as we speak. Everyone has spoken to him and even Bucky can’t make him see sense. I’m sorry.” You bit your cheek to stop you blurting out a ‘fuck him’ since you didn’t mean it. Before you even got a chance to give a real answer, another man appeared at your door. Steve was holding two bin bags in one hand and a box in the other. You looked at his face and hoped to see even a little remorse but it held no emotion in the slightest.

“Your stuff.” He said, dumping it on the bottom of the bed.

“Steve, please!” You spoke before thinking. “Why can’t you see how ridiculous you’re being!”

“Because I’m not being ridiculous! I want a relationship where I’m not constantly second best. There was always Tony or Pietro or even Clint! I never expected to always be your first priority but I hoped I would at least come close.” At last there was some emotion in his face. His eyes were turning red but he was determined not to cry, not in front of you. He had to push you away for his own good. No matter how much he wanted to climb in your bed and hug you, whispering to you how much he loved you, he knew he couldn’t. “Please, don’t make a scene.” Steve gave you one last look before turning and leaving. Tony immediately went to your side and allowed you to break down on his shoulder. Maybe it really was over between you and Steve…






For those that hate on Riley and think she took Maya’s happiness away since day one of liking lucas, READ THIS (after you watch this episode) then you will understand more of what i mean. (x)

A “real” musician is a true artist, who has deep passion for music ever since the day of birth. It’s someone who works hard towards their goals and fans supporting them out for the good in music they make. It takes time and to be honored as a real musician in their heart and mind. “

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Cipher hunt is a world wide treasure/clue hunt organized by Alex Hirsch and some of his cohorts, presumably with the end goal of leading some Gravity Falls fans to finding the Bill statue shown in the final scene of Take Back the Falls. So far clues have been found in places as far reaching as Russia, Japan, and various spots in the United States. Currently, the clue fans are working on in California is a massive puzzle which seems to have something written on it that glows under blacklight.

It’s not officially endorsed or organized by Disney since Alex doesn’t work for them anymore, but since most fans feel like Alex has the final word on all things GF, it’s a pretty cool goodbye present. It’s a really nice way to tie things together as we wait for the release of Journal 3.

for those interested: smtown travel has recently opened up a global package for their upcoming edm dance festival, spectrum dance music festival. the festival will take place from saturday, october 1st - sunday, october 2nd with shinee both headlining and being the only sm artist confirmed for attendance. the package opened up at the end of june when shinee was only confirmed for the first day, but it has since been confirmed that they will be appearing on the second day as well.

for those not familiar with either smtown travel or their global packages, here’s a simple rundown on how they work! “x”-number of packages are offered up for international fans to purchase in order to make the concert going experience more convenient. the package is only open for international fans. fans residing in south korea will not be eligible for purchasing (though they, of course, can purchase on regular ticketing sites). each package includes: accommodation (hotel, etc.), transport and a guide on the day of the festival, a ticket to the festival and smtown souvenirs. packages do not include: flight tickets, travel insurance, means, personal experiences, etc. with this package, there are two available courses: course a and course b. a minimum of twenty people is required to run each course / package. once you purchase a package you cannot change your course plan; you can cancel but there is a cancellation penalty (ie: take away from refund) depending on how long you wait to cancel. complete information on both the courses / packages and various guidelines / rules can be found here. [note: you must register with the website in order to see the page. registration is free and the page can be viewed in chinese, english and korean.]

[160723 SEOBSTAGRAM] @yysbeast Was watching TV and Ribbon stage came on. So I was quietly watching and there was this strange itching feeling that I couldn’t suppress inside of me. Hence, I wrote down these difficult (to express) words.

The tough times while preparing for this album.. Everyone’s appearance which was full of excitement and happiness.. Being able to go on stage and forgetting all the tiredness, the time that was just endlessly enjoyable.. The members and staff who worked hard together and also the fans who went through a lot, going around for BEAST and couldn’t sleep well.. Several scenes and many of your appearances flickered by ^-^ For tomorrow, let’s tie up the memories prettily with a ribbon and keep them in our hearts!

(Ah, but of course we will continue to sing here and there..) Although it’s a short promotional period but.. I hope everyone keeps this touched feeling, deep down inside their heart, just like me.. My heart that hopes it won’t take too long before we meet again and the resolution to definitely keep our long time promises of staying together
BEAST’s Yang Yoseob will be going off to dreamland now.

Because of B2UTYs, I’m really happy and blissful.
I love and respect you.

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I've been watching vids from sdcc all day and man I love this cast so much. They're all so talented and so beautiful on the inside and out. They put so much effort into their work and they are always so kind & wonderful to fans. We are truly blessed.

So much yes to all of the above!!! They’re wonderful human beings. I’m so glad these are the people I’ve chosen to love. :’)